To Curb Kids' Sugary Drink Habits, Pediatricians Now Call For Soda Taxes

Pediatricians have long warned parents about the risks of consuming too many sugary drinks — including the link to Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Now, the nation's leading group of kids' doctors, the American Academy of Pediatrics, together with the American Heart Association, has endorsed a range of strategies designed to curb children's consumption — including taxes on sugary drinks, limits on marketing sugary drinks to kids and financial incentives to encourage healthier beverage choices.

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Let the fat kid get fat, it's the parents jobs not the state les' your state be head of your family, huh!??

Didn't they already try this shit in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Chicago? It didn't work there it won't work here. You have a better chance getting parents to do their jobs to teach these kids to exercise a little then charging us more.

We already pay $1.25 more for soda than we did in the 90s. What's another price hike for fatty enablers?

So stupid. I only drink water but control should be self motivated. This is the result of a society that coddles idiots who make bad choices

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Soda has been shit since they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup.
HFCS is a byproduct of ethanol production from corn, only in the U.S is it legal to consume.

Fuck soda

people are fat because jews profit off of it - this is just more profit

how is this coddling? charging people more as if thats the cause of their behavior; soda being cheap? its exploitation, they will still buy soda (((manufacturers))) will just find a way to make it cheaper like they did in mexico (switched from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup). end result? goyim are poor and as fat as ever and jews keep jewing

the only legislation that would make a difference would be an outright ban on HFCS soybean oil etc the entirety of the food supply has been contaminated through legislation by jewish interests like monsanto

oi lil noigellll bin soda why doncha. also head on over to the mosque for your daily aspie vaccine why doncha.

>not just making (((HFCS))) unclassified as an acceptable food ingredient
Just wanna tax the middle class poor.

easy tax money grab

Soda's very cheap. Could buy a generic brand from Walmart for like 70 cents for two liters, try that with juice. They want people to drink less soda, then they need a way to get heathier alternatives cheaper. Not to tax soda which hurts the poor more than anything.


Or just stop subsidizing sugar to begin with.

News flash: soda has ALWAYS been shit
It's the carbonated jew
Always has been

except we pay for it when they go to the emergency room and don't pay, or use medicaid and medicare. The laziness they develop impacts the economy and they take up too much space on public transportation. You should be happy it is just a tax and not public execution.


Because a society that didn't coddle would let them eat themselves to death instead of pay for their medical procedures via medicaid

This. Its not about solving problems its for torturing those who are not "gods chosen".

Funny, I have always had a kilo bag of sugar in the kitchen, yet I've never been tempted to sit there eating it with a spoon and tip the last grains into my throat.
Taxing anything only gives more money to the wrong people. How about taxing fat people directly instead. If you are fat, you pay double in restaurants, taxis, aeroplanes, cinemas, public transport.

blocked in my country

After Seattle imposed the tax Coke Cola et. al. funded a ballot initiative for a state law to prohibit local govts from imposing "grocery taxes", cause you know, refined sugar is 'groceries' are cola contains all sorts of essential nutrients. So thanks to a massive media campaign and unions it passed.
In this rare instance I'm actually on board with the libtards.

The tax funds should be earmarked for healthcare.

coddled or not, obesity and all it has to offer is a burden on society. as government provides medicare, disability, etc I think ethical to try to curb sub-optimal behaviors. I think it'll play out similar to the anti-smoking campaigns, which all in all worked out fine.
or just cut the fatties loose from tax payer sponsored healthcare benefits
fine by me either way.

Unless you're a business owner pissed off about no longer being allowed to decide what your clientele can or cannot do in your own establishment.

But hey! People don't have to smell yucky cigarettes anymore, so everybody wins, right?

Pretty much. Kids don't get exposed to cancer causing smoke. Businesses no longer have to choose between allowing smoking which drives non smokers to a non smoking establishment and banning smoking which would drive smokers to a "smoker friendly" establishment. Even smokers win because they are killing themselves that much less each day.

meme drink is healthy

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Is good or absolutely terrible depending on where you live. Where I grew up it was well water so it was fine. But now I live in a city where you can taste the chlorine if you don't run it through some sort of filter.

Guess I'll have to try it out then. Because I want something to drink with some flavor in it but I'm so sick of any flavored drink having like 20 fucking grams of sugar per serving.

Goddamn parliament dykes.

Not the gourmet shit.

This is unbelievably retarded.

Perrier is the nonmeme alternative I was drinking before everyone started talking about being fat fucks and hating themselves.

Regular perrier is good enough, it's just carbonated mineral water. Lemon is also good. Don't add lemon juice fam you'll kill your teeth.

There's new ones that come in a long can and have some decent flavor to it. Way better than the regular La Croix stuff.

Funny that's the first that was ever recommended to me, even before the whole soda alternative craze. Never really liked it when I was younger but I guess my tastes have changed so I'll give perrier another shit.

Like some user said on another thread, we Americans basically shoot ourselves in the foot at every opportunity and proceed to attempt to patch it up with band-aids.

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*GM organisms I mean

The thing is not many people understand that tax money is being spent to make this shit cheaper, and now retards want us to spend MORE money on the thing we're already spending money on to make cheaper. It's not that we're treating our wounds with a bandaid, it's that we're trying to cover up a shot in the foot by shooting it again even harder.

Polar seltzer is pretty good.

i get charged 14 persent fur a soda in taaxx

the soasdas makes my brane num and spell bad