Homeless Nigerian refugee, 8, touted as chess prodigy after becoming one of America's top players

An eight-year-old Nigerian refugee has been crowned a chess champion in New York’s state-wide competition.

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, who lives in a Manhattan homeless shelter with his family, won the category for his age bracket last weekend with an undefeated performance, according to the New York Times.

Tanitoluwa, who goes by Tani, learned to play chess just over a year ago and now aspires to be “the youngest grandmaster”, he told the newspaper.


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It can both be true and propaganda. Good for him, hope he doesn't get butt-raped by his handlers too hard though.

He would be the first nigerian grand master too.

I believe the story is true (propaganda too). Blacks have similar IQs at young ages, which allows him to be competitive. Playing chess 3 hrs of chess a day is crazy for someone that young, i doubt his competitors made the same effort.

Don't expect him to be competitive in the next age bracket tho. There will be more competition, and his IQ should start scaling down compared to his white and Asian competitors.

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I was beginning to wonder if anyone else understood this idea. I'd given up.

This happens every few years. Then nothing comes of the so called negroid prodigy.

Not really.
It's not true if you present a fact with misleading, false, or incorrect intentions.

Also if the basis of the "fact" are false, it's not then true.


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So it's a nothing burger. A nigerian knows the rules of chess and can play a whole game, that's amazing in itself.

Also, note the wording "has been crowned A chess champion in a competition", not THE. Also, why is there such a thing as a nigerian rapefugee, they aren't at war, they just replicate like bacteria on dog shit and run low quality phone/email scams.

Definitely trying to establish the meme that if you let in a million migrants you'll get one autist talent

Well, a promising guy. Undeniably he plans his moves well. He got the fuck out of Africa after all.

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i understand what you mean by the concept of misleading people, but what do you mean by false or incorrect intentions? am i wrong to believe that you are retarded?

What comes of white prodigies in the modern age?


hmmmm, i wonder which childrens competition he won. theres a ton in ny

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The one without any asian or white kids, of course.