New Zealand welcomes gun control after mosque massacre: 'There will be no opposition'

he New Zealand leader’s promise of tightened gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings has been widely welcomed by a stunned population.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her Cabinet will consider the details of the changes on Monday. She has said options include a ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles that were used with devastating effect in Christchurch and a government-funded buyback of newly outlawed guns.

While curtailing gun owners’ rights is a political battleground in the United States, Christchurch gun owner Max Roberts, 22, predicted Ardern won’t face serious opposition to her agenda.

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That right you fucking goyim, there will be no opposition. Just keep watching Netfix and and act like a fucking scorned child when we come to take your last line of defense.


It's absolutely baffling to think these people think banning things will actually stop opposition and the spread of differing beliefs to their own. It may slow somebody down, but people who are passionate enough will always find a way around obstacles. Prohibition single-handedly supported the development of organized crime in America. When you push your citizens too hard, your walls will break.

What happens when the next attack uses a big truck to run down a bunch of people, oh wait…

The faggot who shot up the mosque thought that it would cause a civil war in the US over guns. The absolute hubris of this maniac, he succeeded in murdering 50 people in cold blood and further cucking his own corner of the earth. For the record, this shit lasted like a day here in the news cycle over here. This did nothing to further the cause of ethno-nationalism and at the end of the day it did nothing to further accelerate. Waste of life, just like the alphabet soup and retarded edgy teens which inhabit Zig Forums. I'm so done with that fucking honeypot.

Yeah, what we need to do is organise ourselves in our parliments and congresses, that way we will finally get an ethnostate. Who could oppose us if we do it democratically?

Maybe you should start being done with life on this planet, opt out, y'know?

Bomb your local insurance agency. They don't want us to have guns because they're afraid of having to pay pennies back for the millions they take from us

No, what you do is move to a white community, become self sufficient, raise a family and live a fulfilled life.

Kind of like what the NZ shooter did? No thanks.

They can shoot the anti-gun politicians with their guns. That's what it will come down to.

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Que DOOM music.

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It's frankly amazing how well he predicted that they would dance to his tune.


It showed the people the Muslims pray to the song “the big bad wolf” and gave me the “golden ticket” picture of 20 filthy Muslims getting married to 20 innocent little girls.

Nobody is dancing to his fucking tune, the (((powers that be))) aren't complete idiots you know. They won't let some mass shooting aussie IRL shitposter change the political discourse. They are doing a slow boil.

He wasn't alone.
Don't worry, no charge for them.

New Zealand has just suffered a terrible event. It is not a good idea to make important decisions when you are upset. If guns are made illegal, people will buy them on the black market. Drugs are already illegal and yet they are widely available. Undocumented human beings are much bigger and heavier than most guns, yet, somehow they also get into every country on Earth. It is impossible to ban guns in the age of the 3D printer. This law, if passed. will just be used by the government to target any dissident group or individual.

Could we get some real shooting footage? People won't let me have sex with farm animals so I have nothing better to do than to watch these people get shot up. I don't think it's right how these peoples get to worship their beliefs but I'm not allowed to have sex with animals. That's discrimination and I think they deserve to lose their life. With all the gun control in USA im hoping somebody GoPros a knife attack or something cool.

New Zealand was supposed to be a white community.
Texas, South Africa, Minnesota, Sweden, Germany and France were all supposed to be white communities.

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ANYTHING can become a weapon if you try hard enough.


Bury. Your. Shit.

Meanwhile, in Texas…

Cuckolds will be cuckolds.

I just hope this causes another shooting so I can laugh some more

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This man is sick as fuck. He thinks its counter teror….
When i watched the video, it was exactly like playing a VR game.

Hee-hee, soon you will have zero rights :^)

Need info on geeenvale hotel- 3 dead waiting in line by a “crush” police ask not to share video

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This is not the way to improve and propagate our superior white race.

While he was out killing shitskins, he could have been between the milky white legs of our Valkyries, penetrating the gates of Valhalla, dispensing his noble white warrior seeds who could also go forth to multiply our race.

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Look long and hard nigger.
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It will never touch any lowly vagina of your shit stained, degenerate race.

What the fuck is wrong with you people in the cia and fbi? these Muslim rats are killing innocent people and you are helping them do it.

Simple. Just have a new law governing that only followers of a particular religion will have the right to drive any kind of vehicles.

With a heartening speech like the following, everything should be fine!

"It is our honor to have them select our humble country as their home. They are us. Our top priority right now is to protect our bro and sis. I strongly believe everyone is with me, and won't mind to give up a little bit of human rights for our ideal. Don't you dare to express any opposition towards my fantastic plan! Don't force me to enter another hardcore cop mode!"

Person B: "Hey, but you just said they are one of us…. Then, why only we have to……"

Person A (Rage mode): "Target identified. Request immediate backup from special forces. Permission to engage granted."

It's on everyone's mind.
The inevitable conclusion.
The sign of the times.
The true meaning of the end times.

