Wisconsin couple say property owner ordered them to take down gay pride flag

A Wisconsin couple said they were ordered by the property owner of their apartment complex to remove their gay pride flag or face eviction.

Kevin Kollman and his partner, Merle Malterer, who rent a unit at Country Oaks Apartments in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, said they received a five-day eviction notice in the mail on Wednesday informing them that their lease would be terminated if they did not remove the gay pride American flag — which features 50 white stars and rainbow stripes — from the patio of the property.


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All this over a flag?
Personally, I wouldn't give a shit, but what about any of you? Would you care if somebody hunk that in front of their house?

There's probably more to the story. Like, in their lease there is a line about not hanging things on the building. The headline is all fluff, no substance.

I think we're only hearing one side of the story tbh

If you owned an apartment that you rented out to people you'd be OK with people flying faggot flags that would likely drive away others from renting from you?

Newsjew starting shit over nothing again. The landlord owns the property, he doesn't need a reason to tell them to take down the flag.

I wouldnt be worried since the gays are already paying rent

Whats next? People like you are why we lost so much freedom

Is the homeowner the government? If not the how is that relevant?



Meanwhile you can't rent out the other spots because no one wants to live next to 'in your face cis-scum' faggots.

Should have been strangled with that flag.

It wasn't "their house" it was an apartment complex.

In fact, it would tend to attract people who have higher disposable income and tend to take better care of their homes.. and it would ward off dirty homophobic white trash.

The property manager is a dumbass for not realizing this.

Most rental properties have a clause in the lease limiting the sort of patio furniture and decorative items you’re permitted to display. It’s usually a matter of whether any flags are permitted, or if flags other than national flags may be displayed.

No one living in mom and dad’s basement should be commenting in this thread, as they have no experience renting.

Understandable. The rainbow flag is a hate symbol. The owner is well within his rights to demand such a takedown.

Nowhere in any part of the world is the rainbow flag considered a hate symbol. Okay maybe in Brunei. But this was in the USA and you have your facts completely arsed up.

You can actually read the lease clause in question in the article. It’s pretty tricky legalese though, and whether flying a flag substantially affects the property is probably up to the court. They didn’t bury a flagpole in the ground or tear out part of the balcony. Screwing a flag mount into a railing is no different than nailing a picture hanger to the wall, and that’s permitted in most apartments. The management should have specifically mentioned flags and wind chimes, cuz it’s pretty obvious that apartments are often decorated with items like this.

I bet if they take it court they have a 50/50 shot but I also bet they’re already shopping for a new place to live.

I lived in a shitty borderline slum apartment in upstate NY and my landlady slipped a lease in my mailbox with a $50/mo increase one month. I was out of the building a week later. There’s plenty of places to live in the USA and they don’t have kids to pull out of school or a whole bunch of heavy furniture.

The opposite is also true

Their property is probably covered in a shit ton of HIV virions

It's his apartment complex, he's well within his rights to order them to take down that stupid flag.

The REVERSE is also true*

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Or they could just get their own place and do whatever they like with it like responsible adults.

It has nothing to do with rights, they live on another man's property. That man has the right and prerogative as to whether or not he wants his property to be used for political messaging.

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In the us, “your property” is not defined like that. Your landlord has transferred right of occupancy to you. He needs your permission to enter it unless it’s on fire or otherwise in danger. (Hint: putting a flag up does not endanger it.)

Compare to owning a home in a neighborhood with a covenant. You can’t paint your house whatever color you want or put a nativity in your yard on Christmas without your neighbors’ permission. Your name is on the deed and it’s your house.

Any legal agreement to display certain types of decoration has nothing to do with who owns the property. It’s just not that simple.