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Kim Yo-jong best waifu.

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There is literally nothing hinting at racialism in the DPRK constitution.



Simple: juche is socialist but fascism is not.

Told the US to fuck off?

that really is an amazing monument

Song Name?

The song name is "내 이름 묻지 마세요"

Music video is here.

I think you mean the DKP? I am member of the SDAJ, could you elaborate on that? I didn't know that and I think it's very interesting!


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Handing out copies of mein kompf is a good thing?

nah I don't think that even happened

No, I meant the KPD.
DKP is shit in my state. KPD had always good relations with the DPRK and sends delegations to the country from time to time.

That's laughable bullshit.

New 38North article talks about growing markets in the DPRK but has no sources besides a 10 year old dissertation about the economy in the early 2000s:
Leaks apparently confirm that managers of enterprises sideline the party in terms of administrative decisions - the article claims that this proves the weakening of the Taean Work System, but doesn't explain how - the Taen Work System doesn't mean "the party offical tells you what to do" (only an anti-communist moron would think that) but that all management cadres are part of it. The managers are also elected. The author makes out this dichotomy between a state-owned cooperative and the Taen Work System. Has he been smoking or is he deliberately dishonest im trying to obfuscate the situation?

Furthermore, let's check how the article is written:
Totally not conjecture. Also, one of the "sources" is a quick Google search of a North Korean news site how often it mentions certain words.

Kai, is that you?

From wich state do you come from? Why is it shit there?

t. FBI

You know it's my party, iam interested in his is critisism

clearly you need to know where he lives for that.

If he says its bad in his state? Good I can change the question. Why is it bad, in the state you are living in?


I really doubt South Korea's Hyundai mega-corporation has a pro communist bias

I'm from Bavaria. The DKP is shit there because the local chapter actively encouraged people to not vote for their own party as that would take votes away from DieLinke. It's literally the worst form of reformism/lesser evilism. However, the chapter got dissolved by the federal committee in summer this year and the party returned to a more classical Marxist-Leninist/anti-imperialist platform in the process. Of course, I endorse the renewed course of the DKP. Does the guy from the DKP know if they still ban the people from the Netzwerk kommunistische Politik?

Truth Commission reveals history of Korean War: U.S.-South Korea carried out massacres of civilians


This is actually kinda big but of course nobody cares.

another good article about it to show to people

overall, the USA killed about 4 million Koreans in the Korean genocide.

Shit's about to go down in Iran; I can feel it.

Just a shame it's going to swing Liberal and not Leftist.

offtopic and also unlikely. western media always hypes this shit up.

when it gets to 2009 levels then shit might go down in Iran, right now it's nothing much

Go China sell that oil boi

I don't think so

Voice of Korea: 2017, Year of Victory and Glory [English]

their seems to be people much more skilled in statesmanship then Kim jong un in the politburo at the moment, or at least have more experience, why is it that he was put in power over these other gentlemen while not having held any prior positions in the North Korean state?
Most other examples of Politburos from failed 20th century experiments tended to favor older veterans of the state.

Well, those experiments did fail, so it may be a good thing they didn't hand over the ship to a veteran politician. And I say that as an M-L. I'm not under any delusion that the Kim family doesn't have special privilege compared to the rest of the government, because they clearly do even though the West overstates the extent of that privilege, but there were people within the Kim family with far more political experience than Kim Jong-Un who could have become leader but didn't. In that regard, Kim Jong-Un becoming leader is a reflection of the DPRK government taking to heart the failures of past M-L states, and Kim Jong-Un has been doing a very good job as leader.

He doesn't seem to be the most active leader either. How much work is his, and how much work is the presidium? And why then is he their and not one of the more experienced elders in the politburo?


The policies of his tenure have been quite good and living standards have risen. I wouldn't know much of that is the doing of of Kim versus how much of that is because of the people around him, nor would many westerners have the means to know that. Correlation is not causation, but the DPRK is in better shape under Kim Jong-un than they were under Jong-il.

The policies of his tenure have been quite good and living standards have risen. I wouldn't know much of that is the doing of of Kim versus how much of that is because of the people around him, nor would many westerners have the means to know that. Correlation is not causation, but the DPRK is in better shape under Kim Jong-un than they were under Jong-il.>>2335139

Kim Jong Un has to stop his regime's brutal oppression of North Korean gamers. And he has to stop right fucking now.

