Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox

A senior member of Matteo Salvini’s far-right League party who is an outspoken critic of Italy’s mandatory vaccination rules has been treated in hospital after contracting chickenpox.

Massimiliano Fedriga, president of the northeastern Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, announced he spent four days under observation in a medical facility after being diagnosed with the virus last week.


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What a (((coincidence)))

Also, the decree forcing vaccination came from the left/center party, which is his opposition, and was a widely hated decree no matter what pro vaccines propaganda shills write into forums. Not because of the vaccination, because Italians are fed up with directives and bureaucracy and fines.

Like we didn't have chickenpox influenza weapons in the past
He was probably vaccinated, so this is a new type of (((pathogen)))

LOL we have our share of ((suspect)) things going on, but in the case of Fedriga it wasn't a good target to begin with, as he is not really an anti vax, even if the FAMED MAINSTREAM MEDIA BEARER OF THE TRUTH call him LEADING ANTI VAX politician. Just google "fedriga leading anti vax" for the list.

I think it's more like this

Could this be an act of Terrorism?

Couldn't any one of the thousands of people who shake his hand have infected him out of spite of his political view? There would be 0 evidence.

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lol wut a fagit

this just makes me more suspicious of vaccines, why are they so desperate to to shoot things into our bloodstreams? I guess nanotechnology is the new frontier in population management.

We have a chickenpox vaccine? I thought it was still common to wait until one kid got chickenpox, then tell all the other kids to play with them until they got it. Better to be itchy for a few days than risk sterility if you catch it as an adult.

my first thought. but if chicken pox would not be thoiught to be life threaning by a reasonable person and he didn't sufffer harm…
It would be a tough case.
that the point of pushing the "resist" meme. it makes useful idiots able to be called on.
what a time to be alive

It was probably a biological weapon.

Go back to reddit, trannypol.

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If you've never had it before and you get it as an adult it can kill you easily.

Very cohencidental.
Where's the outcry and significant media coverage of the dozens of people who die horrible deaths each year caused by (((vaccines)))?

But the thing is, if there weren't vaccines those dozens dying would turn into thousands. Yes, vaccines may have some risks but their advantages without a doubt outweigh its risks. Think about it, without vaccines we wouldn't have been able to completely eradicate smallpox.

Chickenpox is nothing, nobody dies from it other than africans who live in mud huts and drink shitwater

We really didn't. It's very recent. Anyone over the age of 20 or so either got it as a child and/or never had any vaccine. Considering he's a politician, he's probably a trust-fund baby kept in a Silver Bubble all his life. Only poor and middle-class kids got chickenpox.

That's not how it works. Someone who has chickenpox once will NEVER get it again, no matter how stressed their bodies are. It's one of the only things the body develops perfect immunity against after only one exposure.

It was a biological weapon to silence him you fucking idiots

well go and shoot up a vaccine then, don't try to justify forcing it on others.. sometimes natural selection is a good thing.

How much do you know about shingles?

So is he fine and walking it off?? You people are so fucking retarded I can't wait to rip your arms off