Trump, falsely accused of collusion, faces new onslaught of obstruction accusations

A reasonable reading of Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller's findings is that President Trump was falsely accused of conspiring or coordinating with Russia to fix the 2016 election. The same goes for people around Trump who were also falsely accused.

"The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election," attorney general William Barr wrote in a letter to Congress Sunday. "As the report states: '[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.'"

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Mueller is a russian.

Drumpfh cucks will get btfo by the next special council.

How the hell is anyone thinking this is a good idea or standard of living?

and their already debunked

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It's been established that the Russian government acted to influence the american election. That's no being disputed.

Obviously they didn't collaborate with Trump. He not a co-conspirator, he's a weapon.

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Sent to fluster you so bad he obliterates your will to live lmao

Around trump who were falsely accused? people are in jail. they were found guilty. Also the report is nto realeased so there is no "Reasonably reading" But good job jumping on the spin machine to protect your DICKtator.

Both were arrested for things that had nothing to do with Russia and nothing to do with Trump.

If you had an employee that worked for you 2 years ago and is arrested for something he did 2 years before you hired him, why are you guilty of his crimes?
Put the soy down.

Most of them were convicted of process crimes, namely lying to the parasitic FBI.


If Zognald tampered then so did everyone in the media manipulate witnesses, threaten witnesses and more.

Not once nigger.

Why didn't they stretch this investigation all the way to the 2020 election. They knew this would be the result. Everyone with a brain knew there was no collusion and this was a farce to humor the tiny percentage of impressionable retards who voted Clinton. So, what to they gain from releasing the results this far apart from the 2020 elections?

cant someone count up all the ads originating from israel and dual citizens?

Pathetic shills for the elite. You know you are defending the rich in power right? You seem to think you are Edgelord kings but you are defending the people in power. Conservatism and nationalism is keeping the rich ion power and fear of others. Weak fear.

All your hateful bigoted white male shit is pathetic. Feel your power slipping away huh boys? Maybe if you call me some of your catchphrase names, that feeling of control slipping away will cease.

You will lose your advantage slowly. and your children will have even less control over others than you do.

Accept that religion is fake and so is White supremacy. The world slowly slips to acceptance of others and the realization that religion is false.

Get on the right side of history. 500 years from now all your pathetic efforts will amount to the same as redneck assholes riding around with sheets on their heads.

Oh the irony. You realize this entire media storm is a temper tantrum from the wealthy elites. You follow corporate media and listen to pundits who receive checks from the wealthy elites but you really think you are anti-establishment because you accept their rhetoric, hook, line and sinker.

yes the (((abrahamic))) religions are fake and white supremacy is fake because we are good people and do not wish to dominate others hence we are nationalists. our principals apply to the native fijian people as much as whites. i'm sorry but you confuse your cartoon characters with us europeans .. you fear supremacy because we know you can kick your arse and anyone elses but we are good people and this is why you are still sucking oxygen

So you could kill all non whites but don't? So that makes you pious?

Also, so the media are owned by the elite but not Trump or any of the rich white republicans that control the majority of good and services? The same ones who do everything to strip power from the individual and give it to cooperation? Those people are the true rebels and the media exposing their lies are in fact the fake ones holding up lies? That is some crazy circular logic.

The ones with power are protecting the power in case you get some. And the ones speaking truth to power are trying to take power away and we should not trust them. Because we might get power and then the media will speak truth to us?

How do you sleep at night running that loop in your heads?

Probably pressure from the new AG

all "non-whites" making claims on europe sure - they are colonialists … isnt colonialism bad? was it raaycis for the indians to kick the british out of india? no.. so it wont be raaycis when the british kick the indians out of britain now will it :)

those leftist assholes lied to us for two years and never batted an eye once. time to pass around the list of names of these people and get them run out of politics and/or the media.

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lol, if Europe was colonized by the white man that means that basically everyone except niggers are colonizers as they were the only ones too stupid and too lazy to not go anywhere over the course of their history.

white people came to be in Europe, it's our natural home, i can see the arguments made against America…not like i give a fuck, all of human history is nothing but one people moving in and killing off the people before them, way i look at it these mudskin should be fucking kissing our asses and thanking us for deciding to stop expanding and colonizing….which has turned out to be our mistake, we should have really just gone for world domination….we could have achieved it to if we had a united front…instead we kind of just decided we had enough of colonizing and concentrated more on refinement than expansion.

Your race means nothing and the pathetic attempt to justify your existence through race is laughable.

You have nothing to be proud of but the things you were born with. You make nothing of your life but claims to being born privileged in your race.

Yet you deny privilege is your only claim to self worth.

Again, Those loops you run in your head to make yourself feel good must be exhausting.

