NZ Man Charged for Facebook Post Regarding Mosque Shooting

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. announced today that Thomas Alonzo Bolin, a/k/a Peter Vincent, 22, of Greece, NY, was charged by criminal complaint with making a false statement to the FBI. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

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Meanwhile we have people lying to Congress and not getting charged for anything as long as they support the right political party.

that's a good one

making a false statement to people that want to charge you for any reason they can

Wow New Zealand has went from a great place with the best education and civil standards to an Orwellian shithole in just a few years. Goes to show you that being a tiny island isn't exactly a good place to be. Will probably become a new Haiti in short order.

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Thanks to some edgelord you mean





>>>Zig Forums763548

can you tell ppl what that means?

Don't ever EVER talk to the Feds without an attorney present. They love to try and trick you so they can at least get you on a process crime and unlike you, there is no law against them lying to you

This is what men get for voting for a woman to be in authority over them.

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Where tf does tarrant stop after the initial mosque? It's a few hundrex meters down the rd.. iv looked on Google earth it looks like a boys school? What happened to the other 4 armed offenders they caught? Not a word

The media said he went to another mosque which was 7 kms away .

They interview people sometimes for hours to see if they can catch you up in getting anything wrong like going against the tiniest thing you said and charge you for it. Better not to even talk to them - if they don't have a warrant tell them to leave you be. If you think they're following you (weird van, new stranger lurking nearby alot), confront them in public with at least one witness nearby by asking them why they're lurking nearby so much.

Don't let them guilt trip you into a chat either. The national security 'it's for your country' or president bullshit is just that - bullshit. In this particular case they're questioning people who literally just want to keep others informed and show the world what a fucked up piece of shit the shooter was.

And damn - it seems I was retarded on at least one front - the guy was a possible nazi or troll and the feds wanted to use any trick in their books to nab his ass since he seems nutty enough to try his own shooting spree, instead of giving him a psych evaluation and getting him a pretty rubber room if he fails the test. The advice I posted about talking to the fbi earlier still stands if you're just trying to keep others informed about the shooter.

the first thing that comes to my mind is he was one of those faggots that go "t-hehe they won't catch me"

I hate this world. It's illegal for the FBI to operate outside of the US. That's the CIA's job.

Oh this was in NJ. Well now I'm a retard.

But now I'm going to make a Faceberg account and post eggy stuff so I can meet the FBI.

anyone know the name of the song thats playing when the shooter(Brenton Tarrant) in christchurch mosque shooting goes to his car to get the second rifle, its not in english

wrong bro…Congress authorized the FBI the power to pursue.arrest and prosecute American citizens anywhere in the world ..the USG can smack you with that cock from anywhere at anytime American user

…oh and bro the white extremist make the FB mofuckin eye hot and bothered like ISIS can't ….
cuz we strike from anywhere…no record….no defense avilable….modern war is: Identify## target## destroy….if you break that chain you have a fightin' chance against the AI enhanced Globalist machine .
watch your 6
leave NO electronic signature PERIOD
Do NOT affiliate PERIOD
always always model being monitored in real time …you will than be like ___ nothing to identify hence no tracking …no prosecution

never attack strength
always attack weakness

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Well all nazis do is destroy, like parasites. They laid waste to the planet in WWII.

"The FBI obtained records relating to a Facebook account utilized by Bolin under the alias “Peter Vincent.” Those records revealed that the defendant belongs to multiple Facebook groups, such as Skinheads CZ/SK, which includes members who currently and historically have expressed support for a white supremacist ideology. In March of 2019, Bolin, in posts and messages, made statements consistent with white supremacist ideology and referenced the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 50 worshippers and civilians, and injured 50 others."

So he was a Stormturd doxing Whites as "Nazis", etc. The FBI did us a favor even though they likely overreached.

No, tell them you are in favor of accelerate, are a "National Soicalist" and will gas "Niggers, Kikes and Spics". And you're favorite place is /pol.

t. nigger

Children on this board, really, learn to listen to your elders.

This was an obvious false flag.

The film is a “Wag the Dog” pos, where the evidence shows a staged event. This is incontrovertible (when he fires his gun point- blank at his car window 3 times, with nary a hole, crack, or ANY damage (it was an air gun).

If people were killed (however, none were on the video I saw. The dead guy texting while lying in a pile of other alleged dead folk) - I mean, how stupid are you?

So stop shilling for these Satanic soul-stealers, ask yourself how much money is your soul worth? Because drivin* the False MSM narrative is a crime against humanity.

