Arizona Police force their way into home to remove an un-vaccinated toddler with high fever

A shocking video shows the moment Arizona police forced themselves into a home to remove an unvaccinated toddler who had a 105-degree fever.

In the video, the officers from the Chandler Police Department are seen kicking down a door to the home with their guns drawn and holding what appeared to be a police shield as they entered with caution.

The officers were at the home to remove the two-year-old boy after a doctor reported his family to the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS).

The doctor feared that the child had meningitis, when he actually had an upper respiratory infection.

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deserved it

Must not be American.
Those who would give up essential Liberty (the right to a safe unmolested home, to raise your children how you wish, freedom from gooberment kidnappers), to purchase a little temporary Safety (vaccines), deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

We're talking about 11ish deaths a year since the vacine came out, about 500/yr before the vaccine. How many people die a year from completely unavoidable traffic accidents (10k to 30k/yr). A lot more grandmas, children, and puppies die from icy roads and people with drivers licenses than fucking measles.

Go ride a bike you stupid brainwashed liberal cunt and leave other peoples kids alone.

That’s drawing conclusions from thin air. The number of deaths per year have no bearing to the effectiveness of vaccines.
I can guarantee you however not vaccinating will result in a disease outbreak.
Perhaps consider that the number of measles related deaths in America is so low is because of vaccines.

37k ish

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Good call by the police and the child's doctors

About 140k, more then shootings, drunk driving, and disease combined. You are more likely to die in a hosipital from a doctors incompetence then from a drunk driver or being wacoed. This fact is just about never brought up when talking about the pro's and con's of vaccines. Just stepping into the hospital has increased your chance of death 10x then driving there.

I would argue the sharp decline in deaths after the vaccine (from 5 or 600 a year to 11) is a great indocator of the direct effectiveness of the vaccine

Taking us back to prevaccination #s, dont you agree? Even if we double it and say 1k deaths a year. Thats still not shit. Not worth being forced indoors with risk of imprisonment or getting your door kicked in

Re read your first statement (quoted), you just tried to tell me yge number of deaths have no bearing to the effectiveness, yet look what you just said.

The doublethink is strong with you

Fundamentally and totally incompatible with statism of any form on any level.
You Americans shouldn't make contradictions part of your identity

Go ask their supreme court to explain why you're a tool, I don't need to back anything up when I have an entire country's legal system on my side.

It's called "Appeal to authority" and right now every authority is on the side that claims vaccines cause autism, even the US government has a restitution program to pay out damages to over 1,000 patients per year.

And no, WHO isn't an authority on the matter, they're like 911 dispatch and exist exclusively to route information, not to cure or prevent diseases.

Land of the free.

If (((big pharma))) starts making safe vaccines the anti-vaxers would literally disappear in a short time. (((They))) won't do that do though because when their vaccines injure people the government pays if you can convince the government that your injuries were caused by their mandated vaccines—the government is God and not getting convinced in one of the things it does. So:
Remove governmental protection for vaccine makers(they can get sued in courts when their vaccines injure people) and vaccines will be great again.

"The doctor believed the child could be suffering from a "life-threatening" illness that could not be tested for at the clinic, so she told Beck to take the toddler to the hospital, a police report said. The mother was reluctant because the boy wasn't vaccinated, and she feared "possible repercussions," the report said."

The police report said that when officers entered the house, two other children were found "in their bedroom, which was covered in stains of unknown origin."

"The children advised us they had vomited several times in their beds, and had stains around their mouths," the report said.

The home was in "total disarray," according to the report. "The children’s bedrooms were a mess and dirty with a bunch of items on the ground, which made it difficult to walk in the rooms."

An unsecured shotgun was also found up against a wall next to the parents' bed, the report said.

>>Won't clean up after sick kids. Won't open the door to cops with a warrant. Parents of the year?

Please explain? If anything statism is what makes America great. The ability to vote with your feet. If you want to be forced inside for 30 fays by the state because your unvaccinated move to NY. If you want your door kicked in by police for not vaccinating your kid mpve to Arizona. There are some states that would not allow this type of behavior.

The states are free to leave the US, print their own money, install communism. U til that extreme example actually happens and citizens lose the right to move, How is that statism contradicting essential liberty?

Doctor advises you take your kid to hospital and you don't? Shit parent, deserved to have the cops called on them. This has nothing at all to do with vaccines, it's about shit parenting.

Grow up. If they kill their kid, so what? As mentioned, doctors (even the article states misdiagnosis), cars, mcdonalds, police themselves kill more innocence than neglectful parents (exponentially so). Stop molesting other peoples freedoms over nothing.

