Family pug seized, sold on eBay by German town over unpaid taxes

A family in Germany has been left brokenhearted after their pedigree pug, Edda, was seized by their town over unpaid debts and sold to a new owner in a controversial eBay transaction.

A wife and mother of three owed her town of Ahlen money, including some in unpaid pet taxes, and the city decided to seize her most valuable asset: Edda the dog.

The town then sold Edda to a new owner from a private account on eBay for just €750 ($853.53). Edda's new owner, a police officer named Michaela Jordan, said she expected to pay twice that amount for the pedigree pup, BBC reports.

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we are in god's funnies timeline

You mean those pugs are products of conscious, selective breeding?

You always learn something new around here. TIL humans are monsters

they used to look more normal, with proper snouts and everything

they should get revenge by going on welfare


How long until the news article reads:

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Would never happen if it was a german jew.

A German Jew would know how to balance taxes without paying them.

everyone should just go on welfare tbh fam

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They did when they were wolves, maybe.

Well it isn't far off.
But it will be for organ harvesting as much as sex slavery. The human body is worth tens of thousands, and there have been numerous cases where hospitals have turned off life support prematurely in order to then harvest organs, including the skin and bone marrow.
Next step is to harvest the people directly. Watch the next series of 'rights' disappear. Privacy is a crime, thought is a crime, ownership of property is meaningless, being of a country has been declared meaningless. Next step is ownership of your own body.
The UK for example recently made it so everyone is an organ donor by default, and they have to opt out if they don't want go be butchered and sold off in parts.
Wouldn't they take the youngest daughter?


this may be news to some, but who the hell cares? no one browsing Zig Forums, thats for sure!

should have euthanized it tbh

don't give up tiny tim
/newspus/ is falling behind Zig Forums

Peter Zwegat at work
I wonder if RTL came to film the shitshow

And 100% of every human that exists came from some element forged in a supernova eight or so billion years ago. What's your point?

Maybe the family was so disfunctional that they just looked for a pretense to get the dog out of there.

I'm noticing a theme here as yet another pug finds itself at the center of a sensational media controversy.

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