US teen who defied parents over vaccine warns of misinformation

A teenager who made headlines for getting vaccinated despite his family's wishes has testified about his experience to US lawmakers.

Ethan Lindenberger, from Ohio, sought immunisations aged 18 after turning to the internet for advice.

Federal data suggests the proportion of US children under two not being immunised has quadrupled since 2001.

Doctors at the hearing blamed online misinformation and discredited science for scaring parents away from vaccines.

Mr Lindenberger, who is still a senior in high school, spoke on Tuesday at the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions alongside four doctors who are experts in the field.

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Mr Lindenberger

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Why should we listen to a kid who is just regurgitating what hes read on the internet or heard on the news?
I support vaccinations in many cases, but this kid sounds dumb as fuck.
The entire point of vaccinations is herd immunity. If and individual gets to age 18 without being vaccinated its more of a risk for him to get vaccinated than to not bother.

i think you sound more retarded

Seatbelts protect the individual.
Vaccinations create herd immunity

What happens when disease becomes immune to vaccines?

lol disillusionment with the religion of science ushering in second-religiousness and Caesarism

Did you get your flu shot this year? Did they turn you away because you are too old?
"You are never too old to get vaccinated"
Or why should we listen to an idiot on an image board regurgitating stupid ideas?

I didnt get a flu shot because i am not in a vulnerable group.
If you bother to read the article, you would see this was referring to childhood vaccinations for measles mumps and rubella.
Do you get a measles mumps or rubella vaccination every year? I thought not.

You get a shot every year of a cocktail of most likely mutations. Did you get your flu shot this year?
The mark of an idiot: Trying to claim legitimacy with terms like caesarism that have been adapted through the decades to diss whatever it is the delusional writer doesn't like.

Doctors recommend that most adults born after 1957 who haven't had mumps, measles and rubella get vaccinated a second time.

flu has many variations and mutations. every wonder why there's no vaccination for the common cold? literally thousands of variants, not even a yearly shot could protect you

with eugenics none of us would need vaccinations
we'd save the world trillions of dollars too

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you seem upset

We even have special nigger mutations of flu now from countries with billions of people and no hygiene.

Why are they pushing against anti vaccine people so hard right now? What are they trying to force on us next? The only reason so many of these formerly almost eradicated diseases are coming back is because of mass third world immigration, not because Suzie the soccer mom didnt give her kids a polo shot.

If you want herd immunity, you need to support the immediate halt to all immigration. There is no herd immunity without a closed system. It's more important than vaccines.

I think you figured it out tbh

your right we need to close off and nuke america to stop them from exporting anti-vax morons to first world countries

Theres a lot more people in Pakistan that believe vaccines are harmful than in the USA.
Also USA has 6,500 nukes to retaliate with. Pakistan hasa hundred maybe.

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and there's a lot more heroin addicts sucking dick than you but that doesn't make you any less of a fag

That was a bit of a hurtful thing to say.

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In latest figures, 76 million foreign tourists visited the US in 2016. That figure does not count American tourists who visited foreign destinations and returned.

They already are mostly immune, but it's still a moderately effective method

herd immunity does not exist

t. booger eater and american journalist suppression agent


If you don't vaccinate then you're essentially a new vector for disease. Vaccinations target a particular strain, if you don't vaccinate then your body has a chance or harboring a mutated strain that the vaccination doesn't help against. After all, vaccinations are just medical devices that train your body to fight infectious diseases. If a disease mutates and behaves differently then your body sometimes starts over from scratch on learning how to fight it.

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Paying closer attention

>Still dig holes all day for three more fucking days
And not a single fuck was given.

What the point of the shot?

So that the pharmacy gets government shekels.

Vaccines don't make you immune, they make you resistant. Sometimes they give you the disease, as with live polio vaccine does.

It has to do with the general unprofitability of vaccines. Drug makers don't like to make them because they're not mandatory, so if they make, say 2 million doses and its a weak flu season and only 500,000 people get the shot, thats 1.5 million doses wasted and its a loss.

The push for mandating vaccines is to ensure that vaccine-making companies have consistent profits.

People who are anti-vaccine should not be insurable for the disease. If they get the disease they are required to pay out pocket or die. People here and in general love the conspiracies but are benefited from the social systems that guarantee a degree of safety and treatment.

socialism for me and not for thee :^)

Oh boy, another David Hogg.

Bingo. And even the least evil people in government support this because they need the companies to keep making the actually useful vaccines, so they put up with the greed as a "part of the game" mentality.

It seems to always wait until the weekend, huh?

the bit that I like is how when the permafrost melts, and we blame all the super bugs on that, we get to be not only culled by disease and starvation, but also guilt-tripped for not giving up entirely to the climate agenda sooner. these people are deluded from start to finish, it's unreal. and they see that very quality in everyone they hate. madness.

It doesn't. The diseases that are immunized against mutate extremely slowly, and so few people have them anymore that the disease doesn't proliferate enough to have a chance to do so.

the people who were sharing stories of children dying or developing autism were paid out to stop speaking against vaccines and they all came out and said they regretted accepting bribes to not share their stories anymore.