Tell that to CBS, NBC, CNN, and the CIA!

Well they're doing a shit fucking job.
The kikes in the FBI must be retarded level IQ, as most kikes are as they seem to only look for groups of "extremists" rather than individuals.

This nigger in the OP had shit opsec and deserved to get "caught" that isn't getting caught when you're so obvious and public about everything..

Falschirmjager March or something like that. It’s also on YouTube as pol anthem

Actually, Hitler was an avid ecologist.
And it was the Allies that dropped The Bomb.
Everything you think you know is wrong, Jewish and Gay, in that order.
Your brain is so full of aids-infused semen, that you cannot think rationally.

LOL Hitler attacked a dozen countries retard.

If you are in a different country, and renounce citizenship, then they can't do a god damn thing.

Britain and France declared war on Germany. That's what started it.
Go back to Reddit nigger.

Do you know how hard it is to get a carry permit for guns in NY. It's crazy hard.

Most had significant German population groups, were Germanic origin and within his sphere or were flat out hostile (USSR).
Shut the fuck up derailer.

Shut it schizophrenic shill.

Poland and Czechoslovakia were independent nations, with distinct cultures. Just because they had German minorities does not justify Germany invading them.

You mention the "flat out hostile" USSR. What justification was there for Germany to invade Poland in a COLLABORATIVE INVASION with the USSR? Hitler was taking advantage of smaller "fellow European" nations.

Yeah, Britain and France declared war on Germany after they invaded Poland. It was the final straw. They realized appeasing Hitler would not work as he kept gobbling up one weak European country after the other. Enough was enough and we made the Axis pay for it and we will do it again if ever such an arrogant bunch arise.

It seems in your biased mind Germany was innocent in this war despite all its obvious and blatant campaigns to expand its territory.

this truly is a clown world.

Is pathetic you niggers wont do anything about your muslim no go zones. Get out there anons go and vote. Vote your way to valhalla.

Come on. Z is just one letter away from Y in the alphabet and most American media consumers don’t know where either NZ or NY are on a globe. It’s close enough.

you should be asking yourself why you support a nation genociding german minorities in land stolen from germany. then champion nations crushing germany for attempting to stop the genocide.

nobody died during the "invasion" of poland.
plenty died when nations bombed germany in retaliation for the "invasion"

hitler tried to come to peaceful solutions but he was forced into war when britain refused to stop attacking and murdered a german diplomat sent to make peace.

germany was the victim, not the aggressor.

check out pat buchanans book "the unecessary war"
hes a historian and was a senior advisor to a few us presidents. read and understand how youve been lied to.

and the lies about who started the war are just the beginning.

even churchill said why they went to war with germany. he was quoted saying theyll thrust war upon germany whether germany wants it or not, even if hitler was a priest. he said it was because germany dared to attempt to usurp britains economic standing as #1 and deprive international bankers of profit.

patton even knew this and regretted the wars outcome. he became vocal and died in a freak accident and claimed he was being killed in his last moments.

fucking idiot. If that's what's in your pat buchanan book, then go shill your conspiracy shit on an alex jones forum where your kind perpetuate lunacy.

Free Banned Files:

Nobody died during the invasion of Poland huh? Not one single person?

Yes, "land stolen from Germany". Where have I heard that argument before? Oh, that's right every single nation can claim that area X is "stolen from them". Just like Mussolini did with Albania. Just like Argentina did with the Falklands. Just like Saddam Hussein tried with Kuwait. It's called "irredentism".

He's a moron. The things he is saying are not even in the realm of conspiracy. He is flat out just saying things to fit his already pre-determined narrative. He isn't willing to believe otherwise.

Wait…. what? Americans are now being charged under NZ laws?


Nah he's trolling.

Difference being that those parts of Poland actually were German. It's more similar to Poland actually reclaiming Polish-speaking land.

Pretty fucked up isn’t it.

you spelled JEWS wrong, kike.

If u say anything about Islam boom u r finish but Muslims r allowed to do anything in name of jihad

Best "education"? What kind of an "education" creates people retarded enough to succumb to globalist communist ideology? And who would call it the best?

No. You eurocucks are easy to spot. You're always the first to pay no attention to your position of weakness and who's ruling over you. If one person can cause acceleration that quickly, then it was never a good place. Which proves the point.

If you lose your ability to speak, have guns, and even share videos at the drop of a hat, then you never had those "rights". Would you rather people wake up to reality soon or later once the next generation is even more brainwashed and stops valuing those rights?

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