Riot Games Hires Chief Diversity Officer Following Reports of Toxic Culture

After a Kotaku report last August detailing a culture of sexism and a hostile work environment sparked major backlash, Riot Games on Friday announced that Angela Roseboro would be joining the company as its first chief diversity officer.

In the new role, Roseboro will lead the "diversity, inclusion, & Riot culture initiative" and oversee the creation of new programs that promote diversity at the game development company. She will report directly to Emily Winkle, Riot's chief people officer.

Roseboro comes to Riot from Dropbox, where she served as the global head of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Gas the entire company

if you're working for a company that hires in this fashion then you're working for the collapse of civilization. fuckin' hell, even I am. fat black christian woman who wears a wig over her stale afro that hasn't grown an inch in over two decades probably, wears a girdle and has a lazy eye. want to throw her off a fucking cliff.

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Stay mad, escape into your anime. You have no place in the new world

fucking kikes at it again, when will we learn

All these “diversity officers” remind me of Soviet Kommissars being placed everywhere to ensure no wrong think occurs

It's a protection racket by the outrage mafia.


Get ready for a fresh dose of Socialism to be administered to your children through a free game.

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t. shitskin
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I, for one, welcome more positive portrayals and inclusion of pedophile and zoophile characters in video games.

So this is how a developer dies….
With thunderous applause.

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Look and learn anons, this is how corporations announce their eventual suicide.

Keep up with the whole "SJWs are pushing pedophilia" thing. Gives me something to laugh about, the knowledge that you probably think you're red-pilled.

I confidently predict that they will go out of business sometime in the next two years.

It's not that SJWs push pedophilia. It's that a lot of them are secretly pedophiles and speak out as antis to draw the spotlight away from themselves.

More of a "they're not SJWs if they don't." Either equality is for everyone, or they're full of shit. Same with the fursitioning or transitioning DD/lg littles. It's as good as the trans folx.
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the only replies that aren't downright delusional so far


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How come diversity officers are never straight white males? So much for diversity! LoL