Bill Maher: Trump ‘May Not Be a Russian Spy, But He Is a Russian Asset’

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Ulfric Stormcloak may not be a Thalmor spy, but he is a Thalmor asset.

The only Russian assets here are toffee people who destabilized the country by peddling this lie

why do we not want to be friends with russia, i don't understand

Because Trump is president now. It was totally fine and legal to make peace with Russia until the second he became president.

Hillary was already running a Russia unfriendly campaign.


But the us govt was still selling them uranium. There just needed to be a reason why trump won and it couldn't be the democrats condemning everyone who disagrees with them

Moving the goalpost.

I loke the cut of yor references sireee!

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Obama was more of a Russian asset than Trump.

Bill Maher desperately trying to stay relevant by parroting whatever zoomers want to hear

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Quite the goalpost being moved too… From the President acting out of some material self-interest in benefiting Russian political interests largely at the expense of our own American ones… to the President just inexplicably aiding long term Russian interests.

I can’t handle all this salt. I hop it never stops especially when he gets re-elected.

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Obama was a Russian spy AND a Kenyan asset.

You know who goes to jail, Karen? Nigger stick-up men. Why? Because they fall asleep in the getaway car.

The US government couldn't lock up Al Capone's ass for all the murder and drugs he was slinging. The only people that get caught in shit that Mueller was investigating are low level fall men and retards… Or do you believe Ronald Reagan didn't know North was dealing weapons to the Iranians?

But why proclaimed Nationalists support Trump and his Russian love affair is beyond me.

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Hey dumbfuck, read between the lines. He's making fun of people saying this


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whos the conspiracy theorist now

yet she actually colluded with Hungary.

personally i'm disappointed int what trump has done as president but the amount of salt he's produced it more than enough to earn my vote for reelection.

it's funny, i think these people who call themselves accelerationist are just lefty shills, if you really wanted to accelerate things you'd be voting for trump again, especially after the outcome of the mueller investigation, the left is going to fucking lose it and everyone knows when a president is in their 2nd term is when the do all of the radical shit as they don't ave to worry about reelection.

voting for bernie or yang as a form of acceleration is fucking retarded, you're talking a decade off before anything happens and if you've been paying attention the left seems to be more inclined as a group to jump violence and other sort of extreme activities when they are confronted by shit they don't like.

Why is it okay to bend over backwards, spend trillions of dollars a year, sacrifice thousands of lives a year for israel but it's not okay to not start a war with Russia?

Uranium one
Hey remember around that time when they tried to sieze all that land in oregon and nevada that was rich in uranium during obamas tenture. I wonder if thats connected AT All to any of this.

Surely the government wouldn't try to rob people to make people in power a quick buck. Thats crazy talk.

So the source is still your ass.

Pretending to be retarded is retarded. Defending it, even more so.

Nuff said

And Bill Maher is an Israeli asset.

No doubt. That shit is treasonous. However excusing one treasonous act because of another is retarded.

name one candidate that had a shot last cycle or this cycle that wouldn't defend israel.
if that's your standard, i suppose you just don't vote then? things are happening on different levels and you're insane if you think in this grand game you're just going to jump to the end and fight the final boss right away. we got here through a series of small steps, each one fucking our asses just a little bit more, day by day, week by week, year by year our asses slowly but surely getting fucked….to unfuck ourselves is likely going to take the same path, little steps at a time, first get the spic dick out of our asses, then the faggot dick, then the nigger dick, then we might have a chance at finally getting the biggest deepest dick in our asses out, the jew dick. the jew dick fucks everything and everyone….you're not just voting the jew dick out on day 1…you're likely going to have to fight to get the jew dick out…lol..regardless, good luck.

Fuck off Ari.
100% you have to bow to israel during your condidacy, no argument against that.
You don't have to during your term. If you have a fucking spine that is.
Yeah depending on your power and how you handle not supporting israel you'll be accidentally'd, but you shoulda known that going in.

again, the 2nd term is when a president can do what they want…and like you said, even if they did they'd be killed asap and some jew puppet would just take their place and undo everything.

like i said, you're insane if you think you're going to get anywhere near the final boss at this stage in the game.

we might not like it, but it is what it is…

for there to be any hope you'd need a shit load of people voted in, all at once and they would need to appoint a bunch of people…if you understand exactly how big the jew problem is you have to know that it's not something that's even feasible of being directly dismantled at this point in time, no matter how much it pisses you/me/us off….and making stupid rash decisions that's ultimately going to get you the bullet and change nothing in the end probably isn't the best way of going about things….

at this point voting for a president to fuck with the jews is about as effective as drawing a swastika in chalk…

seriously though,do you have an alternative, i'm more than willing to considered someone else.

Weird way to spell Israeli, (((Maher)))

Ah, yes Comrade! Trump threatening to move the US out of NATO or not recognizing or reacting to state sponsored Russian hacking doesn't qualify as aiding Russian interests at the expense of domestic ones.

I don't need proof to know that Bill Maher is a pedophile. I have a television.

