The Goldwater Interviews Malik Obama

Phil and Major Burdock catch up with Malik Obama. We'll address some of the fascinating past and dig into what the former president's brother thinks about current events and the changing political landscape. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Obama covers his suspicions of the Deep State being involved in his brother's rise to power as well as the fall of Muammar Gaddafi and the pillaging of Lybia.

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Yeah, but it also jumped on the "youtube cp wormhole" hoax, so there's no reason to give a shit what they say.

have you ever even been on youtube

Thought it said Malia so I'm gonna continue to post it like it did.


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James on the right. Not Jim Watkins.

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So… Barack Obama's brother is a failed bum in Nairobi, Kenya who owns a ratty old appliance repair shop, and he's so desperate for money that he begs people for $3,000 to talk on the telephone for 46 minutes?

and during that 46 minute phone call, the only thing he has to offer is a bunch of angry venom, jealousy and resentment, because his brother actually made something out of his life, and became a world-famous icon, while Malik ended up becoming nothing more then a broke ass appliance repairman stuck in Nairobi?

And his major complaints about Barack Obama seem to revolve around the fact that Barack has never sent him any money, and doesn't care enough to pay to fly out to Nairobi and visit him at his appliance repair shop?


Fascinating news……

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Jim Watkins and his 'hiding my male pattern baldness under a hat' flunky 'Major' James Fudd have an agenda: create a false news story that supports their pro Trump stupidity, by arranging a telephone (Skype) interview with Barack Obama's half-brother, and encouraging him to say disparaging things about Barack Obama, and to say positive things about Donald Trump….

Barack Obama's half-brother, Abon'go Malik Obama lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

He studied accounting for a while then dropped out of school, failed at life, had no charisma, and ended up owning a second-rate appliance repair shop on a dirt road in Nairobi.

He's so desperate for money, that he thought this was a Payday for him, and he agrees to the phone interview, asking for $3,000.

Jim Watkins is so determined to make it appear as if the Goldwater is a legitimate news service with groundbreaking headlines, that he tells his flunky 'Major' Elmer Fudd to pay Malik Obama $3,500

(again: Jim Watkins approves $500 more than Malik Obama has asked for)

'Major' Elmer Fudd (the chinless assistant to Jim Watkins) goes behind his boss's back, and tells Malik Obama a that the Goldwater will only pay $2,000 for the interview….

Desperate and broke, Malik Obama begrudgingly agrees to the $2,000 payment.

'Major' Fudd deposits a $1,000 down payment into Malik Obama's account, and proceeds with the contrived 'interview'…

Malik Obama gives the Goldwater what they want, 46 minutes of a Skype telephone 'interview', where he says negative things about Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, none of these negative comments as any substantive value, and they are nothing more than personal complaints regarding the fact that Barack Obama has money, but has never given any money to Malik Obama.

(Barack Obama is not obligated to give his half-brother Malik a goddamn penny, nor is he obligated to interact with him or even pretend that he likes Malik)

If you look at this desperation for money, with Malik's attempts to scratch an extra thousand dollars out of a worthless phone call, it quickly becomes self-evident exactly why Barack Obama wants nothing to do with Malik Obama.

So….. The 'interview' lasts 46 minutes, and although Malik Obama is not a United States citizen, and is in fact a citizen of Kenya, he appeases Jim Watkins and 'Major' Elmer Fudd by praising Donald Trump, insisting how he is 'Making America Great Again' (as if Malik Obama knows jack shit about politics or America)

If you wanted to know how much it cost to repair a toaster oven in Nairobi, then Malik Obama would be a good person to ask, but if you want to know about American politics, he doesn't know Jack fucking shit.

FINALLY, even though Jim Watkins has approved $3,500 for the interview, his effeminate flunky 'Major' Elmer Fudd Burdock only pays Malik Obama $2,000. In this way, 'Major' Fudd has embezzled $1,500 from the Goldwater, effectively committing fraud and theft against his boss Jim Watkins, and stealing $1,500 from Malik Obama.

………….real news ?

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'The Art Of The Deal'

… If you consider embezzling $1,500 from your boss, and lying to Malik Obama about how much money your boss has approved, and pocketing the extra $1,500 for yourself to be 'a deal'

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Yeah you wouldnt think his brother because a famous millionaire the way Malik lives.
I certainly cant imagine being as rich as Obama and not helping out my family.

Barack Obama made something out of his life, without begging and mooching.

He's not obligated to give any money to his lazy ass half-brother.

He's not obligated to 'like' Malik.

He's not obligated to travel to Nairobi, and hang out with Malik in his dingy, depressing mud hut.

He's not obligated to a goddamn thing.

Malik's biggest problem is MALIK

Malik never made anything out of himself. Malik seems to think that just because Barack has money, that he should give some of it to HIM, simply because they are half-brothers.

