Stomach Of Dead Whale Contained 'Nothing But Nonstop Plastic'

Darrell Blatchley received a call from the Philippines' Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources early Friday morning reporting that it had a young Cuvier's beaked whale that was weak and vomiting blood.

Within a few hours it was dead.

Blatchley, a marine biologist and environmentalist based in the Philippine city of Davao, gathered his team to drive two hours to where the whale had washed up.

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And where is that plastic from?
Middle East

Who is going to be blamed and ordered to change and pay for the problem?
Once White civilizations.

How racist!

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We should all be using the new avocado plastic designed in Mexico.

I've already seen it here at stores in Mexico.

Yup, hopefully this and things like this become more accessible and one day cheaper than traditional plastic cause I'm just seeing plastic shit every day and just can't imagine how much there already is in the world, the sooner we can stop making more the better

However a lot of avocado sourcing is insanely unethical

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Why do you fucking Nazis have to make everything about politics and racism?

Why can't we come together and save our fucking planet?

I've been lurking since the tragedy in New Zealand and considered myself a pretty open-minded liberal but with you fucking Nazis actually being real and here discussing how to ruin the world for good people like me and my family, I swear to God I will fucking end you all.

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Why should whites pay for fixing the planet when it is solely nonwhites who are causing this pollution?
I hope you're aware the cleanest people in modern civilizations are us ebil nahtzees. Leftists who try and force green acts and green reform on everyone are wasteful to hell.

It will stop being about race when china and india are both number 1 in recycling and become the lowest waste producers in the world, until then though fuck chinks and poos.

If you want to come together to save our planet, grow thicker skin.

- A. Brown Person

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You must be a White male. I know it.

The effects of colonialism are still being felt today. These former colonies had zero time to catch up with us technologically speaking and you're telling them it's their fault?!?!?!

The entire Western hemisphere should all be pooling in money together to help uplift these scarred nations but instead you all rape them for resources!

Leftists who force green acts are saving this fucking planet while you all pollute it.

I try not to hold hatred in my heart but I fucking wish I could punch you right now.

Imagine one guy breaking another guy's leg during a race then telling him to get up and walk it off.

That is what White people did to subaltern cultures.

India and China will be less wasteful if and only if America and Europe becomes more green and helps them economically to become more green.

YES! That means taxes. Many. If you're not obscenely rich, why should you care? And besides, these taxes are going directly to saving the world. You know? The one you fucking live on?

Not for long I hope.

If you want to save this planet, STFU and troll somewhere else. And I don't believe you're non-White. If you are, you've been Whitewashed to hate yourself.

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I know right. Why don't they ship their trash to other countries like whites do?

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Trust me. You'd be surprised.

They frequently missallocate funds. You cannot simply throw money at a problem and expect it to be solved. That just creates more waste. Yes, I agree we should give them time to figure things out but that doesn't mean committing collective suicide on our end. And no, green acts will not save this planet. Personal responsibility will.

White philosophy, science and tech has given them a leg up to say the least. The legacy of colonialism isn't something you can simply accuse of absolute evil in the abstract without getting into the details. Just look at how successful Nigeria is.

lololoololololol. Yeah I should go poop in the woods, then maybe I'll be less white-washed. I read my culture's books, I watch my culture's movies, and I love my culture's music. I think I can handle myself, miss, because I'm not gonna tell whitey to do it for me.

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To be fair, Latin American, so part white.

Since you're Asian, Hong Kong and Japan in particular have a great film tradition, if you're interested. So do India and Iran (and they're technically Asian or white depending on your history). I don't know which part of Asia you're from, though.

According to this the most pollution per person comes first from the middle east, then the pacific, then America, then Asia then Europe then Africa.

Ethiopians, despite being one of the most developed countries in Europe, is surprisingly clean. Maybe it's the Christianity. South Africa pollutes a ton for an African country, though, more than half the average American's waste. Nigeria pollutes much less.

One of the very cleanest is European.

obvious typos

That's misinformation

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Yeah, White people are the reason why third worlders haven't invented garbage dumps and recycling. DAMN YOU WHITE PEOPLE!

Don't forget that companies in the West pay for their garbage to be dumped by these countries to avoid laws. Sad but true, everyone should be an environmentalist no matter which political stance.

not to get involved in your little argument, but india and china both had plenty of waste management problems before any european nation started getting involved

This. Let's keep in mind whites aren't angels either.

