Macron hopes older protester gains "wisdom" after injuries

French President Emmanuel Macron has told a newspaper he hopes a 73-year old yellow vest protester who suffered serious head injuries after being charged by police in Nice, gains "wisdom" over the incident.

Anti-globalization activist Genevieve Legay remains in hospital Monday after police advanced aggressively on people defying a protest ban Saturday.

An Associated Press reporter saw Legay, who was waving a rainbow flag marked "Peace," fall to the pavement, blood spilling from her head.

In an interview published in Nice Matin Monday, Macron suggested Legay didn't behave "responsibly," saying that "fragile" people shouldn't attend "places that are defined as prohibited."

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Holy shit, this fucking idiot. Does Macron not know how to into political diplomacy?

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No. He's Jupiter. He only looks down on his subjects from Mount Olympus.

Can someone assassinate this guy?

Idk, can you?

So now France is prohibited for old people over the age of 70? He'd better sit down with the protesters and straighten out his country. Yellow Vests have No Reason to Stop protesting their fallen government.
5 cops surround a 73 year old. Looking good France.

USA citizen ready willing and able to send a supply of yellow vests to France for your Patriots. USA backs the "Yellow Vest Protesters" who simply want a better way of life.

people here are at outraged.
extend this line of thinking to "handicapped/disabled/unwell people shouldn't go places…" this is very similar.

as someone with a (not visible) disability who actually sometimes got pushed around even by medical staff here (that is until I retaliated in some cases) this makes my blood boil.

I'd just like to remind him, in this instance, that his wife (or is it his mom nobody really knows) will soon be too old to go places too by his own logic.

head fracture, concussion

macron: yeah better get more widsom next time,fam

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WTF is going on France
Ran out of guillotine?

Macaroni is on the way to be second post war head of state that ends on a wall riddled with bullets like Ceausescu

they haven't given a fuck about wheeelchairs for months. You didn't see this?

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I don't think this guy is going anywhere without a real coup.

They have banned yellow vests and protective face masks. That's why few people are wearing them in last Saturday's protest. The cops are gassing protesters non-stop, even when they're not doing anything.

Can they wear burkas?


Wisdom gained

A hilariously appropriate question user.

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leftists, jews et al are retarded and have no ability to predict the consequences of their actions and what they say. Kinda like negroids and "muh dik"

And the wisdom she will gain is all commies must hang.

Yes. Focus on the commies. It is totally not the neo liberal establishment's fault.

Why did you say commies twice?

lol, well isn't this some surf and noble shit.
let them eat cake! lol

because commies need to be fucked over twice.

Are you pretending to be retarded or do you really not know what "neo liberal" and "communist" mean?

Someone from or in France needs to do it, that goes for all of us. Any anons currently in France need to make some moves

The face veil is banned since like around 2005, but the rest of the outfit should be ok in theory.


Are you pretending to be retarded or do you think there's a difference?

just wait until the army actually kills a couple of protestors.

mood within the french foreign legion is, that they will stand with the people of france.

if macron will not leave, war will come to knock.

Is this asshat capable of opening his mouth at all without adding more fuel to the fire?

This guy cannot believe he will be treated with kid gloves when tshtf.

Eh, they should probably kill commies while they're at it. You just know they're going to try to dilute the message with their commie bullshit, just like how Occupy Wall Street became some kind of gay nigger rally instead.

Well, nothing of value was lost. Faggots trying to co-opt the anti-immigration protests of the gilete jaune.

Equal rights for all, the old, the young, the crippled and the healthy.
Good that the police are out in the thousands, and the military are being called in for another 5,000 in paris. Good thing also that they didn't use those police or military to stop civilians from being mass murdered by terrorists on a regular basis.

Yeah, don't blame it on the juden puppets, blame it on the juden puppets.
Sounds perfect! Sign me up!

When his head is guillotined, what will he gain from the incident?


he will gain a level of "wisdom" beyond his wildest dreams

Macron is a fucking megalomaniac, psychopath, he needs to be stopped.

Any day now I expect him to unironically say, "let them eat cake."
This guy is a nationalists wet-dream. He is the poster-child of everything wrong with international finance. He is so out of touch with reality that he will be outraged when they execute him for treason.

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Storm the Bastille when?

He will show the elite his miracle diet works.


Interesting, can this make them change his minds about guns? Would be interesting a civil war, looks funny they go to war because the France stopped to give benefits for everyone, so they win the war and when start to give more benefits, the global crisis hit him even more stronger than would hit with the current France that stopped give more benefits because its going to collapse. The global crises is coming.

He'll learn that being a tyrannical little shit is no way to get ahead in life.

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Macron is a slimy little piece of shit