Malik figures that if Barack won't give him money, he can at least get $2,000 of it by making 46 minute phone calls and insulting his brother.

whatever it takes….

1 Kenyan Shilling = 0.0100 United States Dollar

Imagine how many old broken-down toaster ovens Malik would have to repair to scrape up $2,000 USD

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Well, you are certainly welcome to your imagination, or lack thereof….

however, welcome to planet Earth, where your imagination doesn't dictate the lies of the other 7.6 billion people.

I have three brothers, one of which I don't particularly like, and I never communicate with him, nor does he communicate with me.

I think he's a fucking asshole, and he thinks I'm a fucking asshole.

And that's okay… I don't have any desire to speak with him, because I actually consider him to be an embarrassment, and I'm sure if you asked him, he would say the same thing about me…..

I wouldn't give him $5 if he needed it, and I'm quite sure he wouldn't give me $5 if I needed it….

Your imagination doesn't really play a role

Its not normal to have one brother living as a high society millionaire elite and the other one living in squalor in some shithole country.
Its also not normal for one Brother to do an interview slagging off the other.
Which I dont think would have happened if Barrack was a bit less miserly.


Imagine that you wasted your life, had no motivation or determination, sat on your ass and allowed opportunities to slip between your fingers, made excuses, blamed the rest of the world for your own failures, settled for less, and finally turned around to realize that you were now an old man, who lived in a mud shack in Nairobi Kenya, with a second rate ready appliance repair shop.

Now, imagine that your brother had done the complete opposite with his life.

Next, I want you to imagine how angry you would be at yourself, but how unwilling you were to admit that you had created your own problems, and instead you were going to continue the exact same type of behavior, blaming your brother for your own fucking miserable failure.

Finally, I would like to imagine somebody offering you $2,000 to insult your brother in a telephone call.

See ?…… Imagination can be fun !!!

Now Imagine the millionaire lite brother gave the living in squalor brother just a little bit of money. Not a lot, something that to a millionaire elite would be like pennies.
Then the poor living in squalor brother wouldnt need to do the interview to embarrass the millionaire elite brother.

no offense, but LOL@you thinking there's such a thing as 'normal'

…. life doesn't work that way….
this isn't a children's book

and YES, this exact situation happens all the time, more often than not (with the exception of the shithole Nairobi factor) where siblings each find their own destiny and create their own lot in life.

One sibling (or 'half-sibling') will follow their own path, while the other siblings follow their own paths, and invariably, some do better than others.

And neither of them is obligated to give handouts to their less successful siblings. They're not obligated to wipe their brothers asses. That's not the way the world works.

I find it strange that you seem to think that would be expected. It would seem to indicate that perhaps you don't have very much experience in life.

No… I'm too busy imagining reality, where the successful brother doesn't give a flying fuck about any phone interviews, because he's too busy enjoying his life and reaping the rewards of his success.

Now… Imagine thinking that $2,000 was a big payday

I like how Fagtune's MO is never anything except personal attacks and vitriol. He's getting more strident, recently. Stinks of desperation.

unsuccessful lazy momma's boy mooch detected

lol very much like Barack Obama might say about his brother Malik's pathetic 'phone calls', I couldn't care less about you or your opinions.

Malik must've confused Barack with his mommy

at some point, little boys have to grow up and stop expecting to get their asses wiped

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apparently, YOU'RE just as desperate for money, and just as much of a thief as Malik.

so, you pocketed the other $1,500?
That means not only did you steal money from Jim and the Goldwater, but you also stole the same $1,500 from Malik Obama.

If Jim approved $3,500 why did you lie to Malik and only agree to give him $2,000?

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You dont need to imagine reality where the millionaire elite brother doesnt give the poor living in squalor brother a penny. Because that is already happening.

good !! Fuck the poor lazy shiftless uninitiated brother. that's HIS problem.

I suppose that even though Malik begged you for $3,000 for a 46 minute phone call, and your boss Jim Watkins had authorized you to pay Malik $3,500….

You must have figured 'fuck Malik', because $2,000 USD equals 2,000,000 Kenyan Shillings.

plus, he's black, and you are a self-proclaimed racist, so you must have figured he doesn't deserve the other $1,500 Jim Watkins had authorized?

Q: what did you do with the other $1,500?

Did you deposit it directly into your own bank account?

I guess in Barracks culture it is.

the irony ? how one minute you would accuse Barack Obama of being a social justice warrior liberal, but now you're accusing him of being a conservative miser who is not liberal enough with his money….

You sound a lot like a social justice warrior yourself right now….

Q: since it's so important to you, why don't YOU give Malik some money?

Im calling him a social justice warrior liberal who is a miser towards his own family.

lol good for you!! I see you've really made a difference in the world

Thats just like my opinion maan.
Im glad you no longer have a problem with it. Except that its not going to change the world.

