Super-strength cannabis blamed for sending rates of psychosis in London to highest level

Super-strength cannabis flooding the streets of London is helping drive psychosis rates there to the highest levels recorded in Europe.

A major new study has found that smoking powerful strains like skunk every day made people five times more likely to develop mental health problems.

Nearly a third of cases recorded in southeast London hospitals were linked to people smoking these powerful drugs, which now make up 94 percent of the cannabis sold in the city.

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They're using electronic harassment to inflate the numbers.

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maybe the stronger weed is causing people to lie more

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smoke cali kush all day, brits can't compete


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Yesssss smoke that weed, don't worry there are no repercussions!

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It feels good to be free of this particular vice. It's more addictive than people know.

Used to be a London weed degenerate. The weed 6-7 years ago was mild, enjoyable and much like watch I imagine weed is like in North America or the Netherlands.

Very quickly over the past few years the weed has got significantly stronger and hard hitting. We only have one strain here, "Ammo", Amnesia Haze, and it's all the same regardless of dealer, anything else is just rebranded or perfumed Ammo.

Knocks you out in 1 or 2 drags and leaves you in a dizzy, suffocating, paranoid stupor for the rest of the day. It's a "I need to lie down right now" kind of high. Incredibly addictive, I was smoking from waking up until sleep, and it's very hard to shake. Many of the underclass and black teenagers here are hopefully hooked onto it. And it definitely gives you psychosis after a while. For me it was like there was a leak in my brain and people's voices and conversations from far away seeped into during silence, like you are recieving radio static signal 24/7. Normally nonsense I couldn't properly parse, but definitely not my inner voice, and definitely a range of different people/ages/sexes/

I don't think this happened gradually or naturally, it is artifical and the swap happened quickly and precisely. When I used to go outside of London the weed was different, weaker, and more enjoyable. Now, different cities have begun to adopt the new "skunk" weed. Someone is doing this to our weed supply, for what purpose, I'm not certain.

Don't smoke cannabis before your early 20s. Medical evidence shows it causes psychosis and other mental illnesses. It's related to THC.

Weed is not addictive, that is just enjoying something. You can get the same feeling from being really into religion or playing a videogame you love or eating a food you like the most etc.

Moreover the risk of psychosis is only with heavy users, who are younger than early 20s. You can read the studies yourself.

All addiction is Psychological. But some things (Like Opiates and Gambling) are far more addictive; get ahold of you quicker and deeper, and let go less easily, than other mild addictions (like video gaming or exercising)

So I guess you wholeheartedly agree with every action and statement made by every president right the way back to Washington. You're probably dumb enough to at least try.

Like the islam wasn't already sending the rates sky-high.

Has absolutely NOTHING to do with the socialist regulations limiting your choices, the back breaking taxes, unnatural city lighting, pollution, multiculturalism experiments, pharmaceutical corruption, billion dollar meth market, thousands of pesticides, preservatives, over the counter pain medication, social media, mass alcohol consumption, mass media hysteria, or foreign/political propaganda…

Must be the pot.

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yes i am sure its the super duper strength cannabis,. or maybe the dangerous music, or possibly the availability of cooking utensils, or social media bullying… one thing is for certain, is has nothing to do with this new tolerant society we are creating in the west - because it is completely functional.
reading uk government output is like peering into the 1950s: 1950s era propaganda combined with current year problems.

pro tip: do not do drugs when mentally unstable

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America has much better weed than the rest of the world, you don't know what you're talking about

weed may make you crazy but it's only temporary from when you smoke it. it's called being high.

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BECAUSE MOTHERFUKIN CRACKKKER ASS BRITS HAVE CALCIFIED PINEAL GLANDS. Smoking activates your 3rd eye/intuition. Most crackkkers dont have a functional pineal gland because they dont get enough sun and such…so they slowly go mad as they start to activate different intuitive or psychic traits.. they think they're hearing other voices when it's just their own subconscious..



