Almost half of young women would consider freezing their eggs

Almost half of young women would consider freezing their eggs, research suggests, as women say they are overwhelmed by conflicting advice on fertility.

The survey by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) found widespread fears among those hoping to start a family one day.

The poll found 44 per cent of women aged 18 to 24 said they would consider egg freezing to try to preserve their fertility.

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I was looking for the eggs I just bought yesterday and they were in the freezer

Do thawed raw eggs make a good omelet?

cue the article of the woman who spent tens of thousands of dollars to freeze her eggs and they all spoiled.

Where's the article where the woman practically rolled around in her own shit for hours when learning her frozen eggs were all dead? Thats a fun read

So women want to be mothers but don't like men? Or maybe their female imperative is too well understood

Why do incels care about what women do with THEIR OWN bodies?

Because women are fundamentally emotional and illogical creatures, and watching them be given freedom only to destroy themselves with said freedom and then blame men for all of their shitty emotional choices is hilarious.

Cry harder, roastie.

Because we have to rely on these childlike retards to continue the species. Trust me if men found a way to reproduce without women, women would be obsolete

Jews sure know how to take advantage of women's naivety and stupidity. Women are the easiest demographic to market to.

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You belong on Zig Forums, where you can converse with other beta males who are constantly concerned with how best to defend m'lady against the evil terrible gnatzees that say mean things about her.

I'm gonna collect roastie tears when all their eggs are rotten, their IVF treatments fail and they're in their 40s.

It's almost as if once a female gets to a certain age their bodies become literally barren, even with added medical treatment and advanced technology.
Bummer, back to Malkuth with you and your unfulfilled desires.

At least those "beta males" respect women and have our friendship because they actually care about us instead of trying to fuck us.

They already have retard, they're called ARTIFICIAL WOMBS.

Yeah. Women don't have earn their value like men—nature just gives it to them once they hit puberty and takes it away some years later. Women hitting the wall is nature communicating to men—don't waste your sperm on those harpies go for the new crop of females.

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They're already obsolete.

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Is this butterfly?

some of them are dry lol —lefty pol raising tyrone's kid. What does he get out it?

Do they really think they'll be able to have baby's with those eggs when they're 40 and their womb is all dryed up?

Getting toasty, huh?

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Oh, you're a retarded commie.

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Of course. Women are incredible stupid. Humanity only need them as baby factories and they can fulfill that role while being comatose. Empowering these stupid creatures was a mistake.

I work for an human egg freezing company and the power goes down all the time.
We just replace the thawed ova with look a likes

Any who. Is it considered cannibalism if I scramble the thawed ova for a brunch?

They are small. but there are a lot of them

End this foolishness! Take women's rights away!

holy shit are they retarded
if you want a family then now is the best moment to start one
every moment is the best moment
or should I rather say, there is no good and especially no perfect moment for it
so you might as well just do it now

how in the living hell would a frozen egg be better than a freshly delievered one from today. This thinking is beyond me
half of their eggs will die after thawing, 15% will be dead on arrival and of the remaining 35% half will not make into being fertilized.
Holy fucking shit cunts, just get fucked already

my dear princess, they all want to fuck you
every single one of those pathetic cucks
they just don't have the spine to admit it and be true to themselves

the only reason a man interacts with you is he either wants to fuck you or he needs you to do something for him. There is no friendship between men and women. The cuckbois you call your friends have all put you in their fuckzone.

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It's a scam market. In vitro already has alow success rate relatively. Eggs are not as plentiful as sperm so not many are frozen. And if you're barren it will be even harder for one to attach.

All the incels in this thread are making me depressed. What happened to western men? Why do you care that a few stupid bitches dont want kids right now? Do you not realize there are more women than men in the us and the us population is 350 million? You cant even show me 50,000 american thot profiles. You have brainwashed yourselves into thinking a small percentage of loud slutty women represent the whole. Cherry picked social media convinced you to brainwash yourselves. Go outside and meet people in real life. Get off the fucking internet, you cant use it responsibly


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They only think they want that, no one's told them yet that it requires unbearably expensive treatments and you have to take hormones to produce a bunch of eggs at once, which leaves you an emotionally unstable wreck. You have to pay to keep them there, pay to use them, good luck to all the women's studies graduates with student loans through the roof. They'd never actually go through with it.

Men need to breed a culture where women will beg men to fertilize their eggs. Everything has it's expiration date, cellular degradation can only be slowed never stopped.

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We need only the best. The rest can be fed to wildlife

we are not incels, we already gave up on everything. The guys you find on tinder are incels. they all want to live the disney fantasy life, so much that they sign up and pay for online dating

once again the eternal vaginanimal only is about feelings

a combination of

because they have voting rights and they vote for our already shit lives to get even worse

I don't care about their children wish. I just think they are retarded to postpone this and then inevitably cry about how retarded they were when every single common sense would tell them to do otherwise

this is why our society is doomed. Democracy was a mistake and we will all pay for it with societal collapse, hyperinflation and poverty

just open your average social media site
on leddit there is a sub where normies post about their degenerate sex orgies at weddings

oh my sweet summer child
do you know how it FEELS to read the same story over and over again, repeated by tons and tons of different guys, how womyn fucked them over and their lives are shit. Now that womyn have no husbands to destroy, they just want to destroy society by voting leftist

sure, one or two bad examples are nothing. but what about those mountains of bad 3dpd stories?
are those just coincidences or what?

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you could have had everything, but you chose to be unhappy

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Just shitpost as hard as you can to drive away the normalfag but don't reply to it

How do you destroy a nation? Trick about 15 million women into following careers, ignoring their own biology, while providing false hope that they can always be mothers.

If you think incel guys have anger issues, we have an entire generation of women who bought (lock, stock, and barrel) into the feminist ideology. Who are slowly waking up to the fact that they have lost their chances to be actual mothers because of the strength of their beliefs. They will take it out on anyone and everyone because of their naivite believing seeking a man's life was liberating and not enslaving. This is the outcome they desired, and thusforth the outcome they will receive. Grab some popcorn, roast some marshmallows on the open fire that will be our nation if any of these women find an inkling of government power.

>it would be much better to have a (((corporation))), maybe even one with a female CEO, become the bottleneck in reproduction.