May Not Be a Russian Israeli Spy, But He Is an Russian Israeli asset

FIFY (((Bill)))

Speaking of "shot", remember what happened to the last president that went against Israel's warmongering plans.

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time to open up those libel laws!

just a (((coincidence))) goy. they were just meeting with russian intelligence to discuss adopting aryan russian orphans

it went so well the last time

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Because the retarded old shits who run our MSM don't realize that most people who can vote aren't even old enough to remember the last time we were at war with Russia.

obviously the only choices are
or opening your asshole so wide russia can stuff a cruise missile in it.
fuck off with false dichotomies

Since the point went completely over your head, you retarded faggot:
They're using Russia as a boogeyman, because the people pushing this narrative are incredibly old, and are so old that they remember when we were actually at war with Russia. Their perpetual unspoken assumption is "RUSSIA IS THE ENEMY", because when you live through your country going to war with another one, it is incredibly difficult to see that country as anything other than a perpetual enemy, even long after peace has been achieved.
The problem with this is that nobody else fucking remembers the last time we went to war with Russia, so they don't implicitly assume "RUSSIA = ENEMY". If you ask these old farts the basic question that everyone else under the age of 50 is asking, namely "Why do you think Russia is our enemy?", there's no real reason other than "AODFSIGHDFNS CUZ THEY'RE FUCKING RUSSIANS!!!!"
This makes it a bad meme, and a bad conspiracy theory, because most people don't actually give a shit about Russia, nor consider them to be our "enemy". We consider them to be a bunch of vodka chuggers who squat around in track suits.

They're using Russia as a boogeyman because it is an ally of Syrian and Iran, which the United States should actually be an ally of to varying degrees, as they are the chief global players fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda.

That can't work though, due to the power of the Israel lobby, and to a much lesser degree Saudi influence. So we have this weird dynamic where the United States is allied with a country that has helped Al Qaeda and ISIS against a country that is fighting them, and nobody talks about it.

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I wish we would just fuck off from the middle east altogether. Let all the sandpeople genocide each other in peace.

oy vey

you mean Barack Obama, who put sanctions on russia? The same sanctions that Trump started removing and wanted to continue to remove because he can't get enough of putin's cock?

because they are literally invading our allies with actual armed forces, infiltrating their politics and planting politicians that are loyal to russia inside our european allies' countries, ramping up military rhetoric against us, threatening us and our allies with new weapons, threatening to bomb allies like poland if they allow their US ally to put bases there, plus Putin is a former KGB who's sole purpose in his career was to fuck with the USA as much as possible. And if you care at all about the russian people you wouldn't support putin, who runs the russian economy on a bribery model and kills his own citizens in false flag attacks to further his own agenda (the apartment bombings, where actual FSB agents, formerly known as KGB, were caught red handed piling bags of explosives in apartment buildiings.
Basically, russia is a hellhole of corruption and fuckery. Why does trump think putin is such a great guy? I DON'T KNOW YOU TELL ME!!! Maybe it's because trump wanted to build towers in moscow, oh WAIT he DID! Maybe it's because he was doing a lot of business in Russia? If he ever releases his tax returns, maybe we'll know the answer to that. Maybe it's because most of the money that comes his way comes from russia, OH WAIT, HIS SON ACTUALLY SAID

… but there's no collusion, thank god… just an "understanding"

all the ignoramuses who think MSM is just trying to make russian into a boogeyman and that they haven't been an enemy since the "cold war" are too stupid to realize the cold war never ended, it continues to this day.

Putin invaded and annexed Crimea from the Ukraine. He got Ukrainian politicians locked up on fake charges so he could install his own lackey in power. He threatens all the baltic nations (which is a big reason why NATO was created) Trump wants the US to pull out of NATO and just let Russia either take over europe with Ukrainian style political bs like locking up the opposition (hmm, is THAT why trump is such a fan of putin? Don't like your opposition? Lock him (or HER) up!) and when that doesn't work, he risks starting world war 3 by invading the country with tanks and jets. Obama could have fought back and we would have been full-blown at war with russia in crimea just a few years ago, but he took the more measured approach and put on tough sanctions instead which hit the rich oligarchs that are running russia. Then TRUMP, the dumbfuck, starts removing sanctions, basically telling russia, "don't worry, invade whatever country you want, take what you want, we'll just pull out of NATO and you don't have to worry about us fighting you off"
Trump is the most cowardly, russian shill of a politician I've EVER seen and he's the POTUS! An absolute disgrace.

Crimea was a Russian up to the 70s-80s.
The PM of Ukraine requested Russian assistance after pro-EU protests at the capital which lasted for days.
I watched the live stream.

Trump doesn't have a Russian business license.
Russia attempted to hack both parties, GOP and dems, however in several instances dems password was literally password.

But that's literally what they're doing.
No, the cold war ended.

Russia is not a threat to the United States politically, economically, or militarily.
But none of that is even why you retarded faggots are calling them "the enemy".
You're literally calling them "the enemy" because some ruskies bought Facebook ads, and troll people on Twitter using bot accounts.
Take a step back and look at yourself.


