A horde of 200 vegans stormed a farm in Lincolnshire, England, to protest animal cruelty but caused a stampede that crushed piglets, according to the farmer.

Farmer Sylvia Hook said the mob of vegans from the “Meat the Victims” group distressed her animals while storming Sandilands Farm in their rush to cuddle newborn piglets, causing two of them to get crushed and killed. The crowd reportedly damaged farm property, frightened Hook’s family, caused injury to two other animals, and sowed chaos by cuddling piglets that did not want to be held and then placed them in the wrong pens with the wrong sows.

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They also can't comprehend that it takes more water to grow plants than meat since humans get more calories out of meat than vegetables once you do the conversion it is more efficient.

The cult of vegan/vegetarian is being pushed by the same powers as everything else. They want endless population growth, and the planet can't support it, so they want everyone to start eating genetically modified soy, genetially modified lab-grown mechanically stretched tumours, and most likely in the end, recycled human corpses, all so they can have us living like ants, working for them with no quality of life whatsoever.
Meanwhile, the vegan cultists aid the cause of the megalomaniacs, and are the same kind of people who claim there is no such thing as over-population, claiming that everything can be solved with the above mentioned artificial 'food' sources.
They'd rather deforest the planet to grow soy and corn crops than have animals using grassland that could never serve as a crop field.

Seriously people are stupid.

Yeah and mega farming which is what more people want to end is truly sustainable.

It's not about practical mathematics but about ethimatics ;)

Again jews funding vegan politics, while also making bank on industrialized animal torture. Those BILLIONS of animals that get incarcerated, tortured, poisoned and savagely murdered, hidden behind anonymous walls, they exist solely to generate money, while creating food that is deadly to human beings and other animals. Yet those vegan jew slaves are not storming the warehouses of hell, they are directed, by jews, at local farmers to destroy their livelihood. The only ones having the guts to go after the warehouses, are "leftist" Eco-terrorists, who constantly make the critical errors of trying to save those animals instead of burning the torture pits to the ground.

pork is the only meat i feel bad eating

Well, Mohammad, maybe you should research a little more deeply who poisoned the wells that made the pigs sick, and then killed a bunch of your ancestors?

Where do you think feed for animals is grown? Swathes of biologically diverse rainforest are cut back to grow plant feed for the meat industry. To the detriment of wildlife and the ecosystem, ever-growing populations of poor shitskins require it. Fuck. Them.

If you want to be depressed, get on Google Earth and zoom into Northern India's green areas, it's patchwork monoculture farming. That degrades soil but massive dairy/pig farming is equally awful.

While I'm wary of hurting average farmers who raise a few flocks, both monoculture farming and industrialised meat farms are a fucking nightmare.

There are 'sustainable' cyclic farming methods combining meat, veg, fruit and nuts with permaculture principles, but they are few and far between. Mainly because hippies who run them lack a business mind. The best in Europe producing the highest profits per/m2 is ran by a guy called Richard Perkins - he has a book and a YouTube page. He uses principles by P.A. Yeomans and Allan Savory so understands everything is either exponential decay or exponential growth.

Monoculture crops and meat farms work in a rate of decay, thus require extra inputs to counterbalance them. This never ending decaying cycle requires more land for fertiliser production to ofset damage done to the soil by monoculture veg farming, while monoculture production of animal feed increases yearly to meet demands for hellish industrial meat farms. They both need to be abolished.

I'm not in allignment with all vegan principles but you must not falsely assign the image of Bill Gates GMO monoculture crops as their ideal. Likewise with meat. There is a balance here and I'd argue the current employment in farming of 2% (In the UK) can rise a great deal once industrial size farms are split into smaller sustainable models.

The damage control and derailing ITT is making my head spin.

All of this is wrong, and in fact a violation of the most basic rule of physics: conservation of energy. It takes more resources (including water) to make meat than it takes to make an equivalent caloric amount of plants because those plants have to be eaten BY the animal, which converts them to bodily protein, and using some of that energy to sustain itself (and wasting much if it through heat) as according to the precepts of entropy.

Claiming otherwise is like saying the Earth is flat.

Lol @ fatties. People who vegetables are skinnier and superior; you're just going to have to live with your heart disease.

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Calories from plants are incredibly low. And a lot of the "nutrition" from plants is useless to the human body - specifically Europeans.
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Leftypol disapproves of this thread. The future is vegan and communist.

Humans don't eat grass.

I hope the 2 stomped piggies got a proper recipe burial.