According to the list I linked India actually pollutes very little in term of CO2.

Yeah, haha. And according to the list I linked India actually pollutes very little per person. Likewise China. Japan, South Korea plenty. Middle East, some islands in the Pacific and Caribbean a fuck ton, but amongst the first only Gulf countries, Israel and Turkey somewhere in the middle.

Amongst white countries it's mostly former Anglo colonies, but Canada the most. Latin America doesn't pollute very much. But my city's been getting smoggier.

I wish we had more public transport, and I wish people preferred to take it.

china buys garbage from other countries

Chinese do pollute more per person than most Europeans, though. Germans, Dutch, Finns, Norwegians and Slavs seem to be doing the most polluting in Europe in terms of CO2.

Like that qualification fucking matters.

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What's next are you gonna claim the Solutrean Hypothesis is legit?

Just look at the map who's eating shit

Circular arguments of perpetual blame. Fuck it. I like living in a white society, so cry me a river if you want to blame whitey for all the worlds problems. I bet you prefer to live with whitey too, but simultaneously cry racism all the way to your affirmative action rally. Just remember, it’s best not to pee in your own swimming pool.

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Black pill incoming: even if we survive the jewish onslaught against humanity, the consequences of the collective destruction of nature will destroy the human race. Mankind is in a parasitical relationship with it's host. Either we destroy our host and thereby ourselves, or nature prevails and ends the failed experiment that is the human race.

There's also this:

It would seem that by far the most contaminating countries are third world.

Looking at all the evidence it's really not surprising why so many white people would become nazis. Good luck with your liberation war, just don't invade my country pl0x.

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I feel like using a spoofed meme map as evidence undermines your point.

I gotta say, you're really nailing the deranged nature of the hapa female.

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plastic made from food is a luxury item. for that to work the overpopulated countries would need to take a haircut first.

ouch! that was below the belt, i mean we were kinda thinking it but damn.

India pollutes very little per person, but their population is huge and unlike China's, is still growing. You nazis might do well to chill out a bit and focus on increasing your own people's fertility rates and convincing Africans and Indians to reproduce less, and Arabs and Latinos to migrate back to their ever-improving (so long as Hillary doesn't bomb them again) countries.

It's specifically plastic made from food WASTE, though.

I know this is ironic but that "why do you have to make everything about politics and racism" part was legit.

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Newsflash: whales are stupid and eat plastic. More at 11.

What is racist about acknowledgement that there are some civilizations and cultures who contribute more to global decay than others?

When you project the damage caused by western countries onto brown countries and claim it must be because of their inferior culture it pretty much can only be racism. They pollute less so you pointing to their culture as the cause of them polluting more only serves to show your own supremacist bias. If you were to say muslims wear more hijabs than whites that would be a true statement and therefore would not belie any racially motivated malice on your part.

It's stupidly obvious it's fake too. The source at the top is a link to a Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory page about a TSUNAMI lmao.

Though I will admit at first glance it looked convincing. If you see anything that fits the narrative a little too well… look into it further.

For a second there I misread this post as "whites are stupid and eat plastic"

i'm not a nazi but this guy has a point. Just because someone is racist or believe the aryan race should be the only one on earth , it doesn't mean the person can't have a solid and valid point about ecology or economy. Get out of facebook and his algorytms and embrace sites like this were you can read the most disgusting things , because it's the only place where your point of view is not protected by half truths . Calling eveyone who disagree a nazi is what is making our politicians so inepts.

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Except it doesn't get you any closer to the truth. Take the first replu of this thread for example. Every major plastics company is based out of the US and the majority is used in the us canada and Europe. The main reason it ends up in India and china is that America has so many regulations on disposal that it is cheaper to ship trash overseas. The only possibly valid argument would be that Chinese companies offer to "recycle" plastics and then throw it away, but the American company contracting with them do so knowing this and would fo it themselves if they had plausible deniability. Saying asia throws out more plastic is just false. Maybe they would throw away more plastic if they had more money to buy it, but they don't.

The truth is that every source and site is filled with half truths and lies. The only advantage of Zig Forums is that you get to see all of them not just the preapproved ones.


As if they weren't racially malicious themselves. On Earth, the innocent are enslaved to the guilty.

Wow. You just made an argument without fear of censorship. You have contributed to this site in a positive manner. I salute you.

But what about Chinese over-production of steel and bicycles, and unused mega cities and stuff?