Florida School Bus Aide Rips MAGA Hat Off Student’s Head

Florida police are investigating a public school bus aide who allegedly ripped a “Make America Great Again” hat off the head of a 14-year-old student.

According to a report from a local Florida news outlet, The incident, which was caught on the bus’s security camera, shows that the bus aide screamed at the student for wearing a MAGA hat on the bus.

“Boy, if you don’t take that hat on this bus. Take it off. Take that hat off. Take the hat off. Now,” the aide said to the student.

“I can’t wear a hat?” the boy responded.

“No, take that hat off. Take it off. Now. Put it in your backpack. Take if off,” the aide continued.


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How is it that children are more sensible than adults? No other kid reacted that way to a fucking hat

This is maga country white boi.

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Was the aide a nigger or a beaner OP?

Dont worry about that.

Pfft, you think I'm 'worried' about it friend? I'm simply pointing out the obvious background for an adult acting like a spoiled little psychotic towards a passive teenager.


why is this surprising to anyone?


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(((Was the aide a nigger or a beaner OP?)))

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Anyone who wears a maga hat is confirmed to have a below average IQ. The bus driver just didn't want people to think he was driving mentally retarded kids. He wanted people to think he was bus driving normal people.

Actually black people have the lowest IQ of any demographic in the US and they mostly vote democrat.

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for economic reasons since FDR. if Trump can give them a solid economic incentive they could switch to republican. after trump's payroll tax cuts let the dems raise it on workers in 2024 and watch the party die.

>(((purely economic reasons)))

Because kids are redpilled as fuck on the social implications, not necessarily policy - though the former leads to the latter as time goes on

Hats aren't allowed in school or on school buses. Doesn't matter what's on the hat; it's against dress code. Children in school are actually barred from exercising their right to free speech by choosing their clothing, so this has nothing to do with Trump.

They vote for the party of slave holders and plantation owners. How stupid can you get?

What in the fuck are you talking about?

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Fuck that little racist kid and his MAGA hat. It may as well be a Nazi flag. Symbols of religious and racial bigotry like MAGA hats have no place in public schools.

That bus aid is a Communist/Socialist. OBVIOUSLY.

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There is no deep, magically age-granted higher understanding of the world that happens as you age. Kids often see some situations clearer because they haven't been filled to the brim with 40 years of societal detritus that makes them borderline schizoid.

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Leftists are worthless sacks of shit. Nothing new.

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The city bus driver the drives my route proudly wears a maga hat. He's pissed off some sjws too

lol bretty gud

sacks of shit are good for fertilizing fields, certainly not wortless

I may be a few years out of date, but this is the normal code for Florida schools. You're just not allowed to wear any hats (Outside of religious reason, aka jew) and if it was a school event to have a day to just wear a hat it's probably just the case of the driver not knowing about it.

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Children are honest and, in their own way, logical. It's not a great logic, and they fall for just about every fad that comes along, but they can smell adult bullshit from 50 miles away.