Don't use any drugs anymore, faggot. It looks you are aready prone to develop schizophrenia and maybe other mental diseases. Take me for serious and wanting the best to another random user.

If you are a man and under 25 yo, don't smoke that shit. Weed may trigger a dormant schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, dispersonification and the list goes on…
If you were a woman, you should never smoke that shit ever.
Men have bigger chances of developing these kind of mental illness, specially schizophrenia, during and just after hitting puberty; 25yo is a safe limit. But as women get older, they get more and more prone to develop mental illness, schizophrenia as well.

And I'm not talking about a temporary problem that ceases when you stop smoking, but a permanent problem that's more likely to be triggered the more you smoke that crap. Smoking weed is playing Russian roulette.

That's indeed what they are pushing to us.

And there's also some points of IQ loss if you use it while your brain is developing (I think we lack researches about long term usage only as adult, but, by my experience, long term users get slower and more stupid even when not using it).

To make things worse, it's an open door to degeneracy, as it removes your moral brakes and you may end up, in the long term, a real degenerate: even a homosexual and a psycho criminal if you are a nigger.

Other effects are psychological addictiveness, which everyone here is aware about, the niggers smoking it don't want to stop smoking because it makes them feel good. But it also makes them lazy, not wanting to work and wasting more and more of their free time smoking it. They will hang around people who are also in this downhill of degeneracy and smoke addictiveness, and then it gets worse as they get into a whole culture of degeneracy.
It's a vicious circle.

You've clearly never been addicted to anything before. What a deluded faggot.

I smell anti drug propaganda.

You know what? This is (((my))) body. If I want to put mind numbing drugs in (((my))) body as a coping mechanism to get my low class poor as fuck self through life and help lighten up the life of an otherwise bleak as fuck existence. I am going to fucking do it. It's (((my))) body I should be able to fuck it up if I want to.

I'm honestly not surprised.
That synthetic stuff has been rampant in London for a long time, and the side effects are more horrifying than tobacco addiction.
It's made to literally burn your lungs non-stop for an entire week if you abstain from smoking it for 6 hours or more. One bloke described it as: "It's like gremlins got in to your lungs, made cuts in them and poured lemon and salt inside all of them at the exact same time. It's worse than having your balls cut off." And the only way to stop it is to smoke another synthetic joint.
This is why abstain from drugs of any kind, I value my life waaay too much to go down the path of a street-beggar.

I've smoked weed every day for 4 years. Without weed I'm paranoid and anxious. With it I can function enough to hold down a job without quitting from my anxiety thinking I'm responsible for the whole company and I hold the company on my shoulders. It also helped me break my delusion that the FBI was following me around in this yellow van.
I wouldn't recommend weed if your mental health is fine. Weed can awaken mental illnesses you otherwise wouldn't have. My friend smoked weed to a similar rate as me and he is suddenly dyslexic. He used to be the only one is his family who wasnt but now he is.

Psychosis comes from the legal highs like spice.

US, Canada and Belgium (or white countries in general) have the best weed. Mexican weed is notoriously bad

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I took 3 or 4 big hits for the first time ever at 27 because I was wanting to fuck this girl. Shit warped my world. Like time was warping. I’d be doing something and next thing I was somewhere else doing something dofferent. My heart rate was over 180 for like an hour and I couldnt walk. Shit gave me depersonalization and derealizarion for like 6 months after that real bad and of course anxiety. Still feel the effects of it from time to time but its a lot less overwhelming and goes quickly.

>"quick someone get these people some (((drugs)))!"

But they are. Addicts just need to stop cold turkey and then everything will be fine and they totally won't die.

chill out and smoke moar

If it took more than that to realize this is (((news))), you might need to adjust your radar anons.

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Imagine being so fucking stupid that this article means anything to you. Go read the "study" anons. Seriously. It's a joke.

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bbut the jews want me to weed? because of um because jews.

why don't the police just arrest the cannibals?

Lmao someone reading this thread whose never smoked weed much would think there's some real scary shit out there. Nahhhhh if you've bought a sack to your face you know you can only get so high.

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