BBC Chief: Use of Term ‘Mainstream Media’ Is ‘Assault on Freedom’

The use of terms like “mainstream media” and growing distrust in “the establishment” are an “assault on freedom of expression”, the head of the BBC has claimed.

BBC director-general Lord Tony Hall said the effects of globalisation have fuelled a “progressive erosion of trust in … all those perceived as expert or elite” he complained, warning that journalism was under attack from “a crisis of faith in our traditional institutions”.

In a speech to the House of Lords this week, the 68-year-old life peer said he remembered “an age when … journalists could command the attention and respect of a whole country with the quality of their craft.”

Now, reporters for media outlets like the BBC face “attempts to target, troll [and] intimidate them” in addition to “constant anonymous threats online, simply for reporting on opinions that others might not want to hear”, he alleged.

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Something is crying out in pain as it strikes others.

"If you don't let us censor your speech then you're censoring speech." Fuck these mainstream clowns.

I think we found the problem folks

read/write the fucking news then cunt
when we want to be told what to think we'll go to church

Oh, thats ok.

I prefer the term Corporate Mainstream Media anyway!

Maybe they should stop being bloggers and be fucking journalists then.

I spent 50 years in the mainstream media - just "the media" before the advent of the internet. The dying newspapers are still worth reading, if you want the latest news on plans to fix the potholes in the main street. Almost anything else is spin and propaganda - assuming the topic in question is not totally ignored.

Amazing how he said that, not an ounce of self awareness.


NPCs have no sense of self-awareness.

They let social activists(SJWs) infiltrate their profession and now are wondering why people don't trust their so called "news" anymore. They should all start learning to code.

Why is media blackout even a thing? Their job was to report on events but now they think their job is to report on things that fit their agendas and what their (((bosses))) want the goyim to know and talk about.

I'll take this anons word for any paid opinion.

But that's only because I can't for the life of me imagine there would be any org or political interest out there that gains any advantage of the impact of this stated truth taken for granted.

Everything about the status quo is supported by this.

they need money, and reporting facts doesn't make the money. fox news can tell you all about it

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Bush hasn't been in the White House for a decade.


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EU = Communist/Socialist… you dumb fucks…

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Hello !! This is to remind everyone on Zig Forums that the BBC has absolutely no connection whatsoever with any department of British Intelligence. Yours Sincerely, TRIPSOFT.

Like citizens of the UK have any freedoms.


We trusted you Fucks years ago because you actually did some investigative journalism once in a while. Now you report on a report on a report, and just reference each other to form a giant circlejerk of references. Your blatantly edit interviews with anyone you deem to have the wrong opinion and try to make half the population seem like retards because the prioritise sovereignty above economic globalism. You actively shut down any conversation about the rape gangs in your country, and simultaneously demonise all ( white) men because muh rApe.
God fucking shit, don't use the nonplus words, anons, they make you bellyfeel, and you don't want that, do you? Just trust the head on the television, we are at war with eastasia and always were.

Only to marxists that oppose freedom.

What kind of nigger logic is this?

And here I thought jews were supposed to be smart.

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That image is gold.

Lord Tony Hall has brain damage from choking on the BBC too many times.

topkek. shove it up your ass, Mainstream Media kike.


do you have mental issues? thats what they call themselves you dumb fucks

Is it at all possible that corporations owning media is an “assault on freedom of expression” if the corporations will not say anything that harms their profit margin?

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Amazing hypocrisy.

Totally not over-compensating with such absurd titles. Fucking inbreds.

and traying to censor those who call you a liar when you lie is not?
and who's fault is that?
faith is for cults who can't get facts but institutions, on the other hand, give us plenty of facts, such as the facts that they can't be trusted
a repoorter's job is to report facts imparcially, no wonder you get regularly shat on if you can't even do that

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings by calling you. "The Mainstream Media."
I'm sorry
How about, "State-Sponsored Propaganda?"
is that better?


The majority of people that aren't mental infants just want the MSM to fuck off forever.

"Having an opinion on our opinions is an attack on freedom of expression"

If words could cause cancer