By the way, literacy skills are directly connected to one's ability to succeed and earn money in life. Now I'm beginning to understand the bigger picture, and the reasons behind your lack of real life experience are becoming much more clear to me.

(It's spelled Barack)

Hey, 'Major'…..

Why are you avoiding my question?……


We understand that you have no compunction about ripping off a black person because you are a racist….

But it's hard to believe that you have no guilt about stealing $1,500 from Jim, after he already gives you a paycheck (and it's not like you have a real job)

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Feel free to make assumption you like about me if that makes you feel better.

Technically Barrack ripping off his Brother is not racism since they are both black.

Barack didn't rip Malik Obama off….

I was talking to 'Major' Elmer Fudd Burdock 'Hazen' Kyle James whatever the fuck he calls himself, the man with hundreds of different aliases, who hides his identity the same way he hides his face behind the stupid glasses and camouflage Halloween face paint, and the same way he tries to hide his male pattern baldness underneath hats twenty-four hours a day….

HE is the one who ripped off Malik Obama

He pocketed the extra $1,500…. But Malik Obama isn't the only one who got ripped off, because Jim Watkins authorized a $3,500 payment to Malik Obama…

When 'Major' Burdock (who has absolutely no military background whatsoever) stole the $1,500 from Malik, he also effectively stole the same $1,500 from Jim Watkins…..

Basically, even though Jim Watkins is very generous with 'Major' Elmer Fudd, giving him a paycheck to do nothing (the staff at the Goldwater don't actually do any work) he still rationalized his actions, and stole $1,500 extra from the Goldwater.

Perhaps one of these decades, you will eventually overcome your childhood learning disability issues, and learn how to spell the name Barack correctly….

Obviously it's not going to be today, because even though I've already spelled it correctly for you several times, your laughable learning inability prevents you from retaining the information.

Sure, Malik is black, so you targeted him and ripped him off…. That's to be expected of you because you are an admitted racist…


Jim has been very good to you…
He's been like a grandmother to you….
A generous grandmother, with saggy breasts, a sagging neck, and loose skin on his forearms that buckles and folds when he sets his arm on the table….

A grandmother who has created an imaginary 'job' for you, allowing you to pretend like you are employed, like you're actually doing something with your life….

A grandmother who writes paychecks out for you, while you sit on your effeminate little ass, hiding behind children's Halloween camouflage face paint, sunglasses at night time, pretending you don't have male pattern baldness under your hat.

You already get paid for doing nothing….


He authorized a $3,500 payment…
You had no right to go behind his back, lie to Malik and tell him you could only pay $2,000 then pocket the other $1,500 for yourself….

That's technically fraud…

You defrauded the Goldwater…
You defrauded Malik Obama….
But most importantly….
you defrauded Jim Watkins……………

I want you to look in Jim's eyes… Look in his goddamn eyes and tell us that he deserved to be ripped off $1,500 after everything he's done for you….

You fucking piece of shit !!!

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Strangely I can spell English names just fine.
Its the bongo bongo land ones I have trouble with.

You are an expert at hiding…

You use an assortment of fabricated aliases…
One minute you call yourself 'Kyle', and the next minute you call yourself 'James', while you change your last name intermittently, whether it's 'Burdock' or 'Hazen', and occasionally you will insert the ridiculous title 'Major' before your name, trying to pretend like you have some kind of military experience….

You try to hide your male pattern baldness under your stupid hats…. (Ironically, it only calls attention even more to the fact that you are bald, and proves that you are insecure, and are unable to accept yourself for what you are)

You hide behind children's camouflage Halloween face paint….

You hide behind sunglasses even when you are indoors….

You're a fucking thief, and a goddamn coward

You're a motherfuking douchebag

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Lighten up… I'm just fucking with you…
I'm not suggesting that you're stupid….

I was simply giving you a hard time, because I'm confident that you are intelligent enough and mature enough to be able to handle a little bit of good-natured ribbing…..

If somebody as stupid as ME is able to memorize the correct spelling of the word 'floccinaucinihilipilification', then somebody as intelligent as you is certainly able to memorize the correct spelling of the name 'Barack'…..

Let me help you with this, and in 5 seconds you will never misspell it again…..


It doesnt seem like it should have just one R in it.
To barrack means to provide shelter or accomodation usually for a group of people. Like an army barracks.

When Chinese people move to my country, they adopt a stereotypical name to go by that matches their new culture. Perhaps Barack should have called himself Peter or Donald.

I just removed the second r out of Barack for your benefit, but im not going to continue to do that


if i were barack i'd disown his ass lol

Last night, when Jim sent me the screenshots of his conversation with Malik, I have to admit that I wasn't paying full attention, because I focused solely on the thievery part, only paying attention to the fact that you had stolen $1,500 from Jim.