Everyone was in it together.
We all had the same thought.
Every calculation, every rationale,
Every single datapoint lead to the same thought.

We all sang with a smile, as we loaded our guns.
We took the shovels off the handles and replaced them with knives.
We took our belts off and tied on little razors,
We replaced our sanity with murder, and finally the killing had begun.

And we all went on together for the conclusion of humanity.
The governments all lied, and the religions did too.
The society was a lie, and at this point, everyone knew.
So the one conclusion we were drawn to began to sap our sanity.

It was finally time.

Finally time. Finally time!

Finally time to just start killing everyone! EVERYONE!
I won't be the first. And it won't even be you. There's no one to blame.
We'll see it start to escalate, slowly at first, the military does this as their job, you know, so it's not like it's out of place.
And then more and more and more will come, everyone's in it together now, and we're all going insane!

A concerned mother will look at all the bodies, and go to the police,
She'll ask meekly, "Sir, what will you do with these?"
And the policeman will smile nicely, pulling out his gun,
But his laughter did not stop, as he shot her again and again, simply for fun.

The prime minister of our land, and even the queen as well,
Asked simply for order, for us all to line up nicely.
But the face she had on was amusing, as her eyebrows went too high,
Her smile was pulled tight as she started to massacre the people, hundreds at a time.

But she wasn't alone, no one was, because everyone was dying.
And better yet: Everyone was killing, and it was the truest joy.
Nobody was spared the lust, not men, not women, not children,
The little children would pick up the tiniest knives, and stab stab stab!

The most simple conclusion, the one thing we all had to do.
All at the same time in unison, we knew the day had arrived.
Yes, it all happened in just a single day, that wonderful conclusion,
Perhaps a year or three from now, no one truly knows the date,
However when it happens, we know it would never again abate.

But it all happened at once. Everyone looked around and decided:
The day is finally here. Killing day has finally dawned.
The smile was on everyone's face as they were coming home from work.
They thought simply: "I think I'm done working now, as there's nothing left to do."
"We've poisoned the land, the air, the water, the trees, and there is no future. It's time to simply end this, before we suffer more."

They looked around, and realized everyone was thinking the same thing.
Everyone had a special sparkle in their eyes, a smile on their face.
Everyone saw each other and began to rush home with delight.
They had to prepare their weapons, for the coming of the night.

The greatest minds of the century pondered what to do.
These wise scientists suddenly knew what to do.
They built a machine, a killing machine,
A robot that has a gun. The robot began to move, and then went door to door, bringing everyone a weapon. A special weapon for each person, delightfully unique, each person was armed now, and filled with deranged glee.

People looked around, and all they saw were enemies.
The inevitable conclusion of the 21st century had finally been reached.
Not Mars, not Venus, certainly not happiness,
The one single conclusion was simple: Everyone is an enemy, and they all have to die.

Yes, everyone is an enemy, and everyone has to die.

Enjoy your stabbings, faggots.

guns kill people, ban guns

Leftist retards, the lot of them. Fuck you, commie cunts.

If New Zealant tries for gun confiscation this isn't going to be the last shooting.
It's funny basically Tarrant is getting everything he predicted in his manifesto.

Expect dead confiscation squads and increased rates of knife violence.

The fuck you do to your dick to put it in a state of disrepair? Did you split it with an axe?

This is great news for all white supremacist and KKK wack jobs. No resistence the next time those murderous thugs go on another hate fueled rampage.

One armed guard at the entrance to that mosque could have saved lives.

so do knives, vans, baseball bats, cars, fists and feet. Let's ban it all!

Give up your gun or give up your ass in jail😏

Your choice😏

Sad but true🔥

I long for the day we go back to swords.

I see the fucking schizo poster has completely taken over this board.

This devolved quickly


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Two Men Killed In 2013 Drone Strike Were “Radicalized” At Christchurch Mosque Where shooting just took place

Australian killed in Yemen: family demands answers on Islamic convert Chris Havard's death in US drone strike

Australians killed in Yemen: DFAT says two men killed during counter-terrorism operation

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Anyone got the shooter's manifesto

A step in the right direction. Firearms from belong in 21st century. Crazy sick people shouldnt have such an easy access. No one has the right to take other peoples lives

Funny, the entire thing is a fucking false flag and we are currently playing into this cucks hands, he is trying to play a fucking silent hero. Watch the video 4 times and you'll start to see the faults.

The ammo disappearing, lack of blood, somehow pristine fucking walls, the stray clip at the entrance, and worst of all he let's these fucking sand niggers play hero 2 times.

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Mission accomplished

It's all fake user.

You must find a 100% black african male and drink 100ccs of his semen.

This is the real red pill and will make you a woke man


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Inb4 mudslimes commit terror attacks in NZ WITH GUNS.

What now sjws?

