Why this transgender man sued a Catholic hospital for refusing to do a hysterectomy

With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, another transgender person has sued a Catholic hospital, accusing it of discrimination because it refused to perform a radical hysterectomy on a woman who wanted to transition from female to male.

This trend of suing religious organizations, which are merely acting in accordance to their beliefs, is a demonstration of how far the transgender lobby, with the help of the ACLU, will go to accuse another organization of discrimination — when it's actually the one discriminating.


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Why would a faggot, knowing that this would happen, even pursue it? When they could just go to a non-religious hospital where no one gives a fuck, as long as they pay? Just for attention? I can't think of any other reason.

Nothing wrong with sterilization of the gender dysphoric woman.

OFF TOPIC: All Catholic pediatric hospitals need to be taken over by non pedophilia based theological sects.

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Hello white nigger. It was a female to male case.

Can't wait to see all the triggered leftists when this pans out like the Colorado Baker part 2 electric boogaloo

What did they mean by this?

Because its not about mutilation, its about a rejection of radical homosexual gender theory.

They want a pile of cash from a legal settlement, and their five minutes of fame (being interviewed by a sympathetic journalist and being the face of 'opwessed wamyns' for a few months). You should also remember that both of these groups hate religious organisations with a frenzy that would make a 13 year old edgelord Dawkins fanboy look like a fervent believer in comparison.

Can't wait for leftists to try this on a Muslim/Jewish organisation.

It’s a malicious suit and should be thrown out. Depends on the judge though. Anti-catholic jew judge would probably let it proceed.

I have to say this depends on the individual as does how you conduct yourself as a person, gay, trans or anything else.
Just because you are ‘different’ from the norm you think this makes you entitled ?!
I think a lot of it stems from people that are trans not even knowing the correct terms to refer to themselves as, transgender a person that presents as the opposite sex but has their anatomy form their birth sex intact.
Transsexual a person who actively seeks to change their birth gender.
I also think and I agree with most here, that there are to many fucking sexes, or genders.
Binary, non binary, trans queer, gender queer, lesbian, gay fuck it’s a mind field.
As you say this person only persuade this avenue because they wanted the attention.
I know trans people that just want to live and be excepted,
I know this because I am one of them.
I don’t give a fuck what people say about me, I spend years of my life running from who I was and self harming, consuming copious amounts of drugs to get through a day.
I wish how I feel was a choice but it’s not, and I’m lucky I can say that I pass, in every aspect.
I would never lie about who I am to a man, I have grown up with men and I respect men, I can honestly say that men are better than women in almost every aspect.
Anyway as someone this effects that’s just my two pennies worth.
And if you say in what regard men are better I would say every,
Sense of humour, honesty, loyalty.
You get what you see with a man, joke to each other talk shit, fall out get pissed off at one another, confront each other, and walk away five minutes later as mates again.
Women back stab, they say they like you but talk behind your back.
They see someone nice and think that person must be as fake as I am.
They don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and I could go on but, honestly sometimes I pity sis men for having to put up with women.
I tried it was I was younger once and never will again rofl.

You need to be cooked in boiling tomato sauce

Instead of using the 'religious reasons' excuse they just need to say it 'would not be the best outcome for the patient' and bullshit health reasons. Then they are legally covered.

I bet most homosexuals are also disgusted by trannies. Even if they don't say it out loud because it's un-progressive, but it's the truth, most trannies are uncanny valley in the flesh.

Transgenderism is considered a mental disorder - i.. Gender Identity Disorder.

Medical professionals technically have the absolute right to refuse sex change on the grounds that it would be enabling mental illness.

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Isn't a hysterectomy for woman-parts?

But gay guys are by far the most disgusting of the LGBT.

That's just selection bias because you don't count the trannies you don't know are trannies.

The DSM stopped using the term GID back in 2013 because it's no longer recognized as a mental disorder. Medical professionals that refuse to provide the necessary treatment need to lose their license.


Cunts will go to any length to obtain attention and victim status to upgrade their ranking in the female hierarchy.


