Pope Francis condemns politicians who want walls to keep migrants out in apparent dig at Trump

Pope Francis has criticised political leaders who seek to build barriers to keep out migrants, saying they will become “prisoners of the walls they build”.

In response to a questions about immigration in general, and Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the US-Mexico border, the Pope said he could not understand in his head or his heart, how a government could be so cruel to erect razor wire concertina-wired fences to keep out migrants, or prevent migrant rescue boats from docking in ports – something he said he had been told was happening in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.


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Fuck this commie antichrist loving pope. Catholics use to have the decency to poison their popes when they acted like this.

I left that shit satanic church behind. The pope is a fucking pedophile and a communist retard. He is also an anti-white racist and a sympathizer to islam and terrorists. Obama and Soros put him there. Francis will be pope until he dies. I hope he fucking DIES. The day cannot come sooner.

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Can't wait for this pedo loving sicko to croak or get Removed.

you forgot his most important flaw: he is argentinian

How can anyone be a Catholic these days?

Did he say when they were tearing the wall around Vatican City down? Vatican City, the Catholic Church's 110-acre sovereign state is 100% surrounded by massive walls. Walls for me, none for thee.

If wall are evil when is the pope having this one torn down?

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I imagine Isn'trael and gated communities and/or buildings, like the one he hides from those "immigrants" in, are the exception right?

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Is hypocrisy not technically a sin? Why do all Christians do this?

This is what happens when you let argies do anything.

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The Vatican has walls

The manifold heretic speaks again, feels good being Orthodox and not having to defend the nonsense bergoglio says.

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No you aren't, and your mother will never love you.

ok bugman

I'm a fucking picosecond away from becoming a priest and fucking carrying out an inquisition the likes of which would make the Spanish look like a swedish reform prison.



hypocrites tell on themselves

Why is it so hard for normies to see this guy is full of shit? The devil is in the church and is cucking the gullible.



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He should take down the wall of the Vatican and house a million shitskins free of charge in his palace.

Just do it.

I hope someone kills him

Pope Francis is a useless faggot.