New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces post-Christchurch ban on military-style semi-automatc

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a plan to ban military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles in the wake of a terrorist attack that killed 50 people in Christchurch.

Ms Ardern said the ban would also apply to high-capacity magazines, all parts with the ability to convert firearms into semi-automatic-style weapons and parts that cause "close to automatic gunfire".

She said the law would be in place by April 11, at the end of the next two-week sitting session.

"In short, every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in this country," she said.

While the legislation is being prepared, immediate changes to licensing regulations will restrict the purchase of the weapons.

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Well this will be interesting

When will people start to learn banning something does not make it magically disappear


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The black market resale is going to fantastic for my 3rd and 4th quarter profits.

Nah, they won't do shit. Nobody in the US really gives a fuck either, which is surprising.

People can now point to New Zealand as another example of how immigration results in people losing their rights.

But THEIR government, their military, and their POLICE are still allowed to have weapons! Just not the people.

That makes you SLAVES.

Pretty much a socialist coup d'etat on civil liberties.

who cares we got memes from this. woohooo

They were enslaved long before they came for the rifle. The fact that their playing the prayer for a pedophilic religion because some pedos got shot up says a lot about the state of the world and who really is running this hellhole

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The left can now also point to another country and cry look disarming worked there so give us your guns

Let them. They were going to anyway. They’re hell bent on suicide so they should hasten to it.

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Why is this allowed?

Anyone have a link of the full video?

muh south will rise

so we should all embrace communism like the shooter did right? :^)

You mean national socialism.

democratic peoples republic

the prognathism on this liberal bitch

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not like it'll do anything to stop other attack methods

or for that matter attacks anywhere else in the world

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Weren't guns illegal in france?

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Apparently Jacinda did…

Source: Wikipedia.
"In early 2008, Ardern was elected as the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, a role which saw her spend time in several countries, including Jordan, Israel, Algeria and China."

Oh no, a criminal did criminal things using legally acquired weapons.
Let's punish non-criminals.

I'm really increasingly convinced that it's a tranny. Are there any young pictures of it?

I am sad to see everyone here is denying the truth and is too afraid of admiring her charm and beauty.

Another ban, another black market.

A fair and responsible call. Proud that we take action for the death of innocent people, especially children.

Take note United States. For that huge number of you who are so hell-bent on having guns banned, Now you know all you have to do is go shoot up some churches.

Oh my God, who will think of the children?

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Na, apparently when he/she was younger and just a normal horse, he/she was pretty camera shy. It was only after eating a kebab that he/she morphed into the lovely pony we see today.

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Big Deal

They did this in Australia 20 Years Ago for coincidentally "the exact same reason", only difference is they already had dozens of mass shootings before finally acting out.

Now if only someone would do something about the 1,108 innocent people that got killed by Islam last year.