Bump Stock Ban Proceeds After Supreme Court Denies Gun Advocates' Request To Halt It

The U.S. Supreme Court officially denied an appeal from gun rights advocates seeking to stop a Trump administration ban on bump stocks, the gun add-ons that can dramatically increase their rate of fire. The ban went into effect on Tuesday.

Gun rights groups had filed separate appeals to Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, requesting a temporary hold on the ban. Roberts denied one appeal earlier this week; Sotomayor referred hers to the full court, which denied it on Thursday, allowing the ban to proceed while challenges to it move through the courts.


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Bump stocks are a meme. Use a belt loop like a real man


Fully automatic weapons are supposed to be banned, therefore bumpstocks should indeed be banned. I don't really understand the arguments against this. You don't need a full auto weapon to defend yourself or your property.

You don't speak to the boot on your face. You remove it, and everyone that put it there.

Teh supreme court is making a mockery of the constitution.

Real tyranny is not being able to own a weapon. Not being allowed to own a heavy machine gun isn't oppression you moron. In what situation are you likely to find yourself where a semiautomatic rifle is insufficient to defend yourself?

Second amendment guarantees the right to self defense and join a militia. Where does it say you can own heavy weaponry, since you clearly do not need it for self defense. Only for carrying out massacres.

One where I'm rapidly slipping down a slope. You faggot. They don't take guns by banning them outright, they chip away piece by piece with good little bootlickers like you helping it along. Taking your argument to it's logical conclusion
It's real easy, when you face the government they don't play by the rules and will for sure have automatic weapons. Why would you want to be at a disadvantage?

If you feel like arguing that semiauto is more efficient or better, that's fine. But then why ban automatic? Isn't that arbitrary? Or are you a literal bootlicker who thinks the government (keep in mind, any faggot in the country can be a part of this) should not fear it's people?

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If you don't want rights, move to Europe.

There is nothing about self defense in the second amendment. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Who has the right to keep and bear arms? The people you moron. No where in there does is specify things that go up bump stocks nukes cannons. It says arms. The second amendment and the rest of them for that matter are not there to tell you what rights you have they are there to tell the government what rights they can not legislate away.

These fucking retards probably don't realize that "the people" had actual weapons of war, including fucking cannons.
we had this shit for almost 20 years before the bullshit politicians started taking our rights away. Now, in order to get a machine gun, you have to pay out your ass for one, buy a stamp, wait a year, and then you can have one.


No one needs a weapon that fires full auto. The Chinese are not going to storm our beaches.

Bump stocks are not machine guns. Duh. The law classifies them as such for the specific purpose of making them illegal. Nobody in Washington is that stupid that they can’t tell the difference. Not even Diane Feinstein. If you know anything about guns you already know that a lower receiver is considered a firearm even though you can’t load it or fire it without putting all the rest of the parts together.

Bump stocks are for rednecks who want to shoot up car doors at the dump. Don’t be ashamed if that sounds appealing. There’s a little redneck in everybody.

But seriously no one needs them. They are for suppressive fire and defending yourself against hordes.

If you seriously commit yourself to getting really good at using firearms, you can make any semi automatic rifle bump fire just by holding it the right way. If you just want to buy a plastic bump stock so you can spray ammo without training in handling an automatic weapon the only thing it will do for you is waste all your ammo.

Aim every shot and quit goofing off and yelling like Rambo and you can hit just as many targets, and probably quite a bit more, using semi.

It doesn't say because it doesn't need to. It is an absolute and was written that way. It's final words are "shall not be infringed"

That means no change.

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shit nigger i meant this one

and who the fuck are you to tell anyone that?

Then how come we aren't allowed to own nuclear weapons or tanks?

That's an excellent question. Why aren't we?
protip: you are allowed to own a tank so long as the government gets their tribute, called a "tax stamp"

that thing that can be replicated with the cheapest parts is "banned" but drugs should all be legal because making them against the law hasn't stopped people from getting them.

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Personal self-defense isn't what the 2nd amendment is about. The purpose of the 2nd amendment is for enabling citizens to form paramilitary forces to combat government forces. In order to combat government forces they would need weapons capable of doing so. That would require full automatic weapons, explosives, heavy weapons, etc. Otherwise the citizens don't have any realistic recourse if the government openly turns against them. But the government doesn't need to openly turn on its citizens because it can just continue "slow boiling" the citizenry which basically bypasses the 2nd amendment so there's no need to remove it since the citizenry will never actually take up arms.

As a pedophile, I find being compared to Democrats patently offensive.

I’m a gunsmith, military armorer, and competitive rifle shooter. You don’t fucking need one.

