Beto O'Rourke officially announces run for president

Beto O'Rourke sat inside the kitchen in his home, located just blocks from Mexico, as he made the case for his presidential campaign — one born from President Donald Trump's intense focus on the border as a dangerous place in urgent need of a wall.

O'Rourke, 46, who was a little known congressman from El Paso when Trump was elected, officially entered the 2020 presidential race Thursday, ending months of speculation that began after the Democrat narrowly lost a Senate seat in reliably red Texas.

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the guy lost to the beta in texas, cruise
That make Beto a ceta

First round failure. Won't make it past 1st debate

this is a throw away candidate who is going to hit trump hard a few times and then disappear

I feel like the only reason this guy gets attention is because he has a goofy name.

beto carotene

I beto you think you're funny.

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the man whom held a trump counter rally

with Mexican flags
with Mexican music performances
with trump pinatas

and whom is rumored to be on the Drug cartels payroll

just wow

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Not very appealing, desu.

I'm a delta

Somebody with some Photoshop skills needs to start memeing him as Beto O'Reparations, because he's on the record as saying he thinks taxpayers (i.e. whites) need to be giving reparations to the nogs for muh slavery. As if they don't already have higher rates of welfare usage (per capita), imprisonment (which costs the taxpayers $) etc.

Beto O'Reparations can go suck an average sized nigger cock (which most of them are, because BBC is a Jew myth propagated through the porn industry to encourage miscegenation).

Much as i might dislike ben Shapiro he did a good podcast and although technically inaccurate does a bill & tedd/ surfer voice while mocking beeeeeto. "Kick flip bong rip bro"
Beto annouced in vanity fucking fair basically and the article is WORD SEX with beto… I mean its some degenerate sounding uncomfortable shit.
"He was barefoot… Yes yes yes Oh! Yes yes yes" thats an actual quote.
He is that pretentious pseudo musican who plays at being deep. Women fall for this shit. They even talk about his library in his house (he married well then became a multimillionaire) he has BOB DILLAN'S CHRONICLES wtf? Srsly? Oh it gets way worse. He is that foppish aristocrat who pontificates on the true meaning of early jazz.
He truly is worthy of all of your hate.
He IS that guy that moves in on your gf right after overhearing an argument; he is that shallow beta anti social narcissist that has none of the good traits of classic socio/psycho but could be more dangerous as he is a polished manipulator.

Hi, I'd like to run for President of America, please.
I'm a white guy who pretends to be Mexican, and Ted Cruz beat me in an election a couple years ago for Senate.

Just what we need, another potatonigger.

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I'm shocked they would allow a goyim to run

the gay lost my vote with this album pic.

no more degenerates

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Just a reminder his name is Robert not Beto. A way to appease Hispanics in El Paso is by pretending he's Hispanic which is weird because it's common knowledge that he isn't but they fall for it anyways.

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To hiSPanICS, "Beto" is synonymous with "Robert", the same way as "Bob" is used among wytes.

Literally nobody who is Mexican that reads this guys name would be shocked or think a grand ruse has been revealed if you told them, "His actual name is Robert.".

There are a lot of actual issues with this guy that you could dig into and magnify, yet you're highlighting the guys name?

I have hope for y'all but this petty, panicky, toe-stomping gut reaction cheap shot shit is worrying to me.

It's not


Nice try.

Don't forget to take your Beto blockers to prevent heart attacks.