A megawealthy German family with stakes in recognizable businesses like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Panera Bread announced they will donate roughly $11 million to charity in reaction to new knowledge about how their family business profited off of the Nazi regime during World War II.

German newspaper Bild reported Sunday that the family’s ancestors Albert Reimann Sr. and Albert Reimann Jr. took advantage of forced laborers under Nazi control. Family spokesman Peter Harf confirmed Sunday that the Reimanns had recently received information that confirmed Bild’s report, which detailed the family’s business operations during World War II, reported Sky News.

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This data was known for a century and is just now being released as it's ripe to abuse white guilt.

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"well, we're sorry that we capitalized off of a shitty situation…

so, we've decided to capitalize off of another shitty situation and quadruple down on a false narrative designed long ago.

I mean, let's think about this…

Pharaoh used Jews, Czar's used jews, communists used jews, European Autocrats used jews, British imperialists used jews, capitalists used jews, drug peddlers and human traffickers use(d) jews…and, of course, those filthy evil despicable Nazis used jews as slaves.

Damn, history…you like using Jews! There is just something about jews, like they make the perfect drones for evil conglomerates and empires since…well, how old is pharaoh again?

So, once again, we are apologizing for the façade of fairness when it comes to the historical treatment of 'jewish' people, so here…on behalf of a history that never cared anyway, we are going to donate tax-free money to an organization of our choice so that people will just take our word for it and never ever ever read another book about jews again.

We feel bad about it, so should you.

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If women weren't given the right to vote this kind of shit wouldn't happen


Do you know what a century is?


will the exploded illigal mexican immigrate workers be ask for reparations in about 40 years

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Every producing Business had forced laborers during 2nd World War.

Tell us something new, PC society.

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Yeah well, Democrats used to be slave owners and you nearly elected one into the White House.

Yes, and not only that, but they will attempt to take over your government and change the laws to favor them. That is why you must stand your ground against the usurpers and invaders. We all need to be more like the American President Trump and just take it because at the end of the day, all they have as weapons are just words and if we choose to let their words hurt us now, we're in for the real shit show once these people get access to the word of law and weapons to enforce them. Life in my country seems normal, but deep down, I fear that my country will be engulfed in war soon and I will lose my life defending what I have taken for granted. I wish I could live like you Americans and take life for granted but as the history shows, Europe is like an active volcano. There is always another war when you least expect it.

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A century is 100 years, so that's nearly a century.


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