I know they’re fun to shoot. So are real machine guns. But bump stocks are dangerous. They can damage some types of rifles and they turn some people into idiots. You don’t need one. Neither do I.

I’m for gun rights but we don’t need a basic human right to attach some idiotic shit to our guns to endanger each other. Life is dangerous enough. You can legally buy a real fully automatic rifle if you save your pennies up. Do that.

No you're not, kike. No level of social status grants you more rights than any other person, and nothing in the world grants you the ability to tell any other person what the limits to their own rights are. You are not a moral authority. You are not a god. You are not a king. You're a sycophantic piece of shit who worships the government and jacks off to seeing liberties stolen away from other people as long as you can pretend that none of it will ever happen to you, that you are immune to injustice and misfortune. In short, you're the absolute lowest class of human being, a fucking vermin who is deathly afraid of the notion that anyone else is equal to them. You cannot live without feeling power over others and projecting your own insecurities. Do the world a favour and kill yourself, it'd be an objective improvement.

Actually people do have the right and the responsibility to ensure the safety of others. This ban is entirely reasonable and not against the constitution. As for the slippery slope fallacy about them trying to chip away at gun rights bit by bit. The only way they can do that is voting for constitutional reform, it's also unreasonable so I doubt most people will support it.

youre a classic fudd.
its not the bill of needs you stupid fucking retard. i hate people like you. the biggest faggots of the gun community. i hope you face a real gun confiscation and die in a standoff infront of your family when they decide to ban something you dont agree with, but helped them set precedent for by supporting this.

youre not pro-2a. youre a typical gun grabbing rino.

You're fucking joking, right?

It is against the B-ATF's definition of automatic weapons, and clearly is against the 2nd Amendment. Don't know what dope you're smoking bruh, but pass me some.

The US Constitution makes allotments for Amendments, and the Supreme Court is used to interpret these Amendments in it's current form. The original interpretation of the 2nd Amendment was that it does include not only small arms, but artillery pieces. A bump stock ban not only supersedes it's original interpretation, but the B-ATF's definition of an automatic firearm. If they would like to rewrite their definition and fight it in court, they can. If they make it so anything that increases the rate of fire of a firearm is a device making it "automatic", then it gets into murky territory with binary and low pull weight triggers.

When the nigger loving servants of the Jew coming kicking in your door, killing your dog and shooting your children. Which happens to white people everyday in the USA.
When the fucking tools of the Jew aka the US military comes to kill you for their Semitic nigger masters. Which they happily do without question.
You need more firepower than just sharpened spoons.

It's not the Chinese we're worried about.


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the second amendment literally made it legal for private citizens to own and operate gatling guns, cannons, and warships.

easily. is your fucking pea shooter going to stop a fucking hellfire missile? you already know your country has no qualms about civilian casualties. if shit hit the fan do you really think you wont have an american Tienanmen square?

If that did happen, shit would get bloodier than you can possibly comprehend. Americans are not Chinese bugmen. This country was founded on revolution, on revolt against tyranny, and some of us haven't chosen to forget that.

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In a situation where a tyrannical government tries to do any number of things, including trying to disarm the general populace.

That dead kike cunt prolly voted for this.


The action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.

The right of "The People" shall 'NOT' be infringed.

The terms of the law are that we have the right to bear arms.
So, are bump stock arms?

Are bump stocks not part of their arms?

Is the government going to limit us to BB guns?
Are we going to let D.C. draw that line?????? ?

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Don't ban the guns; ban the triggers!

The constitution said nothing about your right to functional arms…

Where do you dumb fucks draw the line?

You deserve a few generations of slavery… Dumb fucks…

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Daily reminder: lockheeb martin owns and maintains the nation's icbm stockpile, a private company. They are leased to the government.

Fuck off nigger lover.

The second amendment doesn't cover "attachments" for guns.

A civil war may not just be citizens vs government. There could be division among the citizenry and government too. So it could be citizen against citizen and government forces against government forces.

Man you are a paranoid moron

You are a fuckin idiot.

Fudds are just as bad as the libtards.
Maybe worse, because they can't even see it.
They think they are patrots.

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Right, because no one ever needs to defend themselves against multiple armed aggressors at once. That never happens! defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/texas-homeowner-with-ak-47-fatally-shoots-3-armed-robbers-injures-2-more-ujBm1PA0OkCsbUMZY6Fclg/

Neither does the law and ruling the ATF used to ban bump stocks. The ATF has declared bump stocks to be automatic firearms despite the definition they clearly do not meet. So if they are firearms as the ATF declared, they are then covered by the 2nd amendment and by banning them they have infringed on our right to own that "arm".