American bases overseas aren't just favors to our allies

For President Trump, defense seems to be a transactional matter. As he sees it, it is a privilege to host the U.S. military, for which countries should be willing to pay a premium.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that the White House is considering imposing a “cost-plus-50” formula where countries hosting U.S. forces would be expected to pay the full cost of maintaining the troops, plus an additional 50 percent, with potential discounts for good behavior or policies aligned with the U.S.

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Good, maybe japan can get decolonized by refusing to pay and booting the jewSA out using their SDF

Mates rates for Israel ?

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this is a plan towards isolation and demilitarization. we're not wanted in most of these countries. asking them to pay is like asking you to pay a security guard to watch you shop.
its just an easy way to pull out of these countries.

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So a protection racket? you do know that we let you stay here in your "hidden" places just so you can funnel the black ops cash from the drug trade into your orgs right? and you do know that we don't plan on paying you a fucking dime for staying around stealing our business right? don't fucking provoke us niggers.

Nato is a USA international protection racket.

Buy our guns, goy, or something bad might happen

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Obviously the US deep state is very upset about potentially losing their influence on foreign countries.
Which is pretty funny when you think about how much they freak out if another country tried to influence the US.

Byt anyway the situation varies from country to country.
Japan is re militarizing so they wont want or need the US there in the near future.
Places like Germany are not currently under threat. Move those bases further east closer to Russia.
Then you have Saudi Arabia who would be instantly wiped out by its neighbors if it didnt have US bases. You can extract a lot of money out of someone who relies on you for their existence.

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"Pay us to occupy your nation"

Americans are the most hated people in the world and they deserve it for playing Israel's bitch. Who the fuck would want them in their country?

America gets its way through its military muscle. Everybody hates them.

Everyone hates them but when the US threatens to leave they beg them to stay.
Here in the UK when the Scotish wanted to go independent they said they would get rid of their nukes because if anything bad happened America would step in. Then they went back to insulting America on an hourly basis.

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Trump has no interest in isolationist policy. He's just trying to get more funding for Israel.

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If it happened in Germany too, Europe would be saved. No more kike policies.


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What a surprise, it's paying to have our sovereing territory invaded by the U.S.
Every NATO country is a burger Afganistan waiting to happen