Microsoft Windows 7 patch warns of coming patchocalypse

Microsoft has issued a patch to remind Windows 7 users that they’ll soon have no patches.

The update tells users that they won’t be able to get support for Windows 7 after 14 January 2020, and it’s effectively a nudge to upgrade to a later operating system (Microsoft has been pressuring people for a long time to upgrade to Windows 10).

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MS-DOS and Windows 9x are better than Windows NT.
t. too geriatric to be alive now.

I'll upgrade as soon as Microsoft releases an operating system that is actually an upgrade and not a overstuffed piece of spyware.

Ha, like thats gonna happen.

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Oy vey. Start using muh bestest botnet, Windows 10 goyim.

XP master race


Yep. I still use an XP for ripping media (using stuff like Nero burning rom & DVD Shrink). Its offline though. Currently using a linux OS for my online activities.

Windows 3.1 ticks most of those boxes.

i haven't tried linux since before XP was released, has it gotten any better/stable/plays with games over the years?

lol, 3.1 when lots of things were still done in dos was great….i was sad when 98 came out and we lost all of that power and control.

you guys still use that? seems like some sort of vague dream of some random summer i had in high school, remember it being good shit overall but not the details.

that said, been having a midlife crisis and been thinking about putting together a old 486 beige box and loading it up with a bunch of games and start up an old dialup bbs low key. lol…the bbs era were my glory days.

-no one gives a fuck. lol

only a jewdoo-chrischump would pay for inferior software

I have been using a variant of GNU/Linux since around 1999 - far superior to anything microslop can produce

What is the best windows startup/shut down music and why is it 2000?

Sorry, I don't play games so I would imagine likely not too much better. Maybe if you are using Wine some might work out OK. However I've had some trouble running certain Windows programs with Wine, so thats why I still have my spare computer with XP installed on it (and I never update it either). Linux is OK, for basic tasks. If you are into anything that needs flashy graphics or for special entertainment purposes (like gaming) just stick with an older Windows like XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Linux works fine with vidya now.

Only those that fail to run the appropriate security software would require these patches.


It can be a non-spyware OS, but by today's standards it is in no way an "upgrade", at least, not if you want to do anything outside of really basic/nostalgic shit.

Why? They only make shit worse. Thanks for fucking off, kikerosoft.

Bullshit. They've got a small library, at best.

Or you could just bend over a little bit.

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climb the ladder , leave the pit

Linux Cynognathus 4.20.12-gentooCynognathus


BSD licence is bad - wouldnt touch it lest crapple steal muh code


Windows 10 is bloated and littered in spyware.

Linux is underdeveloped for and nobody ports the applications to it.

Macs cost too much.

Android and iOS devices cater mobility more than productivity.

Unless somebody takes Linux seriously or unless Microsoft cuts the crap, we're in trouble here.

Be the change you want to see fam, that's literally the point of such an OS.

Also sjws have been trying to fick the linux by weaseling in to look good and have power, but they have no idea what they're doing and might fuck up linux. Gonna wait 5 to 30 years to hear about major security flaws blowing up because of all the fuckery.

*fuck up linux

there's nothing the SJW cuck machine hasn't cucked on.

lol, also tim pool is having fun with this muller thing today. the nigger.

what do you mean? It does everything I want it to do and it runs on every device I need it to.

Yet they released DX12 and Chromium Edge for Windows 7


Linux, as a kernal and OS are developed well, but not enough people port their programs to it. The gaming industry is an example.

AWS rules the cloud.
AWS is almost solid linux.

What else is it? I would imagine an Amazon-made specialized OS?

What else is it?
Linux and a ton of other open source projects plus custom stuff. A lot of EC2 instances use "Amazon Linux". You can host your own whatever on EC2 hosting, so you can put your own windows there if you want.
There is a big stink going on because AWS sells their Elasticsearch feature by the hour but it's a fork of the Elasticsearch opensource project, and now AWS released their fork and it's leapfrogged the original project.

Yeah. No.
Not so much patchocalypse.
More like patchinconvenience.
It's possible for Win7 images to run as they presently are far past the time that MS supports them.
I don't do regular patches, and sometimes I have to go get Net Framework this or C++ framework that to install something. Eventually those patches may dry up, but will take a while.
Workarounds for things like Daylight Savings time and etc were created for XP.
Updates for certificate trusted authorities etc could happen through other mechanisms.
Security wise, I prefer to be without the latest Win7 patches from MS, with good reason to believe that they don't operate in good faith with regard to privacy invasion. I'm just hoping that SP1 didn't have a lot of telemetry.
If you're really paranoid you could run a third party firewall while you are at the coffee shops.

If you have a good PC then you can setup a Windows VM guest with hardware (GPU) passthrough. It's way better than WINE in terms of compatibility. You'll still be running Windows but it'll have no access to the host OS.
As long as you only use it for gayman shit then it shouldn't matter.

Also, you're delusional if you think that Windows 7 isn't spyware, when Microsoft has already back ported all if its telemetry shit since years ago.


PdaNet+ is the only thing that hides my tether usage from TMobile. VPN and changing my user agent/TTL didn't work. Let me know when PdaNet has a Linux port

So what do I use when Windows 7 goes poo poo?

You could use Mint as recommended. It is known as a very noob-friendly distro, as in the Cinnamon interface is well-designed and approachable. If you know Win7, you'll get the hang of it easily.

It would take me awhile to find my 5 1.4 discs that was windows 3.1. It took many years until advancements in WinXP got me outa win98(best Windows ever). Still a WinXP fan. Purchased Win10 comp only to not use it. Want a tip? Never allow Win10 to see the Internet. Typing this on a Win7 someone threw away. Like some here. I started with DOS 5.1. Destroyed it often until I learned dos.

tried Linux a few times. Back when it was nothing. The years have undoubtedly made it better. Only went to Win7 because of 64bit.WinXP still rules.

