Petition aims to save lives of two dogs after Utah boy loses hand

A petition is gathering support to spare the lives of two dogs involved in an incident that cost a 4-year-old boy his hand.

The petition describes the situation as unfortunate for all sides but hopes to save the lives of the two animals.

Authorities said the young boy had put a sock over his hand before reaching beneath the fence that separates his backyard from the one where the huskies were kept. That is when one of the dogs bit the child, severing his hand above the wrist.

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One does not sever a hand, even a child's hand, via a single bite. The dog grabbed on and wouldn't let go, and probably wrenched it upward against the bottom of the fence which fractured the bone, and then tore it off. This wasn't a simple mistake: a quick bite after which the dog realized its mistake. That dog wanted to kill.

The child put a SOCK .. over his hand 1st!!!!
Wow…. the dogs didn't know what the hell was comjngu see the fence!!! If I had seen something tube like coming under the fence … I would have done something drastic to stop it assure my safety !!
2nd of all. He was Trespassing!
He did not belong on that side of the fence!

What would you do if a creature that you have never seen before that looked like a snake was entering your room thru the window??? Many ppl would kill and ask questions later

Ever played tug of war with a dog with a toy rope or something? I could easily see them tearing off a 4 year olds hand because they recognized it as a toy instead of a hand. The blame lies solely on the irresponsible child's parents, who allowed this to happen. The dog probably thought it was just playing tug of war with a toy. Dogs are not intelligent enough to recognize a human hand inside a sock.

It's MUCH more likely that the dog was just playing roughly.

The bitch who owns these dogs needs to have them taken away from her

Cut off the dog's front paw. Problem solved.

Put the god damn dogs down. It isn't like there are a thousand more that need good homes. Fucking pussy world I swear to god. P.S. Fuck you Timothy for making me respond to one of your spam posts.

Ever screamed at a dogs face as if your arm was being ripped apart? How did the dog react? Most decent dogs would start wagging their tails and stop whatever they were doing.
Dogs can read humans emotions better than any autist on here, the dog knew exactly what it was doing. Those dogs are dangerous, even to their shitty owners.

The petition has 186,000 supporters. We live in a society. Should fucking take every moron who signed that and toss them over the fence.

The kid was reaching under a fence. How's a dog supposed to recognize that the thing on this side of a fence that looks like a chew toy is connected to the noises on the other side of the fence?

Youre both fucking retarded and deserve to be beaten mildly to get the point through your head. Youre the human, the "most intelligent species" supposedly. You really believe the dog had any intent besides "HOLY SHITTING DICK NIPPLES THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH ME!!" youre just as bad as pit bull owners that believe rescues can be rehabilitated, or the alarmists that say no pit bull can be trained from birth and loved enough not to kill everything that moves.
Furthermore it proves you dont have dogs or animals in general you fucking city cockroach. I hope the millimeter waves from the coming upgrade gives you rectal cancer.

women aren't supposed to own dogs or else this kind of thing happens.

Why does anyone have a shit about a single kid's hand? Clearly he's a dumbass, if he was friendly with the dogs, he should know they can be dangerous if you're acting stupid. Otherwise he wouldn't have gone near, huskies scare the shit out of kids and savages.
The only reason anyone itt supports putting them down is because dogs are extremely popular nowadays, thus some fags here need to be "counterculture". It's the same thing with pitbulls and rottweilers, everyone loves them now, so now the retards on 8ch want to see them all dead.

The dogs would love having more people to who care about them to play with. And probably so would the people unless they were injured in the process of being thrown over. You're such an ignorant faggot. There was nothing about the situation in the OP article to indicate that the dogs were anything aside from normal playful dogs. The parents of that kid just did properly teach the kid how to play with dogs. The dogs are still probably completely unaware that they did anything wrong.


Huskies I've met are big playful idiots, more or less. Humping everything that moves. They get on my nerves. These dogs all but certainly thought that sock was a toy. The dogs couldn't possibly know that sock had a human hand in it.

Even if the dogs made a mistake, the mistake was grave, and they're not human, so they don't get human rights. Put them down, because if it happened once, it can happen again.

You're an idiot. This same level of risk applies to ALL large breed dogs. So you want all large dogs to be killed, on the chance that they could injure a child in a bizarre situation like this?

You think there is a chance another child is going to come, put a sock over their hand, and stick it under their fence? Besides, because of the sock, those dogs are probably not even aware that they harmed a human.

Here's a look at what that fence looked like that the child stuck his hand under (inside a sock, which would completely disguise his hand). From the dogs perspective, it would look just like a toy for them to play with. They absolutely didn't do anything wrong. And anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

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Fuck me
Of course it's a timothy story
Fucking tim m8, he really likes to get stuck in dogs holes
If only his incestuous dad wasn't a furry


I know right! Imagine seeing (pic related) coming at you from under the fence, you instinctively bring your pitchfork down skewering it in place and as you hear it's horrific screeching, screaming attack noises you just keep hitting it with a piece or rebar you have at hand, hoping it does not pull free and go for your neck.

