Remains of hundreds of Jews unearthed in Nazi-era mass grave in Belarus

The remains of hundreds of Jews shot during the Second World War have been discovered in a mass grave in Belarus.

The grave was uncovered by chance last month on a construction site in a residential area in the city of Brest, near the Polish border.

Soldiers have been unearthing the bones, which were found at the site of a ghetto where the Jews lived under Nazi occupation.

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Good. Let this be a reminder to kikes about what happens when whitey gets pushed to far.


It's sad that not all of them are dead.

Remember the six million.

Did they find their camp tattoos or jew stars?

one small heap for mankind…

Nigger what?


200 accounted for, only 5,999,800 left to find.

Those could be German remains dumped by the Soviets for all we know

Just a (((coincidence))) goyim!

How do you know they were Jews? There were over 20 different arm bands utilized in the mass imprisonment, many were gays (200,000) of all nationalities. An armband color purple was used for those individuals charged with anti-semitism.

The poles did this, and rightfully so.
The kikes conspired with the commies/NKVD who executed some 15,000 polish leaders and officers.
It is entirely possible that these could be those polish leaders, but the media with the muh jews narrative is a much more fitting explanation for a mass grave in the polish countryside.
Look up "katyn".

the six million lies? yeah they dont stop repeating those lies over and over.

Remember the hundreds

it is bad that people get killed during a war

yours truly, autism

Like clockwork

It’s supposedly against Jewish tradition to dig up Jew bones.
According to orthodox laws, they should have just rebutted them so that their bones could travel through the ground when they’re resurrected once mashiach comes.
So, now, they can dig up treblinka, right?
Fucking Jews

This. The kike demons are getting desperate because their time is running out so they will start bringing more and more skeletons out the closet to blame others for their unspeakable crimes. Keep an eye out for more old atrocities they withhold specifically to use as a defense ploy later on.

Sure they're all Jews and not a pile of dissenters, Roma and whatever shit they found disagreeable?

So, no gas chambers? Wtf, Steven Spielberg lies to me.

Yup, definitely J E W bones goyim.



What's the proof it's Jews and not soviets in those graves

That's retarded, by that logic Israel should pay Egypt for damages done to it when the UK held Palestine

Lol they magically discover a mass grave of dead Jews. What a coincidence. Always a bunch of Jew sob stories popping up the moment the masses start to get wise. Oy vey! Times up. Start digging.


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notice the tricky semantics

Maybe they were just gays

This. Suspicious timing as well. It's most likely bullshit.

Well thats out the window, nobody wants to live there now with the bad poltergeist juju. Besides it will probably become a white guilt monument site now. Doesnt compute, german efficiency wouldnt contaminate a city grounds like that. Def. something fishy here.

as we all know nazis were the biggest jews

"Belarus, a former Soviet republic"
how do they know its dead jews and not the result of not true communism

Probably just the bones of Christians and non conformers 😅


B b b b b BULLSHIT

Fuck that, what about the damage Jews did to it under the Pharoah? How much do think that would be in damages adjusted for inflation?

I'm a 205th generation passover survivor and my lawyer Mordecai is working on the numbers. I'll let you know what all you anti-semites owe me in reparations soon enough.

By jewish talmudic logic, his calculations should add up to..
..which checks out because jews believe they should own the entire world.

So, Egyptian?

This, there is no doubt they have saved lots of shit (most likely fake) already complete with a victim complex narrative as an insurance policy.

I bet they have plans to even kill their own in false flags if things get really bad, to gain those victim points.

The problem is there comes a point where optics will not matter anymore and people will just do what’s got to be done.

Reminder, these are staged, and worse off, are in fact, the actual remains of JEWISH ORGAN TRAFFICKING Victims, Palestinians, and tthir sacrrificial moloch trafficked victims.