Australian government brands controversial camper van firm 'misogynistic'

The Australian government on Friday stepped up its campaign against a "misogynistic" campervan firm, branding its notorious fleet of graffiti-clad vehicles vulgar and offensive.

Officials choose International Women's Day to launch the tirade against Wicked Campers, a van hire firm whose spray-painted slogans have long been a source of outrage on Australian roads.

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Outrage? Fuck off. Highlight of my god damn day more like.

Hahaha they are so puny.

But the slogan doesn't mention women at all???

Goddamn homophobes sitting in the ministry.

Looks like our govt needs to be gassed to death. We need Brenton Tarrant 2.0 to execute all the busybodies, jews, and women in government.

"Free speech."

Tarrant attacked the wrong target.

These plebs just like to use buzzwords to make themselves look righteous. It's the same tactic over and over again. Instead of explaining their position, they just label you as a "racist" or a "misogynist" or whatever. These phrases are meaningless.

Every society would ban this though. Do you think a conservative society would tolerate something so lewd and impure? The only difference is that progressive societies make their excuse about misogyny.

Exactly, modern leftism is totalitarianism. I'm glad we can both come to the same conclusion.

I'm not an ozfag, are there ANY of these slogans that clearly can only be a hypothetical man speaking to a woman?

I don't think there's anything in the law books about defending speech in Australia. They might actually have no free speech protection laws.

Degeneracy, not misogyny.
This is society's problem, not feminists problem. They need to stop acting like every offense is aimed at them.
Don't forget that it was the feminist sexual revolution that made this sort of public conduct acceptable in the first place.

Suggesting the women have sex, so my soggy knee, women are equal to men don't you know.

Pedophiles are coming out of the woodwork

FTFY cheeky cunt. They're just taking the piss.



Modern leftism is thinly veiled Communism.

seriously though this is like the exact kind of thing that the Liberal party exists to get rid of out of the government. Like _exactly_ it's practically their charter but instead they egg it on.

Modern Leftism is actually thinly veiled Capitalist Corporate worship

Communism is corporate worship.

I'm not a commie, but how do you figure that to be the case? I'd love to see a valid argument that supports this so I can pull it out whenever a commie asks me why I support helicopter rides

So if Trump cuts taxes for corporations and is himself a “CEO” does that make him a communist?

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We have no bill of rights. Free speech is not protected and never will be.

Cry harder commie.

looks like Zig Forums and 4chan were just blocked in australia, both don't work without vpn

It’s happining

It's because women go for degenerates because they act like they are brain dead.

Not as long as corporations are willing to bend to foreign governments. At least Josh of the Kiwi Farms knew to tell the NZ police to kick rocks.

So, how do you like paying the IRS for private corporations to make bank from Trump off YOUR dime, hmm?

But that's wrong, you retard.

I like having a job instead of relying on handouts, unlike you commie.