Blind student, 24, found hanged with loyal guide dog still by her side

A family have spoken of their heartbreak after their 'inspirational' daughter killed herself with her guide dog by her side.

Jade Clements, 24, who was registered blind, was in the final year of a biomedical sciences degree at Keele University when she took her own life.

An inquest , held at North Staffordshire Coroner's Court, heard how Jade, who had been getting first class marks in her studies, had hanged herself in a student hall of residence.

Security staff had gained access to the room after friends raised the alarm when Jade sent a final distressing message.

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And then you end up depressed, overwhelmed, and alone. Being blind likely didn't help, but I'm sure that pushing yourself through medical school when all you want is a family was a primary factor here.

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I hope that at least the dog finds a save new home.

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Guess no one cared enough about her to help her fight her inner demons. But they're all saddened and shocked.

Strange considering how fast advancements in the field of sight restoration are happening. One would assume she had to have some hope of seeing again one day.

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