I hope you one day find self worth from something you create or do, instead of the vapid ego you create from your "Privileged" birth.

i designed and built a machine that allows rapid prototyping of space flight components.

you're a dumb fucking nigger.

welcome to the internet bitch.

Your a big brave boy. Mommy is proud of you.

attempting to bump slide this?

you liberals should never live down just existing. everything you do, you fail at, and then you just try to deflect it.

but you spent two years convincing everyone that trump would be impeached and thrown in jail over this. now, you have a debt to repay society.

I have to ask, are you a black man? cuz I am a black woman and marrying a white man in the army was the best decision I ever made. It seems that the only men I have to choose from in the black community are thugs who can't stop going to jail for misdemeanor charges and poindexters who whine about racism and do absolutely nothing with their lives. Ain't nobody got time for that honey. I went to school with some stupid bitches. In high school, they were always the ones causing shit and in college they were always the ones complaining about shit. I received my degree and went to Korea to teach English as my husband is stationed here and bitches back home be hittin' me up on Insta talkin' bout I abandoned them and the black community. Ya'll niggas is crazy.

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A lot of logic circles trying to make your world fit your narrative. I know you know deep down, that your religion is fake and their is no higher authority that cares about you.

Alone in this universe with your hateful thoughts. No one to back you up that all your hate is justified.

I hope you all find love. Then maybe you can stop hating everything that you can never achieve.

God is dead, deal with the life in front of you. Stop blaming others for your shortcomings and attempt to be better then you were yesterday.

And go ahead and hit me with your racist superstitious views.

Religion is the definition of superstition.

A newt?!

Imagine having such a frail political system that buying 100 or so Facebook ads causes a crisis in your country for 3 years.

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Yup, that’s what happens when the majority of people just want a “daddy” to tell them what to think and feel. Make a little box that applies to the world and fit us all in it. Conservative ideals restrict growth in all ways except economical and that is only for the already wealthy.

To all you trump loving idiots, give your educated opinion here:

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I'm getting tired.

Its a special counsel that by law can only be submitted to the DOJ, this was a law made by democrats during Clinton while the Lewisnky investigation was happening.

Barr's report had to be signed of both by Rosenstein the person who appointed Mueller, and Mueller as well.

Give me back my…. Ah who gives a shit

No one gives a shit about the law JR. It's a fucking lie.

The law is a joke. A bad one.

imagine if the starr report was given to janet reno who in turn said that president clinton commited no crimes and that's what happened here. stop playing dumb

Did you skip over the part where Mueller and Rosenstein the people who have been investigating it for 2 years signed off on it.

Mueller, immediately corrected Buzzfeed for a false report yet he letting this go uncorrected?
You lil libbies are unhinged.

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Why's my hill flooding you son of a bitch?

It's a fucking hill. You wanna see some shit that doesn't make sense?

Where's my fucking girlfriend and where's my fucking money

I will punch your life out with two fingers at your fucking throat

*Pinch sorry that was a typo.

I was trying to say I'd choke you to death with two fingers. It'll take 10 seconds before you pass out lol

did you skip over the part where it doesn't exonerate trump? did you also skip the part where the starr report was actually released and not just summarized?

The starr report was not a special counsel, that's why they changed the law in the first place during Clinton.
What don't you get where this is law?

Exonerate him from what? A crime that the report states didn't happen?
You lil libbies don't actually read anything do you? You just read articles from the Wapo telling you what it said.

Its the Comey testimony all over again. Where the Wapo made several articles from anonymous sources before his testimony and then Comey testimony happens directly debunking the articles, but because liberals have the attention span of a goldfish they didn't bother to watch the testimony and went around claiming things that were proven to be incorrect.

Yet you're the "smart educated" ones.

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a crime the report states is inconclusive

yet you're the "law and order" ones



The barr report clearly states that no one in the Trump administration worked with Russian agents when approached.
Again your proving you didn't read it.

He paid off Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket and why wouldn't you if you were fucking a porn star, I don't give a fuck where the president sticks his dick. I care about illegal immigration and unbalanced trade.

You're identical to the christians who made the personal life of a president more important then the actual policies.
Also Trump used his own money to fund half his campaign, and he donates his yearly 500k check to charity.

Just to add into it, Donald Trump received a medal along with Rosa parks, for ending segregation in his businesses before the law went into effect to end segregation.
Donald Trump called out Rihanna for cancelling a performance for a charity for Kids with Cancer claiming Bronchitis then the same night went to perform at a basketball game.

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ftfy. then explain manafort

Payments made “for the purpose of influencing” a federal election are covered by federal campaign finance law.

"party of law and order" at it again

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oh so its okay to use charity funds for something not related to the charity because you "donated"?

