Argentine 11-year-old's C-section sparks new abortion debate

A cesarean section carried out on an 11-year-old girl raped by her grandmother's husband has reopened the debate about abortion in Argentina, where rules on pregnancy terminations are strict.

"I want you to take out of my tummy what the old man put there," the girl had said in a complaint lodged with authorities in the northern province of Tucuman.

She and her mother then submitted an abortion request.

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Terminate the old fuck, too, while they're at slitting bellies open.

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abortion is a crime commited by doctors.
ask yourself this. whats the difference between an abortion and a premature delivery? they both produce the same results with one main difference; one the doctor intentionally kills the baby before it comes out.

that applies to everybody lol

Please just put him/her on adoption.
It's the most humane thing you can do at this point…

Oh yeah, and castrate the old dick choker.

If there is a high chance that she could die from the pregnancy, which is something only a physician could know, then I think it's acceptable to go through with the abortion.


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that sounds hot as fuck tbh
would love to impregnate 10 year old

This. Paternity test mandatory, then round up every man who could have touched her, or fits the profile. No girl 14 and under should be getting pregnant

Oh and an Argentinian journalists was recently murdered by some pedophiles

Or having sexual contact for that matter unless its organic and is between her and one of her peers. Someone on the same mental level. Child exploration happens, not with adults though.


No girl not married should be getting pregnant.

Sex outside of marriage should be executable

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It's only rape when a man does it. When a female teacher does it to boys it's "romance." BTFO MSM.

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How the fuck can anyone be against immediate abortion in that situation?

Fucking kek. It shows you don't know how awful it is

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Her lover might object

This. Abortion is murder, but it's reasonable when it's real rape. So put the murder and abortion crimes in the rapist's account, as should be done to "doctors" and whores who abort.

Never change south america.
Score. Access. Based. Patrolled. No incest so its cool.
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Confirmed brainlet. Do you care about the life of insects or plants? Be honest. Because up to three weeks it's literally the same thing.

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I for one Am getting tired of these 'desire-victims'


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if we just nuke Argentina of the planet, i don't think anyone would be sad

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Imagine being such a douche that you walk into somebody else's home and demand that THEY leave.


With all the whacky abortion debates happening nowadays, just imagine what abortion debates will look like a generation from now!

Is the thing human or not? Jesus Christ it's not hard to make consistent judgements if you will answer the fucking question

No it isn't. It's not the child's fault its father was a rapist. Shit happens, and this girl had shit happened to her, so she ought to deal with it.

No sympathy. Fuck her.

And in up to three weeks, plants and insects can also grow into human beings.

Your sperm can also grow into human beings. You're murdering millions of people every time you jerk off. Shame on you!

There's a difference between can and will, dummy.
The point being, why argue about when something becomes a human at all if you're going to pick when something magically turns human. Just lump euthanasia into the same term as abortion and be done with it.


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Yes, and many abortions are done when the fetus is discovered to have a genetic defect. In which case it's most certainly "will not".

Kid fuckers don't do well when they're exposed;
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That dick choker is only eleven. Don't think that she deserves it.

Please explain in detail why that difference matters.
You are also picking when something becomes human so why do you not admit that you are doing the same thing?

That's right. So she should be held responsible for it. She should have gotten an abortion as soon as the pregnancy was discovered. Then it would have been dealt with.

Yeah. They should do the smart thing and carry a gun, like me. Cowardly shits don't do well when the person they ambush has eighteen high-velocity friends backing him up.

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If she was married to someone her age and had a baby that wold be ideal (at least if she was absolutely going to have a baby) but for some old wrinkly fuck to defile her and steal away the her innocence and give her baby yesteryears organics, he deserves to be pulped.
Ideally people would be married young to ideal suitors of their age, and everything else would come on it's own in time. Plus that would promote unbreakable familial bonds.
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Incest is older than prostitution….Child sexual grooming for a family members pleasure goes so far back in history.Look at the Mexican culture today.They teach the kids HOW TO DO IT ALL…Dont get it wrong ..The ones that are prosecuted are mostly white ..Thats because other cultures do not want to Shame or point the blame.
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Asians and rural europeans do it too
It's just that the matter of it being illegal in the same family was enforced, then the jews made the ludicrous rule of 18 (that not surprisingly isn't enforced everywhere)