Pope Francis denounced anti-Semitism inside and outside the Catholic Church Friday after House Democrats opposed decrying anti-Semitism without also denouncing criticism of Muslims.

Francis condemned the “wickedness and fury” and “depraved hatred” inherent in the worldwide resurgence of anti-Semitism during a meeting with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), according to The Associated Press. The pontiff also warned Christian faithful that holding to anti-Semitic views is “a rejection of one’s own origins, a complete contradiction,” given that Jesus and his disciples were Jewish and the theology of the church is rooted in historical Judaism.


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The church and its practices, beliefs, interpretation of scriptures turns Judaism on its head. There’s almost no connection whatsoever from Christianity to Judaism, except for the fulfillment of the prophesied messiah.
“To life” l’chaim, for instance. Sounds good, right? But this is actually one of the fundamental differences between Judaism and Christianity. Jews are for life, for life on this earth, and not for death, in the sense that after life they have answers for what happens, but it’s ok not to care about that. It’s all about *this* life.
Avodah zarah. Jews believe that Christians are idol worshippers. They believe that Christians are commiting one of the sins that applies to the whole world, not just Jews. The first Jew, Abraham converted from making idols to a dick-cutting religion. In their eyes, you are quite wrong to be Christian.
If there were equal covenants, Christian and Jewish, why doesn’t the church promote conversation to Judaism? Why? Because they know there aren’t two covenants. When the church doesn’t take up the mantel of its own beliefs, it’s followers will. It’s better for the church to maintain robust separation from Jews, “anti-semitism”, than for it to pop up, randomly.

Translation…"don't take away the provider of child rape slaves" Jesus would piss in your face, false Pope.

Video on avoda Zara

Jews hate Muslims and are grateful to their brother religion, Christianity, right?
Jews can pray in a mosque but not in a church.

This criminal imposter is not only protecting the synagogue of Satan, but he is feeding Christians into the Khazarian death machine of war and poverty. This sinner needs to be purged from earth and cast into the fires of hell. Death for sins of usury and sodomy.

really ? This is what he decides to denounce ?

Not the wars ? Not the greed ? Not the corruption ? That the suppression of freedoms ? I could go on.

Obviously this is a powerful man and there's a lot of theology that supports him being so, so I assume there are zealots that will ruthlessly adhere to any commands he gives but I personally am done with feeling like I should owe any loyalty to this person at this point, he is not being honest.

More than that…he's a liar, a deceiver and a tool for the devil.

Pope Francis in context

So you let yourself be nagged at by pedophilic priests about whats right and wrong?

you want more information me ? that's flattering

my name is tavistock pedophile

(((Pope Francis)))

How does the Catholic church maintain any credibility. Would people even believe this stuff if it wasn't crammed down their throats from time they were infants?


they dont. the church is bleeding active members because of this false pope. nobody would ever believe any of this shit if it wasnt for excessive brainwashing from an early age.

Some dems can't get enough of that muzzie cock huh?

Heretic Pope

Better a muslim than a kike.

No. Just wondered what was going through your head all those times you DID listen to these retards. Or any current Catholic for that matter, how can anyone but the absolute lowest tards actually believe ANYTHING that was said. Hell even the Bible they love so much calls them out, “Yee shall know them by their fruits”

Profaned Pope,
Snake on the holy robes,
The betrayer of the herd,
The Antichrist.

with what? With sodom and gomorroh?
China doesn't bless israel, and they have a pretty good handle on moral degeneracy.

This statement seems like a contradiction of history.
“As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community”.

China's morals are fucking shit they just try to hide it



Jews never apologized for killing Christ; they don't deserve pity.

Many would kill him, again.
In fact, you could say they’re trying to kill him by killing the church today. Through gays and trannys

Show me a video of a Chinese gay pride parade


Fuck the church

Revenge against Obama and Hillary
They are the ones to blame for everything



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I wonder if he would call Saint Stephen a real Christian.

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Can someone tell the pope that the talmud says they hung Jesus for being a sorcerer? It was probably Judas that went on the cross.

Christ cucks come rushing in to defend the inevitable finality of a slave religion. Christianity practices universalism as the jewish identity is universal. Nice try though faggots we beat you there and we will walk circles around you if you ever decide to walk a little farther on your Semitic leash. Now go be good goyim and submit to the divorce/homosexuality and abortion legislation dictated by your jewish controlled state you fucking cucks

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They aren't the same at all. The biggest difference between them is who got hung on the tree and who got put up on a cross.

The Jewish book says Jesus was hung and the Christian's say it was Judas.

That means if the Jewish made their religion it was changed on purpose to mislead people. I doubt that.

Why don’t you address the point I made of universalism instead of deflecting.

It's not univeralism. You can go back 5000 years and notice the same legend coming from Kalki. So the Jews have a knock off religion too.

I'm guessing this is why he's demonized in all Jewish media and only shows up sparingly.

That’s universalism
All the good tradionalist teachings of Christianity came from the pagan values
And of course like the boiling of a frog it’s only when they’ve acquired near total control of money and state power internationally that they start rooting out and legislating the Christians into their pre ordained slave status. Just admit it. Christian identity is as universal as jewish identity.

Is the legend of Kalki or pagans older?? I'm sorry I'm confused.

Christ-kikes suck jew cock
In other news, water is wet and niggers suck

(((Pope))) Francis is a faggot jew, not a CATHOLIC

The Pope is a CATHOLIC leader, but (((you))) knew that.


fucking nazi democrats

nope, we have pre vatican II catholicism and its "Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis", and post vatican II catholicism which says "the three monotheistic religions share the same god".

Now, let's forget about which if any is the true god. In any case, the three monotheistic religions meme is total bullshit.

Two say no man is God, one of them awaits a superman called the messiah (then zionism ensued, and the messiah has become the land of Israel). The other says God has been immanent and entered history as the Christ.

So there is no solution, either you accept that a god sacrificed voluntarily as a 100% man, or you deny it. You cannot simply stay both ways.

A pope, or whoever else for that matter, stating that the Hebrews can keep their belief, as it is the same god, has put himself between an Israelite and his messiah.

If you don't believe, don't. If you believe do. There is no "you don't want to believe but it's alright". Pick one and live according to your faith or to your atheism.

Cuckservatives, ladies and gentlemen.

well look at that. the pope is trying stuff. will he impress us? or will he fail? that remains to be seen. beware of wicked furries lol.

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I'm just surprised he had the time in between sucking muslim cock to say anything at all.

Inasmuch as Christianity is technically anti-Judaism, at least in terms of religion, ritual, core theological beliefs, it is the platform with the widest appeal able to keep morally degenerate judaizing influences on culture in check.

I urge you to check out more and more denominations of Christianity, and its history. I think you might be surprised. Just think, what’re the chances that so many of the 109 territories Jews have been kicked out of were Christian territories? Hmm… a nice little info graphic could show crosses next to those listings.
Now, dear friend. Let’s pray
Dear Jesus,
King of the universe, who has sanctified us with his commandments to spread the gospel to the Jews, Greeks, and to the entire world, I pray you might show this dear friend a bit more of yourself in his life, bring him into your church, safe in the knowledge that it is Christianity’s ways, your ways, not the animal sacrifices and material worship (ways of the Jews and their spiritual kin throughout time) which please you.
God bless you, dear friend.
In Jesus’s name we pray,