"yea i know i donated money to the cancer charity but i really need to pay off these hookers"

Manafort broke the tax law when he wasn't working for Trump.
I own a restaurant I had a bartender work for me 6 months ago before he left. Turns out he committed a crime a year before I hired him. Why am I guilty of his crime?

Is that reddit meme your personal illustration?

That never happened.
And again I don't care if it did, I care that Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration, removing us from Syria, not renewing Mcarthyism, and rectifying trade.

These are real issues that affect me, not things that have no effect on the country.
This is where the divide forms, you are sheltered. How can you not be? You have never been affected by Obamas disastrous health reform. You've had your mommy or daddy pay for it.
You've never been affected by 0% interest rates which destroyed life insurance policies right as the elderly needed it the most.

You are completely clueless on the issues the country faces and you would rather whine about petty shit then actually look at the issues that matter.
Which is why your loony lil libbies.

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the totally not hypocritical right AHAHHAHA

Hypocritical of what?
Obama could of fucked 20 hookers in the oval office I wouldn't of given a shit.
But he ended up completely fucking the healthcare system.
Led us into two pointless wars which doubled the civilian death rate in another country then Bush.
Used the IRS as a weapon.
Wiretapped illegally several foreign leaders as well as Trump's office.
Passed the Dreamers program during government shutdown with executive action bypassing Congress.

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is there anything the mentally deficient right doesn't project over?

no you can guarantee they're guilty of anything they accuse (((the left))) of

Do you understand how business works? You don't directly manage businesses you hire others to do it, and illegals often steal ss numbers to pass background checks.

You don't know what projecting means, and if you do explain how I used it.

Your right I don't care. No one cares. We want policies that make the country better I don't give a flying fuck about the president's personal life.
This is why the left continues to lose, and you're so unhinged and set in your echo chambers that you don't get your not the majority.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not connect President Donald Trump to any crimes, "whatever that means," said MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Wednesday morning.

Then Scarborough and his "Morning Joe" wife/co-host Mika Brzezinski took the case for collusion "from the legal…straight to the political," citing it as a reason why Trump should not be re-elected.

While Scarborough laid out the "political" collusion case, based on a tweet from a foreign policy analyst, Brzezinski accused Trump of treating his former friends – some of them now convicted felons – like "garbage."
I'm wondering, Mika, what voters in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida are going to want a president who (quoting Rothkopf) "publicly welcomed the support of an enemy, one with whom he had hidden financial ties, and then that enemy worked to help him get elected during the 2016 campaign, and then Donald Trump rewarded our enemy with a defense of their attacks on our democracy, by saying that he trusted an ex-KGB agent more than he trust the FBI director or his own homeland security secretary, and then he rewarded them with policy benefits no American president had ever offered before."

Now, I'm not going over…old news. This is not about the Mueller report. This is just about what we know to be true, and when people are running around a TV saying, 'he was vindicated, there was nothing there,' forget the fact that Donald Trump and everybody around him lied about their support of Russia, their connections with Russia – I'm just saying, we're taking it from the legal now just straight to the political.

I mean, how many people in swing states are going to look at those facts, which are not in dispute, and go, oh, yes, that's who I want as my commander in chief, somebody that, you know, provides aid and comfort to the enemy politically?

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Morning Joe?
You were proven wrong. No collusion.
For 2.5 years and now you get a report signed of by Mueller and Rosenstein.
But somehow your conspiracy theory it's still totally true, just need another 2 years of investigation.

Shut down for 28 days under Clinton and 18 days under Obama.
All they had to do was approve the wall, now Trump's just going to do an executive action.

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Yes, good little lefty, you'll always be proved right next time, won't you.

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Trump does collude
with big biz against his low brow supporters

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Don't care. I care about policy.
You niggas don't seem to get it but then again your raging because you didn't get the result you wanted, you've been completely embarrassed, in front of the nation.

Same goes for you, the only reason you're in this thread is because it shatters your sphincter.

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How does one "obstruct justice" for a crime they already have been proven to have never committed?

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Imagine if Monica Lewinsky had actually thrown away the DNA evidence?

There's a difference. With all the leakers and whistleblowers running around claiming to be anti-trump patriots, they would have dropped something irrefutable to the press. So far, nothing. Not a single thing. Meanwhile, Lewinsky had irrefutable proof that she had sexual relations with a President that testified that he did not have any with her. Christ, I hate Trump as much as the next person but you fucks are so retarded you make Alex Jones look sane.

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If you resist an arrest because you know you didn't do it, it's still against the law. You'll be charged for resisting arrest.

