Italy moves to allow schools to ban unvaccinated children

Public schools in Italy will reportedly be allowed to turn away unvaccinated children under a new law that requires 10 mandatory vaccinations.

The new law will allow public schools to bar unvaccinated children under the age of 6 from public schools, according to the BBC.

Under the law, parents could also be fined up to $560 for sending unvaccinated children to school, the BBC reported. Parents of children ages six to 16 can be fined, the outlet reported.

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Ban third world invaders from Europe and there will be no more diseases (((spontaneously))) returning after almost having gone extinct in the continent.

Let us ban Italy.
Bacterial Spores as Vaccine Vehicles

Remember how I proved fungus is being used to brain wash people and produce cryptonite?

How is this bad?

because they then use that as justification to take away your kids for their well being

Submit or fight. The law nature. Parents should homeschool their children anyways and hopefully this stuff encourages them to.

if only there was some way for our bodies to be immune to these diseases, like some sort of a shot you could get

lol is that supposed to be a bad thing or something

if you're talking about shooting the immigrants, I'm all for it

something really has to be done about this

My thoughts exactly.

That's why you home/private school and make sure they get out of the house enough.

The problem is not vaccines themselves, user. It's what (((they))) are putting in them.

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>It's what (((they))) are putting in them.
if only the mercury actually did something so we could be rid if your dumb ass from this world


Awesome, that means you can homeschool without interference from the state.


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You do realize that this is a roundabout way of banning immigrants from schools?

I'm putting a ban on thinking on everyone who gets a vaccination. You need my words scum.

If you get a vaccine I'm going to put a magic curse on you that makes your ears ring until your too fucking stupid to do anything but swipe your phone.

And then you will be given a drinking problem, become fat, and binge watch TV.

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Hey do you think anyone noticed that link between vaccines, herpes, and autism yet?

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Gee, I hope no one figures you out and completely ruins your day.

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Hey if vaccines protect people from illness, then why can't the people who don't get them choose to be sick?

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I swear posting here is like…

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That feeling when sometimes you think you're crazy but then realize you have super powers.

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I saw my own hand behind my head in the mirror. :/
This image was also my reaction.

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I'm glad I didn't have to post under the influence of cryptonite. Maybe the medicine is working.

Just note the vaccines did nothing.

Up up and away from this thread.

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Hey can someone do something about the UN passing that make every super hero embargoed law go away?

I'm getting sick of this crap

Ok sorry one more thing….

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I was reading through the U.N. resolutions and I noticed they have a clause for socially isolating and preventing people who are a danger to the public "interest" from participating in the economy.

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They've pretty much decided to cripple and isolate every super hero. So they've become a danger to the public.

They caused that fire in Chico by stopping me from gathering my super friends.

So now I'm out of work. Wonder woman won't talk to me. Barbara's missing. Batman may be dead. It's because of them.

100 percent. They killed those hundreds of people just to make a political take over of PGE.


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Ok that was it. Annnnnnd I'm gone.

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