Rape Day prompts call for UK government review

A British member of parliament has slated Steam over the recent Rape Day controversy, calling for a government review.

In a statement released today, Scottish National Party MP Hannah Bardell described it as "utterly abhorrent material", and said the government must "commit to getting around the table and sorting this issue for good."

"The content of this game is utterly perverted," she said. "It's time for the UK government to undertake a full review into how tech companies and gaming platforms – specifically Steam – are able to get away with this kind of stupidity,"

"The culture to seek forgiveness rather than permission is a stain on an industry that otherwise has the potential to be a real force for good."

She was joined in her comments by Shona Robison, First Minister of the Scottish Parliament, who supported calls for a UK government review to "strengthen the legislation around this area."

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I don't even know what rape day is but why do they make this special treatment for gaming? People make sexist/racist cartoons/tweets/youtube vids but they draw the line at fucking video games?

Scottish National Party is a busybody that wants to seriously ban coupons for food.

No really.

WTF I love Steam now!

Sounds like a dangerous, right-wing nationalistic, xenophobic extremist party to me.
We are all one country, the world country.

lol, videa gaems dont rape people, people rape people.

Valve shouldn't even comment. Say absolutely nothing.

If they had any balls they'd tell them that their one and only comment was "Fuck off, cunts."

never believe for a second that the right wing won't backstab you when the left is done with you.

they all work for team cunt.

As in being a citizen, they have nothing to do with national socialism

confirmed dipshit who doesn't know fuck all about the nature of video games or even tech in general

"The culture to seek forgiveness rather than permission is a stain on an industry that otherwise has the potential to be a real force for good."

Translation: You need permission to say things; asking for forgiveness after saying the thing we didn't want you to say is stupidity.

They should all be shot.

Funny thing is, you had all of the stupid English lefties cheering for them to remain seceded. The left didn't know they were cheering for nationalism, they only knew they were cheering for people that hate the English. And since they're self hating anyway, it seemed like a good thing to cheer for.

He didn't say anything about national socialism.

He is correct though. The support that the SNP enjoys is quite hilarious.

Video games are for children, so why make a game about rape? Its obviously an attempt to normalize that kind of behavior with youth.
Yeah and neither does propaganda like Hollywood movies, right? Fuck off.

Wow, looks like a member of parliament is here to have a chat with us. You're up early.

Yes this makes complete sense. Normalizing rape in a demographic (white) whose genes you want scrubbed from the pool.

If you couldn't tell, the game was probably put there by one of Steam's competitors. Maybe Epic. Or maybe from the UK government so they can make a "vidja loicense" hell, they just made a wanking license an actual thing.

Isn't this just some text adventure game anyway??

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I dont want rape normalized period. It has nothing to do with race. All youth are impressionable. As for me working with parliament, yes I do. Im sitting in my office right now on my work provided laptop.

And you're browsing a site on a work laptop that recently was reminded by the gaming media that it hosted "questionable" and child abuse content? I'd call bullshit but most politicians actually are that fucking retarded.

Point is that you were alluding to "them" wanting to normalize rape, which is an absurd conspiracy theory.

You were posting at 5AM, presumably as you rolled out of bed, and in your office at 6:14. They work you hard eh?

Yeah, I work for child services so I have a busy day taking kids from white people. Gotta get up early.

Mate, im with the government, I cam do what I please.

The average age of a gamer was mid 30s in like 2007.
Saying videogames are for children is like saying movies are for children, you're retarded.

Has the retard sub humans that run the UK not heard of VPN's yet

How many gigabytes of mandatory cuck porn do they install on your work-provided laptops? Is deleting them considered 'racism'?

Are you fucking retarded? The SNP is progressive authoritarian, not nationalistic.

Fucking yank brainlets in this thread

Wowee but that's some boomer bullshit right there.

I mean, what's an eighteen rating?
A marketing gimmick?

nice try.

Duh it's for children over the age of 18.

Lock your doors and lock your windows. It's happening. It's finally happening.