Its not about shit parenting, it's about freedom from assholes kicking down your door because you didnt pickup your kids bedroom and decided (correctly) they didnt need huge ER bills.

But did the kid REALLY have a fever?

he had what normal people call "a cold"

Uh. Unfortunately the state has a duty to protect it's citizens from harm.


Honestly, the anti-vaxx thing is a mixed bag.
On one hand- kike medicine getting BTFO and losing credibility as they do put harmful mercury into the stuff, and have been caught sifting through the ones they supply to their own kin at clinics, the report on the subject that they quieted out in regards to it's relation to Autism/asperger's nevermind the potential to cause mental illness later on in life in a kid thanks to the shock of needle injections damaging nerveous development- next to permanently altering brain chemistry.

And the added benefit is kids that grow up to become vectors causing wonderful sub-race fatalities- especially overseas, but the other issue is that there is NO guarantee that these alleged "outbreaks" aren't media propaganda, shilling for kike medicine, or worse, that FEMA camp disease unit at work, spreading their experimental pathogens on unsuspecting populations - and more to boot, actual bio-warefare with anti-vaxx used as a cover- and the most important aspect of this is that it's actually paying dues to papa Nurgle and *hopefully* propagating a plague that can finally sort out overpopulation- not in the nihilisitc sense- but more or less to target the useless overextended generations that helped turned the world into the shithole it is today- effectively, give something that actually gets us out of this Deus Ex slow loop or something. But to be honest- it's probably fake- because it's 2019, and India's literal river Styx has NOT somehow managed to breed a fucking world-killer.

The downside is is that it's also an excuse for more freedoms being taken away from the people, and the continued attack and degredation of the traditional family unit. I'm still for it's added benefit of aiding natural selection however.

if the kid was strong he would have fought it off anyways. You get back what you put into this world!

Thanks for that. 11/10 for the joke.

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I hope they murder the "parents" just as they tried to do with their own kid.

We dont live in 1800 anymore. Fuck off with your I can do whatever I want attitude. No you cant. There are too many people for all of us to be able to do whatever we want. Your actions affect more than yourself. You are part of a society whether you like it or not.

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The kid didnt put sickness out into the world you dumb. Learn to talk. Your post makes no sense

I am in full support of a population decimation by a disease outbreak. Make the flu deadly again and kill off the lower 30% of the population.

its either that or die of a preventable disease, it's really easy to choose if you can into cost gain analysis

Liberty regards only to how you treat yourself. If you don't get your kid vaccinated, that's child abuse.

well if he would have put goodness into the world, he wouldn't be sick now would he?

With the exception of one old discredited paper, 100% of the research agrees there is no link between autism and vaccines.

t. reddit

I guess we'll just have to install mortars in our front hallways, because I'm not fucking vaccinating.

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You're a fucking retard. I hope for your sake that this post is merely elaborate bait. Because no one should be this stupid.

More kids die in completely unavoidable car accidents

Why arnt people more focused on issues they can actually change, without infringing on peoples freedom because they didn't inject some shit the effects no one but themselves.

No one has the right to abuse their child so taking kids that aren't vaccinated is totally reasonable.



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6 million vaccinations

They don’t require vaccinations in Africa. If you want to enjoy a society without the obligations, move there.

People in this thread who are going all "muh freedoms" aren't realizing why the police did this. The doctor was afraid the kid had meningitis. Which is an enormously contagious disease that can kill people really quickly without treatment. It can also have long term health effects like it can cause blindness or deafness.

Imagine if you were just minding your own business and then suddenly you came down with a massive disease and survived it but now have to live the rest of your life as a blind person solely because someone didn't give their child a shot. Meningitis is so bad that a viable contingency for the infection is to evacuate an area if someone has it.

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I dare you to research your chances of dying, even pre vaccine days.

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fake news
tl;dr the court was full of boomers who were given debunked evidence and the conviction was later overturned
That's why every study that claims this is debunked and proven to not actually interpret their findings correctly. Like saying "x number of children got autism after taking this vaccine" while also not proving that the vaccine caused it to begin with. You could similarly make an argument that talcum powder causes autism with this logic.

The doctor thought the child had meningitis which is an enormously contagious disease, the kind you need hazmat suits to treat. You can't take a child who is suspected to have it to a clinic.

There is no "putting" the liquid just contains elements that have microscopic amounts of it.
There's 10 times more mercury in a can of tuna than in a vaccine. Why isn't the narrative that tuna causes autism.

