Ocasio-Cortez lashes out after pics surface of hamburger dinner, slams ‘stalkerish’ restaurant photo

Less than a week after raging against cow farts and urging Americans to stop eating so many hamburgers, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was caught oozing with hypocrisy.

On Tuesday night, an image scorched across Twitter showing Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, sitting down for dinner together.

While sitting no more than a foot away, Ocasio-Cortez watched as Chakrabarti ordered a hamburger and chowed it down right in front of her.

Conservative Caleb Hull also shared a close-up image showing that her chief of staff was definitely eating the one specific food that she wants Americans to stop eating.

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Honestly I don't give a single flying fuck about politics but I'm thoroughly enjoying the absolute dumpster fire that is this uppity spic cunt's life

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Anyone who believes the current climate change narrative and doesn't kill themselves is already a hypocrite

Welcome to being a public figure, Occasional Cortex. You want to dictate people's lives? Guess what, everything you say and do is on public record, you can't leave the house without everyone knowing your face, every interaction with anyone you have is subject to be in a tell-all book, and the paparazzi will stalk your every move. Enjoy fame, bitch. I hope it ruins you, you socialist turd.

Bitch, you're a politician. This is a part of your fucking job, and you asked for it.

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Retarded commie BTFO.

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No meat for whites, It's only for members of the zio-mutt aristocracy. Now go back to eating your corn syrup and soybean oil.

Shes not eating meat.

All powerful people, especially politicians, have a set of rules that are "fine for thee, but not for me!" Witness the number of Republicucks who are anti-homo who then get caught in sordid trysts with other men. AOC will preach environmentalism, but she's not going to reduce her carbon footprint if it impinges on her lifestyle.

Pea brain is thinking this mutt slut is some kind of exception. Galaxy brain is realizing that we're way overdue for the tree of liberty to be watered.

If women didn't have double standards they would have no standards.

please ignore the traitor president. LOOK AT HER JUST SITTING WHILE

wow, real news

is that a euphemism for public urination? please refrain

i only bump posts by timothy

Who believes in her or believe her is an idiot, that i know and i do not know much.

She's Jewish, the last thing you should ever expect from her is the truth.

Looks like she's eating a breaded chicken breast with pasta in some sort of cream sauce with broccoli and a side salad.

Funny thing is, I don't even hate this woman, but she rubs me the wrong way when she puts out documents supporting such garbage saying the government should control what foods we eat. Thats not why this country was founded. It was founded to empower our personal liberties, not crush them as give up all decision-making to a government. That in its very foundation is Anti-American.

Looks more like veal than chicken

She has the thousand cock stare for sure.


Someone caption this with a burged.com watermark.
And send it to her, this is what happens when you say let them eat nothing.

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Does anyone know what restaurant it was so we can look at the menu?

Veal is baby cow torture, so one can say she supports torturing and eating babies.



I guess she does not like the idea of being harassed at a restaurant like some of the reps?

So does every other political whore.

she doesn't like her chief of staff being caught contradicting their political tomfoolery

Why are we wasting our time talking about this kind of shit?

she's a dumb bitch and needs to be put in her place

then she shouldn't be a hypocritical dumb thunderTWUNT then, since she decided to be a public figure, she can pay the price.

Don't like it? go back to serving drinks at a bar.

Sure but thats like being a Kardashian.

Yeah you have a good life but the price for that is no one respects you.

No one respects this spic bitch either as everyone knows (even the lemmings know) that she is where she is simply to fill the Jew's DIE-versity quota of unqualified low IQ muds in office.

She’s so retarded it’s almost endearing. Almost.

someone kill the spic kikess


Her parents are rich as fuck and she was voted for because shes a woman and non white. Chances had nothing to do with it, its mostly who she is not what she can do.

Implying you ever had the chances a political whore has.

Your a politician
One most people expect to be the 2024 Democrat presidential nominee
What do you expect

She's not eating the hamburger. Plz try again.

she'll eat it later by proxy when she rims his ass

anybody remember how the left chased people out of restaurants last year, then defended it by saying they were public figures and how dare you question their methods?

Because without a boogieman most of these incels would break down into an autistic episode. Seeing an attractive young person become succesful while they stew in mediocrity really brings out their rage.

Welcome to celebrity status. This is your life now.

Hypocrisy is part of human nature no matter what your class. You should still point out other people's hypocrisy and have rules for thee but not for me mentality. Since everyone is a hypocrite anyone that tells you to follow rules is doing it to control you.

She is eating meat and dairy which still makes her a hypocrite.


Is any leftist millennial girl not into eating ass?(no) And Why?

She's eating a chicken with pasta, and her eco-fascist buddy is munching on a fucking hamburger right in front of her too!

Meat is full of vitamins, nutrients and protein, its a fact look it up.

What makes meat bad is all the hormones, preservatives like nitrite and other shit they mass produce for fast food. THAT meat is actually terrible for you.

However, you can get high quality meat (without toxic hormones or nitrites) but it costs more. The best way to get high quality meat is from a farmers market, meet some rancher who will allow their meat to be tested and certified organic non-GMO and have them sell it to you wholesale (in bulk). A half cow will last for 2 full years and costs about $1,000. That way you beat inflation costs, and its a great deal compared to the shit you buy in grocery stores per pound.

And talking about her on an obscure image board will put her in her place? Do you listen to yourself? Get a hobby man. Youll hate yourself later if you keep wasting your life like this.

They seem to not realize they have potential. They can do something but never do. Its insane and sad. Anyone can make something of themselves. The worst thing anyone can do is nothing.

t. Spiritual kin to AOC


Problem is that meat starts going bad (not rotten but the meat is destroyed) by being frozen for longer than >6 months.

This thread is gay, that's how I know it's a shill thread 🤣🤣 super low quality, not even a plate of burgers just one, fucking faggots all around

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I sincerely hope you're just trolling us here.

This whole website is low quality bait threads. Its the only way 8ch can stay afloat. Goading autistic people into getting into inconsequential fights. Its how youtube stays relevant, its how the news stays relevant. Its an old boring tactic that works on retards from any generation.

Go back to being A good little wagie in the cuckplantation then, normalfag
Or at least fedpost If ur so above it all.

Just stop, youre wasting your time. There was no reason to even reply.

Hey there, Ocasio-Cortez.


Quit being paranoid
I would never use my workstation to visit this place

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I find it extremely important that I post this pic of AOC.
Forget the hamburger.
Muffburger hungry for a Distinguished Congresswomen..


Sorry I didnt realize calling it something other than pc meant I didnt have one.

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No hypocrisy in that case.

It's not hypocrisy if SHE wasn't the one eating the fucking hamburger!

It's one thing to want to dictate national policy in a certain direction; quite another to tell a single person to stop doing it when he's right in front of her.

Poncho Villas here should grow a mustache that looks exactly like her eyebrows, upside down