Japan just bombed an asteroid with a copper cannonball

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft has already fired a bullet at the asteroid Ryugu from close range to suck up a sample of the space rock. Now the mission has gone a step further by attempting to blast a new crater onto the surface of the object it's been orbiting for months.

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) announced just before 8 p.m. PT Thursday that it fired its "small carry-on impactor" (SCI) at Ryugu. The SCI is a 2 kilogram (4.4 pound) lump of copper attached to Hayabusa2 that was shot toward Ryugu at a speed of 2 kilometers per second (4,474 miles per hour).


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just another example of how the japanese are more advanced than western society

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War ended ~75 years ago grandpa, maybe if you didn't hand yourself over to Israel you would be doing better right now rather than being a slightly better Russia.

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Meanwhile, this is considered 'university level education' material in America. No wonder its a backward shithole.

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Lol, why do you think Russia is anything like the USA? I think your information is flat out wrong. Russia is a broken country, with flawed laws, it is cold, suicide rates are very high and the cost of transporting goods is 1/3 of their total GDP. You're one dumb faggot, I can definitely tell.

Good to know someone is working on the asteroid problem.

Nigga, modern Japan is the way it is because after the war we pretty much rebuilt their country in our image.

And they retained their racial homogeneity. And that puts them ahead of the game.

Look at America and Europe now. Mixing it with shitskins is not only dragging the standard of living down but the intellectual capacity as well.

That's why they're bringing tons of indians now huh?

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Do not compare the kike politicians to the people of Japan.

Struck a nerve didn't I, Chaim?


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Mass driver cannon, Japanese are going to pay the US back for the two nukes.
Enjoy the 4,474 kmph copper rain on your cities, burgers.


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Akumetsu Abe. Akumetsu is the answer.


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That could be an act of war of the place has aliens living there.
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But then again, it's not like anybody expects someone with an 'affinity' for effeminate Asian Cartoons to have a realistic understanding of masculinity

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