The human body is in fact exposed to 50 ng of mercury per day just based on food we eat. That's every single day. Every child regardless of if they are vaccinated or not is exposed to mercury.
I need a citation on this
user I don't think you understand. This can affect you. Like if you have your own pure white bred child he can get sick from a tard parent not vaccinating their child. This news study is about meningitis which is highly contagious and leads to blindness and deafness. This is akin to choosing to shoot someone at random if you don't do it.

High enough that you'd have 5 to 10 kids just so that if one kicked the bucket you'd still have indentured farmhands at your disposal. Better hope you don't step on a rusty nail.

user would you reject getting a rabies vaccine if you were offered it? Do you know that rabies is an incurable disease that only a dozen or so people have survived all stages of.

The number of rabies-related human deaths in the United States has declined from more than 100 annually at the turn of the century to one or two per year in the 1990’s

100 a year to two a year. Per capita, you can shove that shot up your ass and it wouldnt make a salt of difference. Think about 100 vs 2 over 327 million.


You know bubonic plague is still a thing in New Mexico. Just because something is rare doesn't mean it won't happen to you or that it's still a problem.

Also you didn't answer the question would you take a rabies vaccine if you got it or would you obstinately tell the doctor "no I wanna die fuck your shots"

user it's extremely likely you'd be one of the people killed off you realize that right.

So which is it? Are vaccines worthless or do you want a fucking genocide? Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Hecka no to the vaccine.
The thought did cross my mind though.

the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.
Jeeze user, that has never happened. Even the bubonoc plague. You think 100 people dying a year is genocide you have been watching a lot of sensational media.

Don't act like you wouldn't suddenly care if a large percentage of the victims were white.

It's not guaranteed you'd get lockjaw from a rusty nail it's just very likely to happen. It requires the thing that punctures you to already have the bacterial spores on it.

It's also not curable and 2 out of 10 people who get it will die from it. Usually through their muscles suffocating.

If a supercold specifically targeted white people and killed 60% of them, leaving no other race unharmed l you best bet the remaining 40% would be mega arians with no white guilt what so ever. Its a liberals worst nightmare

That's not how nature works. Physical constitution doesn't translate to mental or emotional prowess. Just look at how niggers got bred into idiot thugs by American slavery.

600 deaths a year pre vaccine. Nothing per capita.

Your chances of dying from tetanus pre vaccine days is .00018%
Get a grip user

Still more than the zero percent you'd have if you were vaccinated.

You think thats worth being incarcerated and your door kicked in?

It's justification for refusing to do it to your kids being considered abuse.

Kind of sucks if you get it though like thousands of people do per year…

Meningitis isn't the same thing as Tetanus. If you got Tetanus it just means your own stupid ass gets killed

Meningitis is highly contagious, kills really effectively and can cause shit like blindness and deafness. Imagine if you replaced child with "explosive that can level a city block". Now would you think the police should kick down the door in that instance?

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I know ypu wont like this, so take it slowly.
The people who didnt get the plague and were there handling bodies (the other 70 to 40%) were immune. They didnt die or didnt get sick at all. These people passed on genes and their immunity to their children.

That might be true, but they'll still have white guilt. White guilt isn't a factor that selects against survival of a plague.

Ftfy. And no, I dont. 500 deaths a year not worth trading your privacy and freedom

It's not your life on the line, as the parent and not the child themselves, you have absolutely no rights in the matter.

user you don't see what you prevent. You don't see the potential thousands of people who could die from this shit easily because it was prevented. It doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist. We know exactly what these diseases do and how effectively they kill and spread. This article even goes through it.

Alrighty bud, just give your kid to the government for all nurishments mental and biological. The government has never fucked up. Why even raise your offspring yourself? It would be much more efficient to have camps and trained licensed teachers and nannys with full time care. You're not a licensed caregiver so you havr no right to house your own child.
See how quickly this gets out of hand?

Meningitis is 500 deaths a year. Ill even go as far as gove you 10k deaths a year if no vaccines exsisted. Thats .0025? Of the us population. Litteraly should be kicking down peoples doors for driving a car. Thats a larger risk exponentially.

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I'm all in favor of forcing prospective breeders to get a license to raise their kid under pain of confiscation.

Hehe I like you user. Good chat. Have a good night.

Because of vaccines. So the problem is being eradicated therefore there isn't a problem?
that isn't even close to the amount that occurs right now worldwide
Over 100 thousand people still die from it every year mostly in shithole countries where they don't vaccinate.
This is a false equivalency. The odds of the police needing to do this (break into a parent's house to vaccinate a child with meningitis) would be significantly less than .0025. I would be surprised if this occurred more than once every 5 years.