Arch Linux.

Rule no 1. Never allow your comp to auto update. Open source software is all I try to use. Thanks for the tip on Win7.

Yeah look just because shitty App X isn't ported to an OS doesn't make it 'underdeveloped'.
Games are an excellent example of shitty App X although 90% are portable or will actually run under WINE perfectly fine.
I don't think you have enough experience in this space to speculating on it quite frankly.

Win10, which I never hooked up to the internet is nothing but one big commercial. There are 2 WinXP comps in my house always on standby, Reliable.
Still faster then Win10 even though 32 bit/smaller processor/ less memory.


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Commodore is coming out with a new system? lol

If you really want to, there's a free Amiga OS clone.

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Linux is doing just fine. Many OSes to offer. Mint, GENTOO, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc,.

There's people who use Win7 unmodified and with updates turned on? Weird.

Hooking up an unpatched/unsupported OS to the Internet isn't a good idea. Glowniggers love when people do that because they don't have to use zero day exploits to get into them.

Oops, should have been:

I've been using linux the past couple on months. Word of advice to any windowsfag reading this: Don't do it. There is no end to the problems with this fucking OS.

Linux still, to this day can't even render video without tearing and stuttering. Google "video tearing test" and 90% of the comments on any video will be linux users.

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Hey, at least you're one of the cool kids

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that's a funny way to spell NT5

Even if this were true, which it is not, you're a fucking idiot for not installing shit right, it's a small price to pay for not receiving daily anal attacks on my privacy.

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lol and AMD is jew free?

face it, your PC isn't running without some jew power flowing through some kike component.

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lol, wut, you running some generic Chinese chip?

at least i can reasonably predict what the jew is going to do to me….fuck if i know what some dog eating Chinese fuck is going to do with unfettered access to my shit.

let's see your build sheet or shut the fuck up.

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shit posting from driod device eh? like i figured, you have a good day shill.

install gentoo

Just backup some ISOs of your favorite older Operating Systems and simply stick to those. Have all the software you like for them backed up too. I plan on using my Q4OS and Windows XP for life. Won't need to use anything else, although I may test out some other linux alternatives at some point, just for fun and curiosity.

XP 64-bit is a thing

I think the point he was trying to make is America has become ANTI-COMPETITION. The US govt does not like true free market capitalism anymore. They want state-approved monopolies or duopoly only. Their oligarchs and no other alternatives allowed. In which case I agree, this is becoming the case which is why I've been collecting all the older bare basic stuff I can get a hold of today. Fuck all this "smart" IoT crap and new botnet 'OS' these tech firms shill today.

get a load of this goy


This is legit. This even coming from a long time Ubuntu / Debian user.

Know of any alternatives that are lightweight?
I'm tempted to say LXQT, but MATE looks like a good contender.


It uses the same baseline instruction set as the Hollerith machines, there's a reason why the jews ensured Macintosh stopped using the processor in favor of the microcoded Israeli x86 Intel by publishing lots of books about how IBM "caused the Holocaust".

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Just let that sink in

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Yeah sure thing user, keep using your wangblows POS operating system

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This thread is the funniest limp-wristed slap fight I've seen since the BBS days.

Nope. Linux is complete and utter shit.

DXVK isn't that hard to use.


It is true, you're just in denial.

Linux has improved, I tried it 10 years ago and again recently. It installs and configures easier, seems slightly more stable although not completely. Graphics drivers are better implemented due to greater support from the companies, and not really from linux itself. Still, the miserable, unexpected crashes occur during normal operations, which the linux fans will tell you have never happened. I had one within half an hour of installing it, just trying to update the recommended software. On an old spec computer, games still run worse than on windows, but if you have a modern and powerful pc, then tests have shown that you can have almost the same fps in linux as in windows, although game support is nowhere near universal.
It's worth a try, simply because windows has become so awful with 10 in terms of spyware.
Given that linux has been sacrificed to the cult of sjw, it might not be long before linux itself is spywared up too, to make sure you don't have any wrong-think opinions on your system. Perhaps an alternative will arrive, as well as alternatives to the cpus themselves, I've heard that russia is producing one. I'd prefer a private and secure computer even if it is half the speed.


Linux supported 64-bit addressing and had the ability to use more than 4G of memory years before windows.

Oh and it also runs a lot of windows software without the need for a VM

Linux is literally completely useless to any serious person who’s not severely autistic.
Linux has improved exactly 0% since I first used it in 1999.

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What's wrong with HTML?
You don't belong in linux if you're using adobe shit.
Never had a problem
Never had a problem
Maybe you're holding it wrong?
Nah breh, you're shit at systems admin and too up your own ass to learn. Linux just isn't for you.

can I play my shitty normie games on it yet?
What about BYOND?

almost there

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Avoidable with full compositing enabled or using an older video card that still has overlay support

Yeah fuck you man

i guess the wingoys will never stop being cattle,

How autistic are you that you must install some obscure distro which you only use to post on this faggy board? Who the hell cares, use whatever is most convenient

Go eat some wangblows grass goyim cattle, it will always baffle me how some of you even find your way to this place. Please stay within your fence >>>/cuckchan/

You're the epitome of the angry lincucks morbidly obese neckbeard.

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God damn it, you're retarded man. That is his entire point. No sane person wants to belong to that fucked up piece of shit known as Linux.

someone has to make an installable version of 7 that contains all updates. this shouldnt be very difficult to do since every update is available as an msi for group policy pushes through sccm and the like.
include it with a patcher and call it "win7 definitive edition"

anyone who uses anything after 7 is a mouth breathing npc retard, and anyone with slight computer knowledge (unlike people who used 8+) thinks less of you.