Alyssa Milano’s Georgia Boycott Letter Grows to over 100 Signatures from Hollywood Elites

Hollywood activist Alyssa Milano’s effort to threaten Georgia with a boycott over an abortion bill has now gained over 100 supporters, including some of Hollywood’s top talent.
Breitbart News previously reported on Milano’s letter, which pushed for Hollywood business to leave Georgia if the “Heartbeat Bill,” which limits abortion to before 6 weeks, becomes law.

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I wish aliens would cone down as a third party and express just how ridiculous this sounds

Yup, it is totally ridiculous to call a 6 week old fetus a kid.

Sorry buddy, but a pizza is a pizza the moment you a put you a fist inna da dough.

No one cares.
Support of abortion is heavily losing favor. Including among younger generations.

Actually it’s inedible dough covered in cold shit until it has time in the oven.

So this is like 100 vegetarians boycotting Burger King?

It's solely because the pro-abortion arguments are ridiculous. 2 states are pushing to allow newborns to be aborted, one of which legalized it.


Totally missed it but it's a seinfeld reference. But anyway…

if a friend asks what you're making, what do you say? do you seriously answer "I'm making an inedible dough covered in cold shit unit it has time in the oven?"
No, the moment you a put you a fist inna da dough, you're telling them "i'm making a pizza"
Same with couples conceiving. They don't say "I'm making a fetus that cannot yet survive outside the womb" they say "I'm making a baby" People who are pro-abortion (there is no such thing as "pro-choice) say it that way too, because their arguments are hypocritical. They just want the convenience of abortion, so try to claim there's no baby to make themselves feel better about killing a baby.

What? How?

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New York allows you to abort up until birth, but theres an interesting loophole where as long as the baby is still partly in the vagina the mother could immediately ask for an abortion and get one. The governor of Virginia said that he liked that idea and wanted it for Virginia. This shit got memory holed because all the politicians in VA immediately either did something racist or sexually assaulted a woman that same week of the comment, as though to deflect

thanks for the info and man that's some cold hearted shit right there.

I'm surprised you missed it. This is partially the reason why pro abortion groups have been quiet lately, because its gone from killing cells to killing viable kids moments from birth. Also as a result a lot of kids are against abortion at higher numbers than before

I can see why.

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Aren't they trying to make infanticide legal there?

One of the 'supportive' tweets was literally complaining that the bill would force a woman and her doctor to actually prove that she was raped.

1 celeb = 1000,000 nobodies like you

Georgia is very tax-friendly to the entertainment industry. Saving money always trumps some old hag flapping her pie hole.

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Bingo. The pediatrician governor or his team was behind the yearbook photo "scandal". Full media complicity of course.

Are there exception like if the kid fetus is monstrously deformed or retarded, or are they gonna force a young jobless single mother to give birth to it and then force for to give it 24 hour care for the rest of both their lives?

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have you every watched it? I wish the world was like seinfeld. non-PC humor ruled. people didn't look for something to get offended by. they just told the jokes and people laughed because they knew it's okay to make fun of people and stereotypes sometimes. What tv show do you think is better these days?