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i wonder who is gonna win

jewish pedophiles or jewish pedophiles

get invested you guys it's gonna make a big difference, it's not like these two warring factions will ever decide to just do nothing whenever they get threatened with being exposed, it's not like we don't have buckets and buckets of evidence showing that's what's happening already

it's almost like the most important thing to them is doing what they're told and not going to jail and not America or any ideology

Yes all hail the glorious Jew, so powerful, so cunning.

If you're not getting the irony, is that you faggots put the Jew as the ultimate enemy but at the same time worship the ground he walks on by giving him mythological levels of power.

You might as well call yourself anti-semetical worshipers of semites.

Putin re-instituting the old Soviet Bloc piece-by-piece is not a threat politically, economically, or militarily to the United States. But dumbass leftists wanting a socialist revolution is. You Putin clowns are only fooling yourselves. One day you're going to wake up to the Soviet Union being back together and you'll proclaim it must be a wonderful place to live.

No its mainly many don't give a fuck what Russia does as longs as it doesn't interfere.

This is your mind on McCarthyism.

And Trump who put them on

I watched the live stream.

you're pretty clueless then, if you actually watched what was happening and didn't understand it. I already pointed it out. That Ukrainian PM you're talking about that asked for russia's help was the lackey putin had put in. At putin's direction, he said no to joining the EU while making billion dollar slave deals with russia, so naturally people were upset at his treasonous actions. So russia's plant said "help me" and they said "sure, we'll send in the tanks, put down this democracy bs the people want and keep them under russia's thumb"

And yet that doesn't stop the Trump's from getting russian banks to do business with them, does it?

Apparently you didn't even read the message you're replying to, because the reason they are "the enemy" was laid out quite clearly - politically, economically and militarily.

What fiction are you spinning? Pro Eu nations ripped up the capital, this was 2 weeks before the Russian military entered Crimea, and it was the PM of Ukraine.

By the same logic then China would be enemy number one.
They have the second biggest economy.
They are actual communists.
They continually break treaties and make artificial islands in illegal waters.

But that's all okay by majority of Americans because a majority don't know because the media rarely and barely discusses it.
But, if Putin makes a bill only banning homesexual literature to children, then immediately the media spins it to make it

Hell during the Russian Olympics U.S athletes were encouraged to mock Russia's stadium.

Bill, you might not be a Jewish spy, but you are a Jewish asset.

Again, you didn't read my message. The reason WHY there were protests were because Putin's lackey (the Ukrainian PM, in case you don't understand who the "lackey" is that I'm referring to) was selling out the Ukraine to him. Russia was not coming in like a savior. The Ukraine PM was already sucking putin's cock, much like trump has been for the past few years, and handing over ukraine's economy to russia. This is why there were protests, and why putin invaded militarily to re-assert control and then just take over crimea.


You mean more then the immense debt Ukraine owes to Russia as they're completely energy dependent on them?
By that logic every member of the Ukraine politicians is Putin's lacky.

It was about a recent vote to join the EU.
Their system is closer to a direct democracy and after the votes not to join, a horde of people descended on the capital. Pulling up cement blocks to make cover and fireboming police and anti-eu protesters alike.

This is why you idiotic leftists are despised.
You talk down to everyone because you entered kiddy pool level of depth into a story that you usually parroted from someone else in your echochamber.

You tell everyone they have no idea what they're talking about meanwhile not knowing a single fuck about what you're talking about.
But, you this condescending little bitch attitude to pressure people.
It doesn't work here faggot.

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It it beyond good and evil how the country on the edge of economical collapse can be boogeyman for USA. Russia is basically Nigeria under the snow now. Just a doomed country controlled by mafia.

jesus fucking christ somebody open an IMAX! this mans projection will make millions!

Maher is a kike. Everyone consuming his shit are kikes.


That's not projecting, way to prove his point.

So the source is still your ass

That's the same thing. A spy is an asset. Someone hot and young fucking blow me.

Israel and China do that shit all the time and Israel is our "greatest ally".


trump dindu nuffin! he wus a good boi!

The difference is knows the facts, gave evidence. While the other say's things which is completely removed from reality.

You have the right to voice your opinion Bill but when you or anyone starts claiming it as fact it annoys me.

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more projection from delusional trumpets

I can't tell if some of these replies are just shitposters or actual far-left idiots.
I am leaning towards shitposters.

Great, then they can be a useless burden to Russia instead of a useless burden to the U.S.
The U.S. doesn't even remotely need NATO, and none of the other countries even bother paying the agreed upon funding to it, when the U.S. already pays a massive amount for it in the first place. Maybe when they're invaded by Russians they'll look back and say "Maybe we shouldn't have acted like such entitled little shits."

This fuck Europe. Russia isn't going to invade the EU. Putin doesn't want a bunch of niggers which is all that the EU will be in 20 years to deal with.

Not an argument.