That's still better than potentially dozens to hundreds of people being infected by the disease due to someone's retard baby getting it.

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Oh absolutely, we should not interfere when the deaths of innocent children is possible because police are ebil murderers.

That's exactly what islamophiles, pro-homosexual and pro-transsexual activists need to be told. Their support of degeneracy damages the whole fucking society.

Right. The children are still covered under constitutional rights and they are not obligated to endure the rights of their parents which could potentially deprive them of their life.

Anti vaxxers are brain washed by elites to lower the population.
I'm not claiming vaccines are all ok but for fuck sake whoever choose to not vaccinate it's child is deserving observing slow and painfull death of his kids.
My whole family is vaccinated and generation before. Nobody have autism, grandparents died natural death, no cancer records in the family.
Maybe take those vaccines stop smoking, drinking and eating shit.

You don't know what they put in "vaccines". The same time vaccine is important, you don't know jf they inject another thing together. Even you know is bad, you need because the sickness is worse.

Should niggers have no say since they dont pay taxes? If you answer anything other than no then you are a hypocrite

ctrl F - no herd immunity
Guess pro-vax shills had to change their language / tactics since "herd immunity" is a laughable argument
if herd immunity is real then vaccines don't even work so what's the point

It quite literally does not. Castle Rock v. Gonzales.

Not really. Paying no taxes means you are not engaging in behavior which causes hardships on the rest of society. This is why property taxes exist, they should make people who own property give something back to the people they've excluded from using the property.
Typically if peoples property rights cause undue hardship on other people's rights, rights must be reimbursed to the people. People's property rights function similar to eminent domain and paying taxes is similar to being reimbursed by the government for deprivation of rights.

For example, I believe in having sex with farm animals but nobody with farm animals will let me practice my free exercise of those rights. Their property ownership deprives me of those rights and that's why I don't believe it's constitutional how they're getting tax breaks like niggers who own nothing when in reality they own more than most people.

Kill yourself then mate. Tell your shitty friends to do the same. Probably should share with your family too.
Next time you decide to exchange my freedoms for your convenience just remember to suck off a shotgun instead. Faggot.

someone failed biology

Underrated over looked post.

please inform yourself, you might actually learn something worthwhile about chemistry in the process.

If the vaccines are so safe then why does Big Pharma need a law blocks anyone from suing them as reported by "Truthstream Media".
Why is there a government fund that has already paid out money to thousands of kids injured by vaccines? Are you saying that all those cases are bullshit?
Why are there thousands more kids who have been injured by vaccines that don't try to get money from the fund, or give up since it takes years to get money from the government vaccine injury fund.
Could it be pharma shills like you trying to smear anti-vaxers as being anti-science and not simply against the corrupt, harmful way that vaccines are made and against the stupid number of vaccines required now, from 3 in the 1980's to FUCKING 50 now.
Don't listen to this guy, he's not the one that's going to take care of your brain damaged kid.

Fact of life some people have allergic reactions. It's not for everybody and it's not for nobody.

Vaccines are peanuts. If peanuts had magical powers, then only people who are allergic to peanuts wouldn't believe in magic.

Neither one of you answered any of the questions I asked.


Vaccinating your child = child abuse

there is no argument

anyone who thinks otherwise is completely delusional and i'm willing to bet is a paid shill working for the government

How do you do fellow anti-vaxxer?

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how exactly?

A rabies vaccine doesn't cure rabies, you fucking moron, and isn't even guaranteed to prevent an infection. Rabies infections even with antibodies are almost 100% fatal because there is no way to detect the pathogen until after symptoms appear, and once an animal develops rabies symptoms it is already too late to treat them. Giving a child who is already suffering from meningitis a vaccine is going to have zero health benefit whatsoever, too.

Why do pro-vaccine people never even understand how the fucking things work? I'm not anti-vaccine, but I am pro-choice, and I have never heard a single good argument for mandatory vaccination.

Vaccines heightens Measle deaths. Measles has never been much of a killer until vaccines.

Children are not property. This was settled a long ass time ago. Your argument is invalid. Learn Constitutional Law you mongoloid.

Fuck off killcen /sovereign boome citizen seriously. I deal with enough literal idiots and fucktards every damn day.

Why is there a law? Because enough idiots have already fucking done it, repeatedly lose and its a huge waste of everyones time and fucking money.

Elites push vaccines retard.

Shilling this hard. They block lawsuits because suit can win.

Any business could make your retarded "waste of time" argument.

Cucks like you wanting the state to control families. Fuck off back to Reddit.