DNA Collection, The 4th Amendment Right To Privacy And The Slippery Slope

Sites like 23&Me, Ancestry.com and others have grown in popularity among people looking to learn more about their genealogy and genetic makeup, but do these DNA testing services pose a Constitutional danger as well? Last year, the Golden State Killer was finally apprehended. This week, in El Dorado County, California the killer of a teen girl and young woman in Lake Tahoe during the late '70s was caught using "an emerging DNA technique" as CBS News put it. But is that "new technique" a gross violation of the 4th amendment? Once this is allowed, what could be next for criminals, suspects and innocent private citizens?


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We have so many methods of spying that I'm unsure what motive someone would have to collect a giant database of everyone's genetics.

This poster is EARONS.

Imagine being denied insurance, or medical care, or a job, because you have "bad genes". Imagine going on a date and the women pulls up her smartphone and says, "I googled your DNA and your family has a predilection to cancer, so goodbye." That's what will happen.

So basically Gattaca

Nice Article - but keep in mind that Jim Watkins, the Site Owner, Owns the Goldwater too. So fuck you.

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I served in the military, so I'm boned either way.

My DNA, blood samples, etc are all already on file in a government database somewhere.

So, I'm pretty boned as it is anyway.
If I ever resorted to a life of crime, I'm pretty sure I'd get caught pretty damn quick.

I see the conundrum here though. What if those companies sell that data to government contractors that work hand in hand with the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc?

it's definitely a slippery slope.

I used a fake name on mine though, it's not hard.

With all the other data they have on us this is just the cherry added on top!

Slippery slope? That was the Patriot Act when all this surveillance started to expand and become a nationalized industry.

You don't have privacy unless you use an incredibly inconvenient amount of OPSEC today, and even adopting half of that would be enough to label you a "tin foil" wackjob.

but your family didn't. they will find out your brother, sister, mother etc and ask them if they had brother or someone

Were you drafted? Or did you volunteer like an idiot?

The feds got my fingerprints already, I was forced to give them so that the aliens could have them, because the aliens don't trust humans until they have them sized-up and 100% on file and predicted, because MY CAPABILITIES ARE SO GODDAMN VAST, I can pilot airplanes like Chuck Norris, fight like Jason Bourne, scuba like Houdini, and kill without a trace like Dexter. They gotta invade and derail my privacy trajectory because I AM A ONE MAN THREAT TO THE ALIEN CONTROL OPERATION THAT LORDS AND DOMINATES OVER HUMANS. We're all livin on borrowed time here folks!

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That's not how DNA works, sweetie. You can't tell what race someone is that easily. It's more likely that they'll notice your genes for being a fat ugly basement dwelling neckbeard retard.

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Is that what your Communications Professor told you, sweetheart?

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Then what are all these DNA profiling services doing with your DNA, and what are they actually providing you when they give you a racial background profile?

They're not going to use it against us they're just collecting DNA so they can replace the genes theyve edited-out in persuit of perfection.
This is just the equivalent of somebody searching through the town dump for the gold ring they threw out thinking it was a used bandaid.

Do you have numbers 1 3 4 5 6 8+?

The real issue here is that they can sell this information, and since you have no privacy, targeted genetic weapons or drugs that ruin your life over something as small as a political point of view or where you work. There would be no stopping it.

These companies should be illegal.

We don't allow brothels and gambling everywhere for a reason. We shouldn't allow this either.

You could wake up the next day schizophrenic and the medical community won't recognize the weapon despite their dispensing of targeted drugs that affect only a desired location in the body.

As soon as you're mentally I'll you're fucked forever. No one will listen. Your only option is disability or violence.

That's because the corrupt authority use people with fake or other diagnosed mental illness as rats to conduct illegal investigations as informants. The mental illness is just insurance to make sure the shills are not held liable in case somebody gets injured or killed from faulty practice. This makes people with real mental illness look like bad guys and that's why nobody wants to help them.
Essentially authorities are destroying everyone's lives just so they can loophole to destroy other people's lives.

Your graph, not mine.