New York police arrested a 24-year-old man Saturday suspected of killing Gambino crime family leader Frank Cali, potentially over a love interest.

Police arrested Anthony A. Comello, who lives with his parents, at a home in Brick Township, New Jersey, after identifying him from surveillance camera footage that showed him pulling up to Cali’s home in a pickup truck, conversing with Cali at his front door, then returning to his car and firing a gun at Cali 12 times.


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Funny how they always seem to know these guys are criminals, but the cops never arrest them. hmmmmmmmm

This is a crime how?

sounds like The Darkness

Fucking how?


A basement neet just fucking changed the world in 5 minutes.

NEET uprising when? O-oh…

Damn, this kid really mopped the wop that easy?

Its called citizens arrest nigger. Be the change you want to see.

First 50 ISIS muzzies get noscoped, and now this? This is a timeline I can get behind.

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Brenton "allah akbar eat my AR" Tarrant was an inspiration for this man, who knows how many others he inspired.
Never forget.


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Better headline? or not talk about things we shouldn't know?


Mob bosses (especially ones who get comfy) aren't the damn president with security around. They mostly lead normal lives. So some NEET blasting some wop overlord away isn't unimaginable.

Great! I was wondering what to white out on my AR.


Isn't it scary how much power some nerd on the internet actually has over reality?

I prefer;

He's obviously a target if he's living with his parents and is pissed off enough to know where the mob boss is. He's probably being tortured endlessly by electronic harassment until we pops off at whoever the dumb fucks want.

They always live at their parents house and they're always obviously being treated like shit and over qualified to be stuck in their environment a thousand times over.

It's painfully fucking obvious and retarded.

Everything is possible for us if we put our hate into it, it's something that the normalniggers will never be able to either attain nor understand.

He's probably being treated as mentally I'll for years on end and being raped and ignored by everyone he used to know and I'm sure everyone has a good fucking (untrue but never investigated) reason to be ignored.

No one does anything to help this individual and everyones fucking retarded.

Oh he's probably having regular routine harassment check ups by the police since he's so 'angry' and 'mentally ill' and being assured he's paranoid and 'sick'. Then he's probably given vitamins to stop a fucking cell tower from blowing his brain with 1500 mw per meter.

Hey does the FBI do profiling? I think what the phone company is doing for the government is extremely illegal. War crime get a bomb shoved up your ass illegal.

I tried to contact pejit, the master of the FCC and slaves of the modern economy through strange and unusual torture and he has yet to comment
Should I just go cut this fuckers head off? I think not because I'm pretty sure more than one head needs to get cut off.

I wonder if she'll date him now


Did you people never watch the sopranos?
This is 100% not some basement neet.
This is chris' cousins niece killing lil carmine trying to become a capo

Being a gang/mafia member isn't a crime, that's why.

if they know he's a top dog, they obviously know what he does. Capone wasn't done in on murder, he was done in on tax evasion. What most people don't realize however, is that the majority of New York (and New Jersey) politicians are connected to these people through the labor unions. They realized there's more money to be made skimming off government bloat than there is in the distribution of narcotics.


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You mean you?
You're posting on a faggy little anime image board.

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Fuck off Pol

half chan does it again.

Seems too easy of a Hit!

eat shit and die

Crime boss is another name for the self employed individual who sells counterfeit music CDs on eBay.

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