Also the report apparently says that there was no evidence of a coordinated effort where people laid out a plan. It doesn't mean that there wasn't an understanding that, say, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Such as when trump said at a rally he hopes russian hackers can get hilary's emails. He didn't coordinate anything, but the message was clear. He wanted a foreign US adversary to go after his political (American) opponent. We'd NEED to see the whole report to know exactly what conclusions were reached regarding all that bullshit. (don't forget Trump siding with the ex-KGB agent over his own intelligence agencies, because you know, the KGB are so much more trustworthy to americans)
Also, the report specifically says he's not exonerated on the question of obstruction, and sounded like Mueller thought that should be left to a court of law to look at the evidence and decide.

Of course trump loudly proclaimed "complete exoneration!!!!!!" even though it specifically said he's NOT exonerated.

Cry harder, Trump is going to win 2020.

As a foreigner, I find all the stitch-up business revolting.
You people have been flinging whatever shit you have at this man and his cabinet and just hoping it will stick, false rape accusations, collusion accusations, and called him literally everything under the sun from homophobic to a rapist to a racist.

In the end though, the main problem with him, and the only real one, was one you never forewaw; he's shabbo's goy.

face it even if you admitted the "allegations" were true you'd still be his cheerleader and jacking off to videos of ICE sex abuse

In your dreams. He's not even going to see out this term. And he's kept NONE of his campaign promises.

how can that be true when he changes what his promise are on a whim? he campaigned on letting americans know that pre-existing conditions won't remove them from health insurance and quickly went back on that and then says we needs to be friends with russia while at the same time saying nobody's been tougher. literally worse than a snake oil salesman because at least they can keep a story straight

Except fixing trade defecit's with China, being hard on illegal immigration, getting rid of the Haiti refugees.
But sure he's done nothing.


maybe you should hire some illegal immigrant babysitters to wipe your ass for you too you cucks

by "fixing" you mean making it worse?

talking at rallies about it but doing nothing amounts to nothing. How has a haiti refugee hurt you? How has getting rid of a haiti refugee made your life better? Just because trump says things, doesn't mean it has any real impact on your life.

That's what everyone's been saying. Even his own supporters. All those promises in his campaign and nothings come of them. The only things of great significance he's done is installed more scum in the swamp that he campaigned on draining. And gave the rich 1% the most tremendous tax breaks they've ever had, while the other 99% got to split the remaining 15% of what was left amongst themselves. And while that's some significant change, it's not exactly what anyone was hoping for.

You're only laughing because you don't realize how you've been duped by a double-crossing hypocrite who says one thing and does the exact opposite. Like how he gets mad at china and american companies who move production out of the US, while trump gets his ties made in china and ivanka gets all her clothing made everywhere else that is not called USA.
Keep laughing, idiot.

Russia is weak, they did NOTHING to influence the election
You wanna know where the real influence on the election came from Israel

Which actually has increased during the Trump admin btw

Spoken like a true retard. In the 80s we formed these trade deals as China was still developing and we wanted clout with them to put pressure on the USSR.
30 years later China has the second biggest economy and american Steel and Plastic is almost non existent. Why?


Can you put two and two together numb nuts? You cannot compete in your own country because of regulation, which means the foriegners can make it cheaper then you, and to top it off its not taxed.

American goods are have Tariffs in every country yet America doesn't place any Tarriffs on foreign goods.
Then dipshits like you wonder why we are dependent on foreign trade.

This strategy is the standard procedure for the Communist League.

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Its not the average American consumer that buys the bulk of Chinese products its companies who look at the bottom dollar.
Its not rocket science to figure out that goods that can be made cheaply because of NO REGULATION AND NO WORKER UNIONS.

Capitalism needs competition you can't compete when the other team has unfair advantages.

Trade goods does not mean whole and complete trade, you have luxury goods as well, as well as fiscal goods and then service goods.

So he talked about, but did nothing about it, but then he did do something about it? Your pretty twisted up.
For one it lowers crime, and we don't have to pay for them anymore.

Yes we all know how accurate those polls work, they even predicted Hillary would win.

I'm laughing because I'm informed and not eternally ass hurt that my queen Hillary didn't win.

Couldn't be because of Venezuala nearing civil war and socialist take over?
Or Brazil going tits up?

most of it is Guatemala
Venuzuala refugees are mainly staying to SA

we shouldn't be importing and exporting anyways, its shit for the enviroment

Imagine supporting this Zionist puppet
Saged and reported for jewish tricks

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Hello buddy

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Who gives a shit about Capitalism here
All Capitalism is, is the rich Jews fucking over Working class whites

Elites hate Nationalism as Countries closing trade would mean they lose international Profits
Nationalism is NEEDED to fix the enviroment you Capitalist Scum