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I'll play roughly with that dog. We'll play catch the shovel.

Average woman's shopping list
1) dog
2) peanut butter

Try and stop women having dogs, just try.

Some dogs will chew an arm off a kid, and some wont. The ones that will, get the needle.


Why would you put a sock over your hand before throwing him under a fence?
No one cared about my hand until I put on the sock.

Again, how the fuck would any dog on the planet know that there was a kid's hand in there? You'd have to kill every dog in the country.

dogs are less dangerous than wolves because over the millenia we have been selectively breeding out traits like this by killing them. if you want to start allowing these dogs to breed, then you have to be ready for a world where dogs are no longer suitable as pets

Being a dog is no excuse. Do you bite everything that is placed in front of you?

Lower mammals should be executed.

kill the dogs and the boy and the owners and the parents.
problem solved

The shit I have to put up with these days is unbelievable.

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Parents 70% to blame for not making back yard toddler safe
dog owner 20 % for same above knowing a toddler lived next to hom

god 10%, because she likes to fuck with us

bite #me2

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Confirmed for pitbulls. Euthanize with fire.

This; reality is the dog liked the taste of blood and yanked. Dogs can't even bite rats in half in one bite, they have to gnaw and pull.

But the crime was done regardless. Have you knaves no concept of justice? has the right idea.

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yea, god is a cunt

Pitbulls have violence bred into them. I agreed with you until you said that pitbulls can be raised non-violent. How can anyone think their poorly controlled violent tendencies are nurture instead of nature? Youd have to be retarded to think that.

You idiots are going about this all wrong, Everyone is to blame.

Once an animal tastes human flesh, it becomes a man eater. It will view all humans as prey and must be put to death.

All shit bulls should be killed.

Recruit that dog for the war
Theres people that needs a biting

She is responsible for 100% of this

including the bodies buried in my back yard

Honestly I'd be okay with this. The dog wouldn't even notice. I've seen dogs that have lost an entire limb, and they don't care. They can run around and play exactly the same as normal dogs.

Take dogpaw, implant on boy arm. This is the only fair solutions

The dogos are not to blame for what happened, that's precisely the sort of thing you risk when fucking around with dogs. However, the problem lies with what the dog's state of being having already done that.
First it needs to be ascertained that the dogs were just defending their territory, and second it needs to be ascertained that having already attacked a human they are not likely to do so again except in defense of their territory.

Usually, once an animal(this goes especially for dogs) successfully attacks another animal in aggression they form the notion that those animals can be attacked and as such may likely in the future do this again.
It's a pickle not because the dogs should or should not be punished for biting the kid, this is entirely immaterial and completely meaningless to the dogs or our sense of justice as a whole. To do so to punish the dogs would be senseless, irrational and fundamentally immoral.
The problem is in whether the dogs can be reasonable assumed to pose a danger to humans in the future, which is precisely what should be looked into. What the dogs would've and would not have done likewise what they did and did not do is completely irrelevant, it's what they may continue to do that concerns.

There are ways to test a dog for this and this is what the authorities should do instead of just deciding to put them down.

They would, they would be traumatized for life and never fully trust their owner again. This is now how animals work, you retard.

Why? What would that accomplish? They're not going to learn anything from it and it doesn't make the situation any "fairer" in any sense.
All you've done is make two cripples and two dogs that no longer trust people and as such are more likely to lash out.

It would be an act of pure and irrational cruelty.
Dogs aren't people, you can't exact justice or revenge on them.

I don't even know how that happened. Pretty sure something here is fucked.

I'm just glad I'm not the judge in this case. This is a rare case. I don't know how I would rule if I were the judge. I don't know enough about Huskies.

If they are pit bulls, I'd say the humans should be put down with their pit bulls (simultaneously)

Dog owners smell.
Houses smell like pee or poo, smell like dog sweat and they don't smell it cuz they've been accustomed to it their entire life. Every time I visit a dog owner I can't stop covering my nose of the rancid smell.
Lol u assmad? I'm not even done yet.
The noisy shits bother people.
Now you'll tell me you "can't babysit this less-than-baby-IQ for the next 10years of its entire lifespan" so you'll just abandon them after 5 years of being with a literal never growing baby? Lol, or maybe that you can't afford since the net cost of one dog is $10,000 - literal jew meme.
Owning a dog is a meme and you fell for it.
You're a failed normie, you don't have any much real friends that's why you picked a one-sided companion that can't even comprehend you in any way because it has the brain weaker than a baby.
You have to feed your pet everyday at home and you can't afford to travel anywhere far. You've been jewed, lol go to the vet. Go to "dogs dindu nuffin" petitions and get rekt by a pitbull. No one cares if you're a dog owner, just die.

No. Cut the owner's hand or their son/daughter 's. The baby will have a rough life with a disability at best and might die of infection. Baby could've been a good pianist or a violinist if not for this dumb dog and it's dumb owner/caregiver.

cry more lol

Don't put hands into someone property? Kid got a lesson.