But this morning I was going over the screenshots again and that's when I noticed that Jim mentioned some of your personal shit, and now I understand why you always hide behind fake names, and try to hide your face…..

Now I understand completely…

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I would, too !!….

He's obviously the 'black' sheep of the family, the embarrassment who begs for money.

fuck him.

You worthless common thief

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I'm assuming that your father also had no discernible chin?

Genetic anomalies like that are usually inherited

Your phenotype actually resembles Bert Lahr in The wizard of Oz…

You probably remember him as the 'Cowardly Lion'
But he has very similar hooded eyelids like you, a very similar nose, barely any chin, and an overall baggy effeminate appearance…

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MFW The goldwater keeps bamping this thread

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The thing that worries me the most about your actions is exactly what kind of example are you setting for young Philip? …..

He looks up to you, and tries to emulate you, (everything except for the contrived bullshit military titles, the camouflage face paint, wearing sunglasses while you are indoors at night time, and trying to hide your male pattern baldness beneath a baseball cap)

Aren't you worried that Philip is a bit impressionable, and he's going to think it's okay to steal $1,500 from the Goldwater, lie to Malik Obama, and tell him that you could only pay $2,000 when in reality you got $3,500 from Jim?

What kind of role model are you, anyway ?

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while I hate Neptune with a passion, after reading Jim's conversation with Barracks brother I have to agree that your actions were reprehensible. If you weren't going to give the guy the full 3500 you should have been honest with your boss.

that photo isn't real. one of those guys appears twice in the same picture. either the big one or the small one is fake.

I'm somebody who actually does believe that you used to be in the military, although obviously you were not a major. And it's important to note that only homosexuals join the Navy.

You're killing it dude


I see you're bumping the thread to the top?

thread? to the top of what?

no, actually I was just talking out loud

I just found another weird bump on my dick

I just realized something…

If YOU and PHILIP somehow got melted together, into one person….

you'd be 1.3 women, with 4 really, really skinny arms

I guess it's pretty safe to assume that neither you or Philip have ever done a push-up in your life, right?

if you're the one who scammed President Obama's brother out of $1,500 you should be ashamed of yourself. He needs the money, obviously. Otherwise you would have never agreed to play along and pretend like Trump is a good president.

That's not fair to pick on a man just because he has no upper body strength, no biceps, no chin, no discernible testosterone or masculinity whatsoev…….. well, come to think of it…. maybe you're right

do you rip off ALL of your guests that pretend like they think Donald Trump is an effective president, or just the ones who happened to be related to Barack Obama?

you're a fucking bitch, dude….

an effeminate, insecure little sissy

I realize why you hired Philip….
(It obviously has nothing to do with talent)

Easy only male that actually makes you seem pseudo-masculine by comparison

(Which isn't saying much)

I just stumbled in this thread and boy, oh boy. So you lied to Barack Obama's brother and ripped him off after he participated in your little charade? That's fucked up.

Jimbo is spending his money
His greed is only surpassed by his desire to have 15 min of fame.

I'm surprised this wasn't posted by the shit-bot Timothy.

Why don't you give the king of the Shekel a few pennies Andy and post at the top?

Has Phil completely transitioned for Jimbo yet?

If he looks like his sister, I'd fuck him.

I bet Jimbo couldn't wait and has too clean shit off his cock every time

Holy shit, it figures Goldwater would get ripped off at some point, everything Jim does seems shady as fuck.

However, I think Malik Obama has every right to rip on his half-brother and get paid for it, just like Barak Obama has every right to snub him and not send him a dime. Both seem like total dick heads to me, raised by greedy selfish niggers. Neither of them should ever be trusted, nor should Jim or any of his associates.

America is waking up to Trump's bullshit

With each passing day, your pro-trump stupidity looks more and more laughable

Selling or Buying Print or Digital Literary Rights Around The World

hahaha good luck with that, douchebag!!
I guarantee you that the ONLY audiobook 'reading' that you've sold so far was to Philip's mother Barbara…

A: nobody

Q: who is interested in your shitty audiobooks?

OK Enough of the elceleb drama shit.
Lets get back to the real celeb. Obamas downtrodden brother.


Obama got to be the president of the free world although he didnt seem to do mcuh.
But the other brother is still living in Kenya where they were both born.

I just read in another thread that Malik Obama was able to get the full $3,000 he requested, but only after getting Major Burdock fired for trying to scam him with $2,000

I was just in that same thread, and Malik Obama got $3,500 total, even though James tried to scam him into only accepting $2,000. And yes, Watkins fired major Burdock over the attempted theft of $1,500

Barrack should have made up the difference.
That guy is a multi millionaire.

so is Kyle Major James Hazen Burdock

Im not sure who that is.
But if hes a millionaire as you say, I bet he wouldnt let his brother live in squalor.