Students Demand George Mason University Fire Brett Kavanaugh from Visiting Professorship

Students at George Mason University (GMU) are demanding that the school terminate its three-year contract with Justice Brett Kavanaugh to teach as a distinguished visiting law professor at GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is set to teach as a distinguished visiting law professor at GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School.

A course entitled “Creation of the Constitution” will be taught by Justice Kavanaugh and law school professor Jennifer Mascott, who is also the Justice’s former law clerk, according to the university’s student newspaper, Fourth Estate.

In response to the campus news regarding Justice Kavanaugh, a student-led advocacy group called “Mason For Survivors GMU” created a petition calling on the university to terminate Justice Kavanaugh’s contract, among other demands.

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Communists are cancer to any society.

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I'm no great fan of Kavanaugh, but I hate SJW scum with a passion. I'd love to put a bullet in the back of all their heads.

Do it from the front.


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he was proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.

People confuse breaking the law with being a shitty person all the time. Look at Donald Trump for a perfect example.

There is a difference between being a person of sketchy moral character and being a criminal. Plenty of convicted felons are very decent human beings who made poor decisions. Plenty of upstanding pillars of society are total scumbags.

Kavanaugh was found innocent in a non-criminal judiciary process. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t lack the moral and ethical bearing that these students expect of their faculty.

You wouldn't know "moral and ethical bearing" if you got hit with a sack full of it, kikeroach. Your entire worldview is predicated on deceit.

Maybe, but I’m not the one the GMU students are trying to oust, am I?


GMU is based as hell, he won't get fired.

The GMU economics department is probably the most conservative program in the country, outside of religious institutions. There are a lot of Ancaps there, few wanna-be-Milton Friedmans, no real far leftists.

GMU law is basically the same, admittedly more diverse intellectually.

The onus remains upon them to prove that he lacks the moral and ethical bearing. Moreover one must question what bearing that has on the position. Being of sound moral and ethical bearing has no bearing on your capacity to teach many subjects. In fact the tarnished individual might be the best teacher of certain subjects as they've simply one more experience in their repertoire than a comparable peer with no hardship to their credit.

Kavanaugh and Drumpf have been investigated so many times now that we know they are squeaky clean. If there was any dirt to be found they would have dug it up a year ago.

Would you not describe Zig Forums as “a select, vocal minority”?

Or any group of activists?

Or are you making the point that “if a majority of people believe something, they must be correct”?

“Squeaky clean” does not mean the same thing as “willfully associating with felons and liars.”

Let’s stick with “found innocent.” That’s a fact.

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found innocent in an unwarranted kangaroo court investigation that was set up as a biased political weapon tilted against him, you mean.

If they spent millions investigating everyone you hang around with they would probably find someone who lied, or comitted a crime.
I wouldnt hold that against you personally.

No, “found innocent” is just fine. There’s no need to pursue sainthood for the purposes of confirming a Supreme Court justice.

The guy’s no different from any other sleazy wealthy ruling class frat boy who can use his money and connections to get out of trouble. It doesn’t matter what actually happened.

I don’t see why a bunch of college students can’t rally against an educator they feel doesn’t support their morals. Maybe it has nothing to do with the rape allegations. Maybe they’re unhappy with the way he handled them. Maybe they disagree with his social policies. Maybe they weren’t convinced the inquiries were thorough enough.

Why are you in such a hurry to swallow his dick anyway? You know the guy or something?

Maybe they're getting paid to do it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

And your proof of this assertion is?

To me the difference is that most sleazy rich boys havent been through as many multi million dollar investigations as Kavanaugh. Or Trump.
The more times people look in to your private life and find that you are innocent, the more likely that you are innocent.

Oh you mean like Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson?

I’m not making any assertion. I just think it’s mildly amusing that here in a forum where everybody’s always blaming the Zionist canal of corruption and manipulation of the legislative body, everybody’s scrambling to be his white knight. Who the hell cares what a Supreme Court justice does? Why is he so much more special than any of the other morons Trump has hand-picked, and who have quit after growing fed up with his idiocy?

And I find it especially silly that you’d argue that because the corrupt Zionist government has found him to be beyond reproach you’re so willing to accept that as the absolute truth.

This has nothing to do with the skeletons in my closet or what kind of college professor I like. If his guy was black or Jewish, the chorus being sung here would be completely different.

He’s just another entitled frat bro that happens to be in favor of some of the ideals espoused by Zig Forums radicals and I think it’s funny everyone is lining up to gobble his knob. He doesn’t need your support.