Your Modern-Day Leftist is No Different than a Child Throwing a Tantrum

Michael Savage has long argued that Liberalism is a mental disorder. What is ironic is that he did so long before the uptick in outrageous outbursts by leftist "crusaders" who've earned the monicker "Social Justice Warrior" or SJW, for short. Whether it's a matter of mental illness, cult-like groupthink, a form of entitled behavior left unchecked and grown cancerous or just the manifestation of a toxic ideology in the past few years it has become a problem too big to be ignored. Once upon a time political discourse could be conducted between opposing ideologies without childish shrieks, screaming, name-calling and literal temper tantrums endemic to SJW culture.

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Call out the jewish crime behind liberalism or don't even try. Imagine what that would do the the viewership of the turdwater? You also don't have to lie anymore to not offend the Zionists. All the fame you want for the little price of integrity and pretending to have a spine.

Liberals and Communists are not the same you fucking retards!

Prove it, faggot. The left has been corrupted by universities that prech Marx 24-7.

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the american """"""""left"""""""" has been corrupted by identitarianism and intersectionality. Marx is taken way out of fucking context, never met a liberal who knows anything that is actually about Marx.

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Thats trivializing it. They are children throwing a tantrum and strangling people all the wgile saying its their victims fault that they got strangled.

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As opposed to the modern-day rightist who believed they deserve to live in a world where nobody exists except people exactly like them?

You said it sister! Fuck these cis White male scum. Checking your digits too girl

You mean people who aren't selfish degenerates?

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As opposed to cis black/middle eastern/asian/etc. males and females who'd just as happily throw the same degenerates into a ravine (or literally beat and torture them to death?). Intersectionality truly is the most masturbatory american cancer of all.

Just proving his point, m8


Marx was a faggot retard.

What good doors having an argument about politics on 8ch do in your personal lives? Why don't you spend this time you are wasting on something productive? Get a hobby, ask for more hours at your job, read up on how to raise your credit score or ways of investing your wealth for your future. Hell, go outside and walk around. This is the worst way we could possibly spend our time. Absolutley nothing of value can come from this.

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For all you /leftycucks/ talk about Venn diagrams you sure have no fucking clue what they are.

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Yes they are different, the difference being that they are old enough that they should know better.

Used to listen religiously to Michael Savage, his son owns ROCKSTAR, another brand of energy drink similar to MONSTER. He donated $150,000 to a gay rights charity or some shit, and they returned it saying his father is a bigot homophobe. Imagine being so retarded in life that someone hands your charity $150,000 and you refuse the money because reasons.

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All extremists are children in adult bodies

You're right, the liberals on the left were eaten/driven out by the communists. Now the only liberals you can find are on the right and you hate them.