Another Dead Whale Full of Plastic. This Time, in Italy

Yet another whale carcass has washed up with a stomach full of plastic. This time, it was a pregnant female sperm whale with 49 lbs. (22 kilograms) of plastic in her stomach. She washed up on a beach in Porto Cervo, a popular tourist destination in Sardinia, Italy.

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Plastic pollution is a much more serious than CO2, but you don't hear about it as much for some reason

much more serious issue*
(How come we can't delete and re-make our own posts on this board?)

Reminder that the vast majority of ocean plastic is from.

Totally unrelated to Italy and China making trade route agreements for when the US global market collapses. Nah, it's natural and not just some cheap outrage propaganda dropped off a Chinese tanker to steer the public narrative a bit more. All coincidences, goy. Don't snoop behind the curtain.

Its because the first person to bring it up was Alex Jones. Many years ago.
That really upsets a lot of these modern self titled environmentalists.

All we got to do is make sure we dispose of the plastic the whales eat and eventually they'll solve our problem for us.

kek, proof? I'd love to rub that it in a few people's faces.


Life will find a way, overtime the evolutionary push will make fish recognize plastic.
Leading to fish-people you can fuck.

Evolution is a lie, user. We were never apes, and you won't get wings by staring at the sky for a million years.

Preech brother, I know, I just have to act like I believe so the Reptilians don't sense my wrong think.
I know the only medical treatment that you need is bleeding, the sun revolves around our disk shaped planet, and that children with deformities are actually just changelings.

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Fucking wetbacks with their anchor babies. Recycle the plastic and make some lamp oil.

Yeah, same reason no one talks about aliens mind controlling truck drivers so they use more rest stops and buy cigarettes from them at a higher price than at a normal shop.
(((Alex Jones))) is the oracle of all truth.

How Nu R U?

pollution in general is much more of a problem, but its hard to use it to control and tax citizens based on their activity. there used to bew a time when the left actually cared about pollution and endangered species, now that the left has been taken over by corporate interests its just lgbt, refugee, co2 and other insignificant virtue signalling that doesn't cost global players any money.

Environmentalist faggots always take boats out to photographs this giant floating island of plastic. They never clean it up though. They have no interest in cleaning it up. If they clean it up they can't politicize it. If they clean it up they can't get more donations. Just clean it up. This is like the people who are in those African countries making videos of little African kids starving. Instead of doing that why do you give the kid a fucking sandwhich? I swear to go environmentalists are fucking evil.

Whales keep littering our beaches with their dead bodies

Pay up American and euro goys you are ruining the water

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Here in Britain you hear non-stop whining about muh plastic

Just use a big net to catch all that garbage. You can put it in india its all really filled with shit

If a whale is going to die with a belly full of trash it should at least be Migrant invaders and not plastic

New enough to know you are a newfag along with the faggot obsessing over jonestein.

No one new is "obsessing" over Alex Jones.
He's been around since the 80s.
He's pointed out Pig animal hybrids which existed.
The gay bomb and other hormonal experiment and the side effects of women throwing birth control into the toilet.

But nah, Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut.

because it's not in jewish capitalists interest

they shouldn't clean it
it should be cleaned by the ones who are responsible for that pollution

imagine his immune system

Bikini Bottom needs to stop littering

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oooooh, so scaaarry.