NASA scraps all-women spacewalk for lack of well-fitting suits

The US space agency NASA scrapped Monday a planned historic spacewalk by two women astronauts, citing a lack of available spacesuits that would fit them at the International Space Station.

Christina Koch will now perform tasks in space Friday with fellow American Nick Hague – instead of Anne McClain as originally planned.

Had Koch and McClain done their spacewalk together, it would have been the first ever by two women astronauts.

Until now, male-only or mixed male-female teams had conducted spacewalk since the space station was assembled in 1998 – 214 spacewalks until now.

McClain worked outside the station last week – with Hague – when she realized that a "medium"-sized upper half of her spacesuit fit her better.

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Most of the NASA space program is a hoax. The Achilles Heel of the NASA hoax is the NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system because it could be scientifically verified on Earth today. NASA must publicly demonstrate before independent witnesses the operation of a NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system in a vacuum chamber on Earth duplicating environmental conditions of orbit. NASA refuses to verify and has always refused to verify its spacesuits with sublimators because they can't verify them because they've been committing fraud against the Citizens of the United States for more than 50 years. Plenty of NASA videos of spacesuits in swimming pools exist but there are none of spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers although there is one video from 1966 of a NASA spacesuit without sublimator failing in a vacuum chamber causing a near fatality. If NASA regularly uses the spacesuits with sublimators on spacewalks from the ISS as they allege and regularly tests the spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers at NASA's Johnson Space Center as they also allege then it should cost nothing extra and create no unacceptable inconvenience to allow a few witnesses to observe the next test.
The NASA space program is a faith-based thing and that is totally unnecessary. Unless, of course, they have a scam to protect.


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Did you just google some shit so you could stir up hysteria and doubt about nasa?

Could you not find something newer than five years old? Or are you the same person and have you been posting this shit for five years?

Did it ever occur to you that the technology might be classified or for other reasons impractical to demonstrate to random assholes off the street who have no legitimate interest in it and just want to prove the moon landing was a hoax?

This is technobabble, star trek tier shit.

But guys, don’t you know that nasa means to deceive in hebrew and that is emperical evidence that these women are a hoax perpretated by the jews to distract you from the fact that we’re in the flat dimension. I mean, come on, it’s 2019. Even Logan Paul joined Flat Earth tm

Hii moshi! Hows the ovens today?

Could you explain timezones?

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What's the difference?

Really? It all seems pretty self explanatory to me. If you want to know how it works, pour some liquid co2 into a glass and watch it freeze solid, and then disappear (sublimate) into the air. You can see the same thing happen with water in a vacuum on YouTube, although the guy doing it is a little sloppy and it spills all over.

THIS is what confuses me. Am I the Jew running the oven, or are you asking what it’s like inside the oven?

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Ok so just pretending to be retarded cool.

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Never seen any evidence to link NASA to syria/iraq etc, your tinfoil hat needs readjusting.



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Edit: time zones?

I can’t, and I have to concede I was wrong. That video undoubtedly proves the earth is flat. Everything I know was a lie.

I've been stirring NASA shit for more than a decade.

It occurred to me that NASA spacesuit technology was classified so I called NASA to ask and they answered that it was not classified.

NASA spacesuit ice sublimators are unclassified.
China fakes theirs too.
So does Russia.
Like I said, the spacesuits with ice sublimators are the Achilles Heel of the hoax because they can be scientifically verified on Earth today. After more than 60 years, you'd think it would be more than me demanding that NASA do so.

What exactly makes you believe that ice sublimators are a hoax?

Space isn’t a perfect vacuum. So begging for a test in a vacuum is funny I’ll admit, but has 0 use in reality. And there are easy experiments you can do on Earth tm that prove how all this stuff works.

And like op said
>> everything is (((declassified)))

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We can get close enough on the surface to demonstrate that concept in a spacelike environment.

I don’t think it’s really that big a deal. I’m an engineer and I’ve taken thermal and fluids. In fact I took it twice because I didn’t make it thru the first time. I just think it’s not going to be high on nasas list of priorities to demonstrate to the world because it’s pretty intuitive. There are probably lots of things they haven’t proven.

Not that it’s trivial. The sintered plate would probably take a couple tries to get right for manufacturing reasons. But the challenge is very simple: get rid of a couple hundred watts of power in a vacuum, where there’s no air to carry heat away.

If you don’t believe in chemical principles like sublimation and enthalpy, then no physical demonstration will ever satisfy you. You’ll always be able to come up with some aspect of the demonstration that could have been faked. The thermometer is rigged. The chamber has a secret source of cold. Whatever.

But if you do accept that the chemistry is real, you don’t need a demonstration. You can do the math yourself. Look up the enthalpies of fusion and vaporization, add them up, and then figure out how much mass of water needs to be expelled per watt of heat. If the spacesuit needs ten thousand gallons of ice to sublimate to stay cool for a couple hours of eva, you know it’s bullsht. If the amount of water needed is a couple kilograms, it’s definitely possible.

Then all you need to do is pick one component of the system you think is bullshit and say hey, this can’t work because there’s no way the sintered plate would tolerate the pressure differential. Okay so now you’ve got some forces to investigate and you can look up the physical properties of metals and see if the suit would need a 300-pound cooling plate to work or if it can actually be made small enough to launch into orbit.

I really just want to know what part of the design is raising this guys skepticism because to me, it’s just not something I’d be suspicious of.

This was meant for you Op

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Yeah I meant “you” in the impersonal and “this guy” was the “space suits don’t exist” user.

Yeah, I meant these guys

I mean who knows? He’s been doing this for a decade and I’m just now hearing about it. All along I thought it would be too cold in a spacesuit and the astronaut would need to have a heater to stay alive. But when I looked it up I learned that is not the case.

yes i'm sure it's the suits that are unfit lol

The NASA has salvation, someone inside there has some humor sense and cut out the "muh crew only with women". KEK!