Only FtM are passable. But only in the sense that it's generally socially acceptable for women to wear men's clothes and act fairly masculine. Most people would probably just rightfully view them as butch lesbians instead of men. MtF trans, on the other hand, stick out like a sore thumb.

They do so because they know the burgerkike courts will back them up, it is anesy way to make money and every religious person that has not been corrupted by the burgerkike propaganda should be well aware of that.

If a court really decides they are doing this to 'discriminate' against someone then they are stupid. They are clearly doing it for religious reasons and the constitution is supposed to guarantee the right to freedom of religion.

I would also argue public vs. private company. A private company should have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. These anti-discrimination laws should not be applicable for private companies. Let the cucked public companies be the only ones who must abide by those rules, if the rules must exist.

Asking a medical institution to remove perfectly working organs is just like asking a female who feels like a man to man up, so hypocrisy level is over the roof.

Medicine should be about healing right?
Transitioning means to adapt body to one own's mental image of self, possibly compromising both (empiric evidence abounds). That's none of my business. You pay someone enough, you can do whatever you want. What you shouldn't be allowed to do is to hypocritically asking others to do what you make a point in refusing to do.

Good thinking. Then ACLU can suck my dick, because they have mouths. Else, DISCRIMINATIONNNNNN!!!!!!

it's not a thumb

kek, well… The ones who don't absolutely go full retard at least.

Vagina has rights. Penis is disposable utility.

Trannies of all kinds deserve the rope. I'm not even white.

Your pope is a heretic and his subordinates are whoremongers who fornicate with the nuns.

Familiarize yourself with the concept of Critical Theory and you'll understand exactly why the Marxist and post-Marxists do this shit.


Bake that fucking cake

MtF pass, you just can't count them since you don't know they're trans. You can only count the ones that don't pass. But it would be idiotic to assume all the ones that you know are all the ones that exist. It's like assuming all the enemy spies you've captured are all the ones there are.

That's incorrect.

Then claiming that it's a disorder because the DSM once used the term GID is just as valid/invalid. The DSM gets revised BECAUSE professionals are not infallible. If you just ignore professional consensus and call whatever you want a mental disorder then it becomes even more meaningless than it already is.

So you're willing to ignore the political pressure used to influence that opinion? If a group of activists got - say - Sociopathy removed from the DSM would that mean that all of sudden there would be nothing at all wrong with a Sociopath?

Not sure I want to know what a hysterectomy is, but probably one of the most decent hospital in the states by the looks of it. Daily reminder that the Catholic Church fell out of grace when they organized the poor and that every propaganda (aka news) outlet will defame them forever because of that. Pic related, what they're afraid of.

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Lala tist

Whatever faggot. I bet none of your kind I've seen pass but you bet the opposite. Guess neither of us can prove it cuz it's not possible. Have fun pretending it'll be possible to be a passable woman, fagboy

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Why does a hospital have religious beliefs? Will it go to heaven when it dies? Does everyone who ever worked there go to heaven when they die? And I get that some employees of that hospital may be Catholic, but they could just as easily be agnostic or atheist… did they ask the personnel whether they objected l, or did they impose somebody’s impression of Catholic norms on those people without consulting them? If a non-Catholic Doctor is licensed to practice in that hospital, does he have to consult the Bible before the medical texts, or is he free to decide on the care his patients will receive?

Institutions can have codified principles that its members are expected to obey.

You're taking a great leap of faith in there being a significant number of passable MtF transfags. Virtually all of the ones I've seen posted online only look passable thanks to tons of makeup and having the perfect camera angle to downplay their masculine features. I find it VERY unlikely that there is a sizable number of MtF transfags who are passable, which I simply don't notice during my daily life. This isn't the same as homosexuality, which is also often noticeable. Something usually just seems a little off about them, in their voice and behavior. But at least regular fags can blend in well enough not to be readily apparent. But transfags are a whole different ballgame. They mutilate their bodies and pretend to be an entirely different sex. That is very noticeable, just from appearance and body language. Then the cat is clearly out of the bag when they speak. As I said before, they stick out like a sore thumb.

They should have just done it, and take all the money that the dumb tranny paid to have it done, and donate it all to anti-tranny activist groups.

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