‘Steering into the skid’: Joe Biden finally apologizes for inappropriate behavior — but there’s a c

A lot of people who watched Joe Biden’s video in which he addressed the allegations of inappropriate touching and behavior couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t actually apologize for any of the creepiness we’ve all witnessed. Well, it seems there was actually a pretty good reason he didn’t apologize: he’s just not sorry.


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Throw him in the oven

Biden should just come clean and tell us how many times he went on The Lolita Express.

After this guy is dead a lot of people will tell us all the things he did by writing books or going on tv($hekels).

Hopefully this kills his campaign before it starts. The stupidity of his excuse is overwhelming.

All he did was touch various non-sexual parts of the body, kiss on top of the head and so on.
In reality none of that is that bad, it won't harm any sane or balanced person to experience it, they'll just think "what a weirdo". It certainly isn't criminal.
You've all be brainwashed into believing #metoo level witch-hunting. If you agree with leftists being witch-hunted, you enable the normalisation of witch-hunting for all men.
Stop being fucking weak faggots. Stop being led like brainless fucking bots.

Feminists out. He's got nothing to be sorry for. If you have proof to the contrary, please produce it.

Pretty sure he groped some titties

Yeah. It's just too bad that he decided to run for nomination as a member of the woke POC affirmative consent feminist party

I hope they wake up and evict the SJW cultists just like everyone else seems to be doing, these days.

He set up kangaroo courts in colleges across America and ruined the lives of countless men. He is a hypocrite has a lot to be sorry for.

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Who cares about an apology? I just want him to stop raping kids.

You fucking imbecile.


I don't support anybody being hit by this culture of "guilty until proven innocent"; I don't give a shit if they're politically-opposed to me or not. It's wrong and completely un-American.

How is he not proven guilty by the video evidence of him feeling pre-teen chests and nipples in public? He obviously increases his thrill by being so blatant and getting away with it because no one was willing to call out the VP.

Yeah, this sounds basically like Marzgurl's bullshit with Vic Mignogna.

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Pictures without context, accusations without police reports; yeah, pretty much nailed it with the Marzgurl comparison. You're Marzgurl. That's how stupid you are.

I don't see any reason to apologize. There is nothing wrong about what he did. In fact it's something he can be very proud of.

Amerimutts need to get off Zig Forums

fuck you

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Biden's son Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of a Ukranian gas company around 2014 , when the Ukranians started investigating it for corruption joe went to the top man in ukraine and sed a billion dollar loan obama was making to the ukraine would be stoppednif they did'nt get rid of the prosecutor investigating his sons business, the prosecutor was fired that day ukraine got it's loan and Hunter biden got paid a million and ahalf dollars , Dan Bongino doea an article all about it , about 3 or 4 days ago


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You should support Democrats getting run over by this bullshit. They will only stop once their own people start taking some hits.
That is the only way to stop this bullshit.

Im calling BS.
Biden apologizes to "Men n Woman".
Not those children he touched. Duh
All the pics I've seen is Nasty Joe touchen a little kid. And he apologizes to Adults?
The little kids knew more about "the proper places to not touch by an adult" then Biden.I get it.


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Somebody really must feel joe biden is a threat

Firstly, he's a lot more grabby than Vic Mignogna. Secondly, unlike Vic Mignogna, I don't think anybody's come out and said that they were fine being touched this way. Even Biden's wife said that his touching her all time when they were dating made her feel uncomfortable. Thirdly, while most accusations against Mignogna are unproven, unprovable or outright false, even Biden's own Secret Service detail will tell you about the shit he likes to get up to when the wife's not around. They had to cancel a special end of term celebration because Biden wouldn't stop groping the SS members' wives and girlfriends. He has a house, in Wilmington I think, where he mostly stays alone and he likes to walk around the house buck naked. His Secret Service detail have to keep eyes on him 24/7 so effectively he makes them watch him swim naked and other shit, and he never tells them in advance when he's going to be staying at the Wilmington house. It's for this reason that guarding Joe Biden is considered the second worst duty a Secret Service agent can be put on, second only to guarding Hillary Clinton.

Fuck 'em. They're the ones promoting this culture. Pretty sure Uncle Joe played a big part in the affirmative consent rules US colleges now routinely employ, which has led to a lot of young men's lives being ruined.
If he's getting blowback, fuck him. This is the world he created

They'll never stop, and using their methods only justifies their use of said methods. The only thing that can stop them is truth and honesty, and that fucking terrifies people, becuase every single last goddamn one of us has something he desperately wants to hide.

Wow I didn't know Joe Biden visits Zig Forums. Kill yourself you creepy old man

it no play

user, please think


Wow you are the tard defense force for old joe huh? The first one looks like bs with a shooped head to troll idiots like you; the breast push/thumb rub in the second pic must be him getting confused by mixing up her back with her chest - he thought he was reassuring her with a public back rub instead of a breast undercarriage massage (this is sarcastic - he knows what he's doing, but you seem tone deaf to humor); the third one is either one of the worst shoops I've seen or one of the most out of place women I've come across - I'm sure the picture seems normal to you regardless since, afterall, what's a good hairsniff between friends? On a personal note, you fucking suck at your job.

Biden's a gun-grabbing, anti-freedom leftist shit. You're a gun-grabbing, anti-freedom "rightist" shit. I'll kill you both the same, but I need proof that you deserve to die, not some bitch-ass, high-school girl-esque rumor mill social media bullshit.

Get some fucking proof.

You know title ix was pushed by Biden, right?

Yes, I know. I'd love to see him get taken down, but it has to be done right. Either find a way to get the law to do its job or, if the law shows that it has no interest in punishing somebody whose crimes have been proven, kill him as the Founding Fathers intended.

It doesn't matter if Joe REALLY did anything wrong, he broke the rules and standards of his own bullshit political church and deserves to be punished for it.

The only 'punishment' he's likely to get is that he won't be able to run for President. Chances are he was only running to make it look like a fair race anyway.

Why do all male allies turn out to be sexual predictors?


Sid Blumenthal’s kid Max was on pushing the Ukraine corruption story pretty hard on Rick Sanchez’s RT show a few days ago when The Hill’s article was released. To me, seems like the Clinton cabal is going to make another run at it.

Also, the idea that a child can provide consent for Joe Biden to rub on him is frightening, but certainly is “progressive.”

Weird how that happens

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Biden is the creepiest motherfucker in the public western political landscape son, no amount of rationalising and benefit of the doubt is going to change that.

But Trump once fucked a porn star out of wedlock so that means that Bidens creepy actions are somehow excusable.

explain pls

Which of the Ten Commandments forbids creepiness?

The one about coveting your neighbors ox.
Dont even try to tell me thats not creepy.

so i come here from the half in the hope that people take things a little more serious and have some discussions. This post is exactly the same as a lot of bullshit i see on the half and the reason i ventured here. just some info with no sauce and a just trust me note is such a shit way to contribute. Why would you post that and not link something, carry on explaining? You are just a moronic parrotposter


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*==Is this you?==*

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Burn the liberal Cuck he

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