Human-rights group accuses the US of killing at least 14 civilians in Trump's shadowy drone war

The US military could be guilty of war crimes in Somalia, according to a new report that challenges what the government has said about civilian casualties from its bombing campaign against al-Shabab — an al-Qaida affiliate — in the African nation.

The investigation, conducted by Amnesty International, found that US airstrikes from both drones and manned aircraft killed at least 14 civilians and injured eight more people in just five of more than 100 strikes in the past two years.

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Yet Obama can okay a air strike that killed 20 doctors, and also responsible for 16,000 civilians deaths in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. As proved by Wiki leaks, nearly double the civilian casualties during Bush.
But what is bad for bush, is negligible by Obama and 14 is a might war crime if its Trump.

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This is a piece of info you can trip anyone up with and start to question the "Obama was the best president ever" meme
The best they can say is, "some of those emails were fake."
to which you respond, "which ones."
checkmate or logical Zugzwang at least.

"Human rights group" consumes fund that could have been used for directly helping people. I begin to think most nonprofits are middle and upper class welfare.
Did you know if you work for a non-profit for ten years they forgive your student loans? Really makes you think… all those non marketable degrees, being subsidized by people pledging money to non profits, allegedly to help solve a problem. what is the incentive for the nonprofit workers to work hard? what is their incentive to ache3ive change? they just want their debts written off.

Fuck the UN's globalist regime, fuck Somalia Pirates and jihadists. Fuck you for thinking we give a fuck, when over 6000 Christian's died in Nigeria last week.

To be fair many human right's groups closely followed and reported on the Obama drones. It's just that the left gives no shits if it's their own doing it so it never gained traction or got mainstream coverage. Point is neither side actually gives a shit because they both do it and then use it as a political tool against the other when it's convenient. Both parties are explicitly pro-war if you judge their actual deeds and not the rhetoric. The kinder gentler leftist thing is bullshit, they just hide it better and come up with seemingly altruistic reasons to use force to gain more power and resources for the very few at the top.

Just another day in democracy

but it did. and rand paul did a filibuster where he was grilling about wether drone strikes could be used on american citizens. your logic is doubly retarded and like that of a heroin addict. "see that guy is sucking dicks under a bridge for heroin and no one looks at him, why can't i suck a few dicks for heroin without people looking at me strange??"


how long are you going to keep pointing fingers after smearing shit on the wall going "HE DID IT FIRST" before you grow up and lead by example?

Are you actually retarded? I said they all do it, I'm not picking a side because they are equally shit. So is democracy. Fuck you.

Where were they when King Nigger openly admitted to this shit?

they were right there. maybe if you stopped sucking whatever shit fox news unloads into your mouth you could actually look around and see

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Except no one's calling for Obamas head for this

no ones calling for trumps head for this, where's the "moral" right!?

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Didn't Obama personally sign over 200 documents authorizing drone strikes on various targets some who were even US citizens?
Innocent people die in war man. Innocent people die in airstrikes too. They often monumentally fuck up.

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get your facts straight. Bush killed over 100,000 civilians in iraq.