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Pyongyang Racer is the only videogame the working class needs.

Maybe they're working on the assumption that served America well - international law doesn't mean anything any more.

Facebook tier meme posting.

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Not a great meme, but nevertheless, virtually all of the components of modern smartphones (operating systems, transistors, microchips, multitouch) were developed in the state sector with public financing. Capitalist incentives have contributed a fraction to technological progress.

these have to be elaborate bait

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Happy New Year Juche 107 (2018) from North Korea! [English]

No argument found. I guess this is the intellectual level of the Right.

Uh, the transistor was made at Bell Labs dude.

A point people I've discussed NK with have brought up is that even if they only seek to use the technology as a deterrent against being invaded and for nuclear energy, they are likely to sell the technology to their allies or random shitholes, is this likely/unlikely?

i believe the argument that NK is racialist is not because of the constitution but the propaganda / literature / internal party-track newspapers, etc.

see for yourself in the pages of the rodong sinmun:


"A strange farce to hamstring the essential characters of the Korean nation and seek for 'multiracial society' is now being held in south Korea. In this regard Rodong Sinmun today runs a signed commentary, which censures the farce as an unpardonable bid to negate the homogeneity of the nation, make south Korea multiracial and Americanize it. To deny the peculiarity and advantages of the homogeneous nation now that dominationism and colonialism are posing a threat to the destiny of weak nations is a treacherous act of weakening the spirit of the nation, the commentary says, and goes on: The south Korean pro-American traitorous forces advocating the theory of 'multiracial society' are riffraffs who have not an iota of national soul, to say nothing of the elementary understanding of the view on the nation and social and historic development."

It's good if they give it to allies.

Secondly, the argument goes that if the DPRK is a far-right state (I'd say it's a hybrid) then the official constitution is the last place to look to understand what it's about. In Nazi Germany, the Weimar constitution stayed into effect until 1945 – modified primarily by the Enabling Act. Didn't mean anything.

Fascist states also tend to express their propaganda less on doctrinal texts (when they even have them) but aesthetics and charismatic storytelling, because the extreme right is a romantic and anti-materialist way of thinking about the world. The extreme right has never produced a Marx, Lenin or Mao. The main text for the Nazi regime was Hitler's autobiography; not the most compelling theory in the world.

And I hear a lot about Juche but despite the defenders of it, the only explanation I've heard for it is "self-reliance." But that's so vague as to be meaningless. The bulk of what the DPRK seems to promote is the charismatic personality cult and the leader's life story and that of his family. Does Kim Jong Un have a theoretical body of work?

Okay I'm done.

How is self-reliance vague and meaningless?

Maybe not Kim Jong-un, but Kim Il-sung certainly did have theory, as well as Kim Jong-il, though I've only read Il-sung. The point of Juche is to apply Marxism-Leninism such that it can fit within Korean culture. The idea is that Koreans are not ready to leave behind Great Man Theory in favor of historical materialism and as the socialist process develops in the future, they can put less emphasis on the so-called cult of personality. Who knows how true it is that the Korean worldview is not ready for historical materialism - I'm personally skeptical of it - but the fact is that their commitment to socialist self-reliance has slowed them to thrive in isolation despite how much a shit hand they've been dealt. Juche would not work anywhere else and I don't know if it's the only thing that could work in the DPRK, but it's working.

Cracks me up how it's been about two months since this general was created, deleted, and reposted. Yet leftcoms and anarkiddies still can't present any argument to back their wild take.

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Yeah. If anything a tacit ok to the US.

The 2nd pic looks like something from Fallout 4.

Why the hell would you believe anything Tillerson says?

Juche doesn't mean self-reliance. That's just a popular interpretation. Juche means "subject", and was originally designed to "subject" in the texts of Marx and Hegel.
Kim Jong-un has written little but Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il have written dozens of books. Please don't poison the well.

Has anyone else watched the NYT North Korea documentary? It's quite interesting actually. Of course, Nicholas Kristof is a bumbling fool who provides really banal commentary, but aside from that its nice to see the high-quality footage and interviews with average Koreans.


I'll list a couple other things I noticed, but I would love for other anons to contribute here.

1. The filmmakers go to a factory and speak with the manager, but don't address its daily functionings beyond mentioning that it's a communist live-in factory. No mention of the Taean system or anything of the sort.