Rape day for real! They're coming. Terror gangs are stalking the streets, and any door that can be opened is opened, and the girls inside will be raped! It's NIGHTMARE TOWN. Everyone is getting raped each night, as the terror rape gangs prowl the streets. The police don't bother to stop them. In fact, there's a chance that officers actually JOIN the gangs and help the rapings.

You can't stop it. Just darken your lights, lock your windows, bar the doors, keep your spoons sharpened, and beware.

Our British Kingdom is no longer safe. The royal family have lost their divine right to rule, and now it is a dark age. The gods have left us. There is no legitimate authority. Everyone is a liar; everyone is a suspect. No one can be trusted. Not your friends, not your family, not your neighbors. Everyone is a rapist and they can't stop masturbating to raping all the girls in the city. And now they're making it real. They're raping all the girls, and it can't be stopped. The government has no power. The people are weak. The girls are sweet and vulnerable. And no one can stop it.



All is lost.




Sounds like a good game. Missing slave training and trading tho.

But rape is normal when you're brown

So, you're a huge socialist aren't you? L o l. Fuck you. The Scottish Nationalist Party is actually mostly left wing, using the name of a traditional right wing movement to cover their tracks like a man being hunted in the snow. Let me be very clear, U.S. Patriots will show you the path, but how about you do some fucking research and stop showing your ass like Kanye West. Fucking ignorant twat.
TLDR; young kid posts opinions on "Nationalist " party, that party actually promotes Socialism. L o l. Can't fix stupid.

Well fellows. It was fun posting here a while but we got to steam and the content has been taken down. We have to ensure impressionable youth arent corrupted by content promoting rape. We dont allow movies like this and will not allow games like it either.

Only autistic adults, outcasts etc play games as adults. They are a fringe. The majority of people playing even mature rated games are chikdren who have a family memeber buy their console games or just lie about age on steam or another platform. Play something 'mature' rated online and use a microphone. All children.

cool and good
oh hell no.

really makes you think.

I think they deleted it, cowards. Also there is some whore in the comments telling to false report it and everyone who opposed her are getting perma banned. check it steamcommunity.com/app/985210

Ban fully automatic sexual assault games.

Really makes you think

The UK truly is cucked beyond comprehension now. It feels like they are constantly trying to destroy liberty and free speech in every way they can. What the fuck is wrong with them?


Funny how this shit is a huge deal but muslim rape gangs are a conspiracy.

They are a big deal you fucker, by law the media can not report on those cases, do you know why? So their actions dont inspire others to do the same thing by letting them know its possible. Its not a conspiracy, everyone knows these things happen. Learn about the uk and why certain laws are in place. Its like you get all your news here.

keep free speech free

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Never said so low IQ

I didnt know this was a game. I assumed this was a new holiday to celebrate cultural diversity LMFAO.

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It's just the hypocrisy and being offended at NPC's being abused in video games that is laughable.

That is the most retarded reason that I have ever heard.
Only a dumbass would believe that that is the real reason.

There is no way someone would believe this, not even leftists themselves. What's with all the reporting on all other crimes then, are all news stations pro school shootings and murder?

I also wish for you to kill yourself. But we can't win every battle.

They care about the idea of rape, but when someone gets raped in the UK, it's quite easy to get off, especially if you're brown. You get about a year at most.

It's easy to fight against free speech. It's hard to fight against actual crime.

They also banned learning support bases in kids crying discrimination.
And made a mandatory tax for parking your car at work.

Lmao, like other muslims don't know about Taharrush ("the rape game") It's part of their culture.


Yay for censorship!!!!

I talked to the creator of this game after a AMA he did and hes a weeb pervert with a rape fetish and made the game specifically to get off, as well as cause controversy.

I personally believe it’s disgusting and adults choosing what they want to veiw and get off on while harming no one else deeply offends me.

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I don't want my kids playing "Rape Day"

I want them running hos over with a car

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Non-issue. Fuck the West.

Damnit I'm going to show this game to the kids in my family so they grow up heterosexual and not fags.

It's actually one of those shit games with stock 3d assets and a shallow choose your own adventure.

They would rather import a bunch of niggers to rape for real


There's such thing as healthy nationalism you know. You yourself are a nationalist at heart if you don't want your country to fall apart. There is no world-state