It's okay putting a effort to keep guns out of crazy peoples hands and not just totally banning them. This is a textbook case of someone who should of never had a easy way to get any type of gun let alone one that can use high capacity bullet clips. The NRA gun nuts freaking out about this should calm down and re-check this. It will only affect you if your some crazy lunatic that shouldn't have a weapon.

did anyone pay attention to the stocks of the company/companies that made the guns the shooter used?

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Oh boy, it's gonna be a great decade to be a criminal in New Zealand. Might as well import some from Russia and Egypt as well, you know. Variety is the spice of life after all. Who doesn't want to get home invaded by an egyptian or russian who has a gun after you gave up all of yours.

Its almost as if its the same thing every time.
Some 'mass shooting' happens, every newspaper, newssite, talk show, everything uses the same thumbnail, nearly the same headlines, always pushing the same agenda.
One of the headlines i read was literally 'white hate'
And now, HOW STRANGE that gun ownership is under attack?
I don't think most people are rocking assault rifles under their beds, but you better be ready to give up everything goy, don't you want to be 'safe'(tm)?

It's easier and cheaper to purchase an illegal, unregistered firearm that was smuggled into the country via drug routes.

Unless you can stop all drugs entering a country, crazy lunatics can get a gun easier, and once again cheaper, then law abiding citizens and/or men who would stand in front of a shooter to return fire.

This is not only the obvious outcome, but the demonstrably true 100% of the time outcome.

We'll just ban guns that's how we got people to stop using drugs.

Too late.

Tarrant's accelerationism didn't even achieve what it was supposed to achieve. People in NZ disarmed voluntarily.

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I'm sure every FAKE NEWS organization will have it by now…check out CNN, NBC, NYT, FOX…etc

"Honey, what date did they say our home invasion was scheduled for again?"
"The 25th"
"OMG I don't have anything to wear!"
"get beer while you're out. invaders get thirsty"

Bury your guns kiwi faggots

He fell for the Marxist memi

1. No one cares abou NZ gun laws. If they want to be sheeple, that's their problem.

2. Tarrant saved NZ from an impending Islamic terror attack/rape/murder. So what are all of you faggots even complaining about? Take one look at Germany, France, Uk, or Belgium and tell me that I'm wrong.

Oh no, he shot some kid. A kid who would've grown up to be a typical haji goat fucker.

It seems the Left of Europeans never learn or refuse to admit (for the sake of their profits of NGO, may be?) that those terror attacks in the past were done by those immigrants.

I've heard that about dildos, too.

Word! It's the intent that turns a tool into a weapon.

Brave new world

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Behold you slack jawed nigger fuckers. My majestic white penis has come to reclaim our noble heritage by parting the lips of our white Valkyries, dispensing my superior warrior seed into the womb of Valhalla.

I welcome my white brothers to join in this noble crusade. Waste no more time dwelling the dank basements of your nests. Waste no more time killing the shitskins and kikes. They will destroy each other and themselves, they've been doing it for years. Let them whittle themselves to the fringes of extinction while we dip our noble Gungnirs in the waters of our white Valkyries while drinking mead from the faucet of life.

says man who wants to ban islam with no hint of irony

Know how I know you know jack shit about violence?

As he knew they would. This wasn't about New Zealand, you dumb bastard; they were already fucked, just as he said they were.

New Zealands government system is MMP, mixed members of parliament.

120 seats in parliament, on order to get a seat in parliament a party must have 5% or more. Often in order to govern parties need to form a coalition to gain a majority.

In 2017, Labour (socialists) under Jacinda Ardern gained 36%, not enough to govern.

NZ First, populist, centrist lead by career politician Winston Peter's formed a government with radical left wing 'greens' making the majority.

Opposition party National (center right) on 46%, which was the highest popular vote was left out in the cold.

Socialist Cindy (Jacinda Ardern) has enjoyed massive popularity with MSM having had a baby in parliament.

She is adored by the public, her fan base is predominantly female.

Since the chch mosque attack, the left have called out a rise in white supremacism, and the deplatforming of right wing opinions.

The govt have pressured the ISPs to block websites like, 4chan, Zig Forums, zerohedge, bit chute and many others.

Kiwis face 10-14 yr prison sentence for sharing video footage of killings.

The government is moving to reform gun rights.

They are cracking down on hate speech, and anti Islam rhetoric.

There is zero right wing voice of opinion in NZ parliament, the major opposition has all but removed their policy on opposing the UN migrant pact.

I live in NZ

14 yrs for sharing video

NZ to reform gun laws.

ISPs working together to block footage.

Racist white terrorists a global problem.

NZ to crack down on hate speech.

Then, it is their choice of death wish to seek for extinction of their own race, so be it, and let it be.

The lack of common sense and basic survival instinct is always the key detrimental factor towards extinction of a civilization.

Excellently stated

If you don't have a voice in the system, you have no obligation to support the system. Refuse to pay taxes. Disobey laws. Organize with the other disenfranchised. Fight. Diplomacy has failed; it's the only option you have left.