2. They note that the economy has improved immensely since the mid-aughts despite tightening sanctions, but provide no explanation. The reality is probably that they are unable to see past their own ideology and grasp that North Korea has been able to grow economically without capitalism, and see it instead as a mystery

3. They make a bunch of baseless claims throughout the movie. Someone should definitely write them down. One I distinctly remember is that no one outside of Pyongyang would speak freely to them.

If anything, this film improved my perception of the DPRK. They clearly have no illusions about the threat the US poses and have pride in their country's ability to persist against all odds.

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Could you explain this a bit more?

I can't stand this shit, it's just too damn cringeworthy and it's in practically every documentary on the DPRK. The footage is indeed very nice, so thank you for that.

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There was a military and economic cooperation between Prussia and imperial Japan by the end of the 19th century, modernizing and industrializing Japan. Due to this exchange, Japan came in contact with a lot of German philosophy, but due to the long isolation of Japanese language, struggled to translate most of modern philosophical terms. In 1887, the word shutai was coined and used for "Subject" in the writings of Hegel and Marx. Due to colonialism and massive Japanese influence on the Korean language this word appeared as "Juche" in Korean translations of Marx as well.

Juche means that the subject is men, the proletariat is the revolutionary subject, while men as a whole is the post-revolutionary subject once exploiting classes have been abolished: A Marxist knows that the bourgeoisie is however just a mirror of capital itself, therefore, socialism means not only the liquidation of the bourgeoisie, but also the self-abolition of the proletariat, when the subject becomes men itself.

Growth in many undeveloped areas in 2016 and 2017 has been enormous so far, sure there is still work to be done, but it's looking good so far.

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So, are all your arguments based on what the DPRK "seems like" to you?

Don't expect anyone to take you seriously, save perhaps for the /r/socialism SJW dumbasses

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pick one and only one

Is there anywhere I can read about Juche as a theory, maybe the writings of the original Kim or anything like that

These are all I have. You can get everything Kim Il Sung ever wrote from an English language DPRK site but I can't remember where.

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It took some searching but I finally found it
naenara.com.kp/en/politics/?leader1 3


Reminder, and bump.

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The US government isn't always lying, I don't think they'd mince words about NK, its not like they need to actively lie in the sense of their foreign policy objectives in North Korea aside from saying the war is about "freedom"

holy fuck you are gullible

It never hurts to be prepared for all eventualities.


Do you really think North Korea is going to get out of this unscathed? The yanks are thinking about going for a "Bloody Nose" strategy, one which would aim to dismantle North Korea's nuclear armament.

Comrade Kim better unload the entirety of the DPRK's nucular arsenal the moment the US flies one of their gay little drones over their airspace, no pussyfooting around.

Uhm, the DPRK can actually retaliate. Are they retarded? At this point the South Korans should throw every American out of their country if they care even a little bit about their own well-being

it's just talk, dude. it's impossible for them to take out DPRK's nukes.

How can you say that? They're contemplating it.

They're bullshitting, do you literally believe everything Trump says?

I have an immense fear of being fucking nuked. I am on the paranoid side, hopefully more brazen and intelligent heads than I will fuck up the US and not get us all killed.

That's a really weird fear to have tbqh famalam

I'd literally die wasting away from disease. At least I would be cognizant and be able to do other shit when I'm suffering. It might be weird, but it's not a weird fear.

Rather die

No you can't.

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I don't see how a modified version of Juche wouldn't work in the US. It would fit very well with the Hollywood-perpetuated mythology of the rugged self-reliant individual.

Just the very first paragraph on that section and it already is utter garbage.

Is DPRK really "dude weed lmao" friendly or is this just a myth?

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Well at least they recognize that it isn't a monarchy.

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If only there were an American celebrity supportive of Juche who could put socialism in a package that Americans have the capacity to comprehend. It's like, the Red Scare did so much to hurt socialism in the U.S., and we need to… rebound from that damage.


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I sure hope so. I've been trying to use that as an entryism tactic on my stoner friends.

Agreed, but it does seem minor in the face of other pressing concerns.

Martial law is hard work

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The DPRK has great policies for women, and lots of women's representation in government.

Happy birthday 2 days ago Wise and Supreme Leader!

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They grow hemp for industrial and infrastructure purposes (it helps stabilize railbeds). The country is full of ditchweed, rural people smoke it, the government doesn't care.

happy birthday KJU!