Andrew Yang’s Crazy UBI Plan: Give Lazy Freeloaders $12,000 Every Year for Doing Nothing

Last month, Democratic rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came under fire for a line in the Green New Deal that promised security for those “unwilling to work.” Her team quickly lied about it, claiming GOP doctoring, before eventually chalking it up to an “early draft” that was accidentally released. But Universal Basic Income (UBI) is gaining traction among Democratic candidates, and now Andrew Yang is running for president with just one promise: free money for all.

Yang, a former education entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America, claims on his website that his first priority “will be to implement Universal Basic Income for every American.” And who could say no to that? Under his plan, every American over the age of 18 will receive $1,000/month, with “no strings attached”:

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The real question is why a reverse income tax gets more flak than current programs.

I just want to have sex with farm animals like horses and cows but everybody is forcing me to spend my time working for less than half of the time I spent. Giving people 15k is a waste of these time. 15k does nothing to bring back our time. This is an offense it is offense to give people money when you've done nothing but steal our time and refuse to give it back.

Hey we could instead DDOS a website's servers and then force the owner to sell it to us and then monetize the users' content and data without compensation.

Taxes are about to skyrocket and we'll see drastic price rises from inflation. Cost of living is about to go up $12k

give everybody, including working people, 12k every year*
you're thinking of welfare faggot.

Nobody here understands the way economics work in the slightest. Why do we even have a thread like this here? Nobody can contribute to it. Look at the replies so far.

Im on welfare and only get 3,600 a year

Explain how you came to this conclusion please. Elaborate for us how a ubi of 12,000$ directly translates into a cost of living for all americans by 12,000$.

Forgot the word raised, if I dont correct myself none of you will be able to understand what I said. Youll probably say something like

Hey boomer, you do know welfare already exists right? Or would you prefer we send more money to Israel?

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He said he would pay for it with a tax on tech companies. In any case, who gives a fuck? Our taxes are going to skyrocket anyway, this country is going to get overrun anyways, might as well get some money out of it

Food stamps and other current social programs cost about as much.

UBI is based. It needs to be pared with an abolition of minimum wage though. The result will be Americans can compete with illegals for lower wage jobs and we will get 100% less economic refugees without building a wall. It also allows students to pay for school without taking out loans that the gov ends up paying for anyway. It's a pretty easy fix to a lot of problems honestly.

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gimme money

Time is irreplaceable. Spend your time working for money and you've traded your exhaustable resource for trash of infinite and replaceable amounts.
That's the economy. Our time is not being capitalized on. Our time is being traded for something of lesser value.

(UTHR) Universal Thief Hand Removal
Matthew 18:8 If your hand, causes you to fall into sin, cut it off

This is a great idea becauase its a free 12k for you, and because its a terrible economic decision for the federal government. This ying chink is doing more to topple the US than you retards. If you 12k UBI make sure to spend it on bullets not nigger shit.

No it is not good. Giving people money is offensive, just like giving people food. He is trying to humiliate working people.

I am the 1%. Fuck you peasants. I'm not paying more taxes so you can finally have money…. Wait, I don't even pay taxes hahahaha, faggots.


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wow, you really can be anything you want on the internet

Anything to hasten the collapse is good.

Where I live in Canada people on welfare get $1,200 a month

Finland fucked it up. I think we can do it right this time.

eh, pretty much. Hating humanity is for the jews. Don't be a jew, user.

Bingo. The choice is between current, shitty, welfare where we pay people more to not work than they get for working a little or UBI where every little bit a person works pays more. Sure some lazy shits can do nothing, but the effort->reward structure is at least pushing in the correct direction.

Taxes should come out of the rich and the freeloading niggers


Let's just say this starts happening. $12,000 per year for 40-50% unemployed in this country. We'll just call it even at 150,000,000 people not working before too long. I'm just ballparking here, obviously.

12K per year times 150M people is 1.8 TRILLION dollars per year. If it ever did happen, this shit won't last long. To sustain such an idea, there will need to be an extinction level event where a massive amount of the population dies off, and I believe that is coming in the mid 2020's.

You literally sound like the dirty homeless dude from They Live who sells out the human race to work for aliens because they give him money “come on fellas, they run the whole show, might as well make some money while they’re at it!”

No. People are too complacent.

People are foaming at the mouth furious at the thought of American citizens receiving $1000 a month yet are 100% A-OK with sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel every year. America worships the jew. Feels good knowing I'm not a brainwashed dipshit.

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Trumptards in a nutshell

Wrong. It’s not unemployment leave. Everyone would receive UBI, from the poorest homeless to the richest capitalist.
The mount of money circulation would be around $35.800.000.000. However, it is important to remember that this money just doesn’t vanish out of the thin air after the government emits it, it will remain in the economy and a fair amount of it will return to the government as taxes. This will also allow, like the other user pointed out, to ending all free public services in order to stabilize subsidized ones, which will decrease the cost of maintenance os countless other services.

It's going to be funny when he gets into office, does none of that and instead takes all the money for himself and Beijing.

If everyone gets it then everyday prices are going to inflate like crazy. Why market a product for individuals who make less than $20k a year when everyone is guaranteed $12k on top of their existing salaries? You don't generate wealth through taxation, but neither do you generate wealth via loaning money. I wish that US could adopt more competitive measures for the economy but people seem to be high on "Good Feels Socialism".

I'm gonna vote for this guy; $1,000 a month is some sweet NEET bucks.

Eh not really. In fact the minimum wage increase would result in more inflation than UBI. UBI will mainly be paid for with corporate tax hikes and vat taxes

those in a position to exert a price will set said price at what they think people can afford. And those in such a position have an autistic obsession with high numbers
if you get a raise of $100/month it doesn't mean anything if your landlord jacks up the price of rent accordingly. The fear is that the money will go straight to the haves instead of properly supporting the havenots

UBI is supposed to increase spending confidence. In the limited tests it's been subjected to, it has been somewhat successful. However, in order for the government to break even, each dollar of UBI must be spent enough times to make up its value in sales tax before someone stuffs it away for the future.

There are UBI pilots around the country, single people are getting $17,000 a year on top of their paycheck. Couples $24,000. Liberals will campaign for mass UBI in the coming months. I'm sure Trudeau will take some sefies with Tranny's to celebrate the occasion.

i want 18% interest of the national debt, plus free guns and women

Good and nice.

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