Elizabeth Warren proposes breaking up Apple, in addition to Google, Facebook, and Amazon

Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced in an interview on Saturday that she wants to break up not only Amazon, Google, and Facebook, but also Apple – as the Massachusetts senator pushes further to the left of her numerous Democratic rivals on a host of populist issues.

Speaking to The Verge at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology conference in Austin, Texas, Warren specifically demanded that Apple must be forced to either surrender control over the App Store, or cease selling its own apps within it.

"Apple, you’ve got to break it apart from their App Store. It’s got to be one or the other," Warren said. "Either they run the platform or they play in the store. They don’t get to do both at the same time."


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610 more days of washed up politicians spouting insane nonsense.

She's going after the Zig Forums crowd. This will win her voters.
Although didn't she rule out a 2020 run? Or was the Clinton?

Though this is like


Tell me when she says she'll break up Youtube. Fuck Youtube.

Google owns YouTube, so she'd be doing it inadvertently.

The irony is that all of those big corporations lean left, and in one way or another have shown a censorious bias against conservatives that did not apply to leftists.

good in theory but I still imagine they'd have the same issues

Wow, it's so strange but… I don't trust her for shit? I wonder why…

Universal income with her proposal and she gots my vote

OK bozos

Yea, movin' on down

depends what you mean left. neoliberals, maybe.


Remember that when Microsoft was going to be broken up 9/11 happened.

Remember when AT&T was broken up then remerged in 20 years?

They cant break up those companies because they work with the US intelligence to spy on people and provide back doors in to their systems.
The deal is they cooperate on that and they will be spared the harsh regulations and high tax burden that most companies of that size would have to contend with.

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Even IF the US government breaks up Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon all together, those tech companies still have the tech to censor anyone that they don't like. And also; Eternal reminder that the reason for all of this shit happening is because of the "skeptic" community selling out on free speech by shilling a social media platform, Candid, that was a precursor to all of the tech that the big tech silicon valley use today and later on the guys that made Candid went on working for Twitch.

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No honor amongst thieves, though its a nothingburger proposal that would go nowheres.

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