GO smoke some weed yo fucking autistic hippy

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and know the scent of humans. They knew it was a human hand and still bit it off. They should be put to death, along with a 10000 other dogs to send a message.

A single human hand is worth more than 10,000 dog heads. Better yet, send 10,000 dogs to the chinks to get blow torched alive and dragged from the back of drugs before being dowsed in boiling water and skinned alive.

What? One or both?
I think the kid should eat the paw too just to be fair.

get sterilized.

This kid was stupid enough to have his hand bitten off so he's worth nothing and is therefore fit only to die


I usually don’t let my dog bite my hand, even when playing, I don’t want them getting the idea that biting hands is ok, I get a toy in their face and let them chew that. I toss them around on the bed and wrestle hard.

I love my dog, but if he ever did this to a kid I would have him put down in no time.

Fucking owners need to get a grip.
Also huskies, no surprise there.

fuck off soyfag, your god may be some transexual jewess, but I'll keep my nigger bashing god, thank you very much!

This subject is the equivalent of stupid broads and shifty kikes vying for some nigger that's guilty of rape and murder. The whole lot of them deserve death.

Dogs are like women faggot, they're mean't to be subservient and submissive. Dogs shouldn't even be in the house, get them a small hut and fill it with cedar and they'll be fine. They shouldn't be cooped up in some pin in the middle of the hood anyways. A dog, as in not some puppy mill mutt, can be had for cheap if you go to country for a day, the only other cost is food but if you can afford a house then you can afford dog food.

They're nothing alike, dogs are more useful than women and women have a significant chance at becoming obsolete soon
Except dogs have a sense of loyalty. Women don't
Fixed, fag

Polite double-post sage

So sad that the borks are going to die, the parents should've been more responsible like the one's that got harambe killed. :(

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Doggos did nothing wrong.

The responsibility lies with the parents. It's this easy:
"Listen up, Joseph Smith Jr. Our neighbors, brother & sister Skousen, have 2 big dogs. One named Schlomo and the other Lucifer. Don't play with them or tease them. They will bite your little circ'd weiner right off!"
Now supervise the little shit.


Yeah man, that child was really unsupervised, being in the back yard and all. People should just get used to the fact that your neighbors may harbor dangerous animals. It's only sensible now that everyone lives so closely together in surburbia. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to open up my lion petting zoo next to the orphanage.

Why didn’t they cut the dogs open to see if they could salvage the hand, At least try!

They can read your emotions if they see your face.
They are dogs, not fucking psychics.

Slit a chink's throat to get the dogs going then toss the child in with them for a fresh meal.

Hows going through life as a meme working out for you.

Dogs know when to play and when to fight. They play fight an then they fight. Ever had a dog playfully bite you? They don’t even close there mouths half the time. If you have ever been really bitten by a dog you would know there is a real difference

Private property doesn’t exist!!!!!!!11111111111

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It is just the circle of life.

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I'm on the side of the dogs in this one. The parents weren't paying attention to what their 4 year-old retard was doing and the dogs were just protecting their property. Not only did the child trespass, it did it like a retard that wanted to be bitten. Honestly, everyone would probably be better off if they put the child down instead of the dogs.

I want you to read that again so it sinks in.You’re fucking retarded I hate animal lovers and would stomp on 13 puppies to give this kid his hand back.

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Yeah, that ain't a shock. Terrible dogs, either keep them under control or don't keep them. I shot my neighbor's husky the other week, kept killing my chickens. Thing didn't even eat them, just wanted to kill.

Even if the petition gets 7.53 billion signatures, husky is still going to "be shot in self defense" or at least should.

I’d rape the child to bring back 1 puppy

ALL dogs and cats deserve to die. useless street shitters

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That's incredibly stupid even for a dog, and allowing such a retarded animal to live is a hazard to anyone that comes near it.

have the parents of the child considered babysitting their own spawn?

Maybe if they watched their kid, he would not stick hands into neighbors yard?

Too much logic there! Lets murder dogs instead!

The childs hand had a sock over it, that would make it look like a toy to any dog and noone stops a dog from biting right down on a toy.
It's almost like you guys are willfully ignoring the facts.
Child shouldn't have stuck his hand under the fence, hell, mother should have been watching him.

Good dog wanted to kill little future communist.

is a hazard to anyone trespassing dirty communist.

All dogs are that stupid. If they cannot see something, and they don't have foreknowledge of it, then they can't magically know what is there. All they knew was that a play toy magically appeared under their fence. They may not even have connected the child's screams with the "toy" they were pulling on. Animals are not that smart.

100% the fault of the child's parents.

Yes, he had a sock on his hand, and he was also screaming bloody-mary. Also, has the dog never seen a foot wearing a sock?

Well if the dog is that retarded, then what's the argument against killing it? Same thing as swatting a fly then.

Why do you want to kill all dogs? Did you stick your hand under a fence when you were four, Stumpy?

The child is inocent as much as the dog. How could a four year old kid know what is dangerous and what not. If the dog caused so much damage it is dangerpus dog. Should be put down. What is wrong with socity. Children comes first!

Dog owner against killing it.